What do you guys think about Jaypee Greens Wishtown - NOIDA? Is this a good time to buy? Is Wishtown a good investment?

Cheers! :)
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  • Originally Posted by rahk2012
    To all those who are self proclaiming freaking real estate prodigies, if you have the guts, put up your predictions:

    a) 6 months down the line
    b) 1 year down the line
    c) 1.5 years down the line.

    PS: Yes now your pants are on fire.
    2) and my predictions are already there


    Where is your prediction? pls post link
  • to all those who are threatening to block the expressway...you have no unity and all of you are from decent middle class working families.

    I don't know how many of the Noida flat investors are from UP or know about Uttar Pradesh life.
    someone influential will get inconvenienced by your dharna and get his PSO to fire a few rounds...and all of you will scurry in different directions immediately.

    protests and demonstrations like jat agitation work because they are willing to kill or get killed. Are you willing to break the law and go to jail? Are you willing to die for your "investment" ?
  • Well,

    I came across a new nexus(silly nexus) in the last 3-4 days :D , this forum is flooded by manipulators and in fact facebook wishtown groups are far more cleaner than here, these nervous wishtown investors had their pants indeed on fire :D about my question :D, lame discussions are only exposing you, I have a lot of explosive points and trust me when I will be back next time, I will send some insane tremors down your spine.

    PS: End users, be very wary of the tower number :D
    2) and before I go, I was offered Kalypso GC facing all inclusive * 7200 :D and non gc @6k all inclusive, and this price is not moving forward for the next 3 years at least, rather it will struggle to sustain.
    3) Do check my last few posts in this thread, kosmos thread and the kp plots thread ;)

  • Originally Posted by vaiby25
    I think all of Wishtown buyers either Aman, Kosmos, Klassic or Garden isles, everyone has to assemble at one point and jam the expressway, than only governments will listen to us, we can't just rely on Gaur families promises anymore.

    Let me Assure you....a businessman will ONLY listen when he feels his business is getting hit

    Jaypee NEVER had the right intention to make the RE projects as promised...he used RE to siphon money and divert it to his "DREAMS"....like expressway, F1 and hospitals...

    They are venturing in a big way into hospitals and they see their future and ofcourse a LOT OF MONEY in that business...they are planning to Tap the Potentian of Entire West U.P region

    Mind you....I am ex broker of Jaypee and know many ex jaypee management level people and still keep in touch with them

    Jaypee is planning to set up hospitals and west U.P cities which Lie on Yamuna expressway and upto Etawah region.

    Please note that in that entire belt...the only option for good medical facility is Kanpur or agra....both of which donot have a hospital of NCR standard...

    Lucknow has good option but farther away

    They are plannig in a big ay to Tap this huge potential...Jaypee hospital will be tertiary hospital and is Basically RED LIGHT FREE and NO TRAFFIC approach from the expressway

    So people who are dreaming that Jaypee will deliver their projects and maintain the township as a pro...wake up....

    jaypee has already extracted the juice from RE in the region...and is not interested in it anymore.....he is selling parcels of his land in Sports city....and noida is already sold out.....

    He will reduce his debt and is now venturing into other horizons like medical and education

  • Ok MR Zohaib Expert .. all your points taken on Jaypee . Thanks for that .

    But a simple question for you and just answer in YES or NO if you can ..

    Will Jaypee Deliver the projects or not ?
  • I really really really also want to hear Mr Zohaib - the great expert to answer this - please give a YES or NO answer.

    Bas YES or NO - please - humble request.
  • Gentlemen...I am no expert but let me throw my no cents worth of opinion in this great game of highly evolved minds. My hunch says WT will be delivered albeit very late and with of course lower on every aspect of specifications as promised . (it is a different debate about delays and other issues).
    Why I say so, because all enabling factors are already in place in WT. In any mini township type scheme infrastructure plays an important part and is time consuming both in terms of labor and statutory approvals. Make no mistake, even after delays and diluted quality (which I am no way justifying) WT may prove to be a better choice than most others schemes because basic planning fundamentals are strong which plays an important part to develop a gated community life style not just few building blocks.
    Don't ask me about financials as I have no clue and can't comment.
  • no need to corner Zohaib. The answer is obviously NO.

    There is no money left. Even courts can't do anything. Passing judgements doesn't mean that Jaypee has to obey them.
  • Its a mess any which way you cut it. Just the degree is being debated here...
  • Originally Posted by youngmoney
    no need to corner Zohaib. The answer is obviously NO.

    There is no money left. Even courts can't do anything. Passing judgements doesn't mean that Jaypee has to obey them.

    Absolutely right
  • dineshsays; Company Law Board had ordered Jaypee to repay all Fixed deposit holders by 30 June 2016. Now NCDRC winners will be entitled to money from jaypee. Banks were already breathing down their neck trying to grab anything on offer. On top of this 60% wishtown needs to be completed - finishing works need ton of money

    Unless they sell more assets, where is the money to fulfill all these obligations?

    If they sell all the assets to fulfill all this what will their family/business/future generation be left with? This is also a thought that will definetely be in Gaur's mind? Its human psychology.

    Wish town will have to go through a tough time. Will get finished but will be a painful ride.
  • I cant really help to wonder where did the money go???
    It is not like being a builder is a loss making proposition...

    The reality of the matter is that Jaypee diverted funds from wishtown to build school and hospital and many other things i am not even aware of.

    Assets build with homebuyers/investors money.....though these are assets....they would take time to reap benefits....which will go to Jaypee only !!

    Clever move by the builder.
  • Excellently put Raojee;.

    Brevity is hallmark of a clear and perceptive mind...
  • dineshsays; ji, what is your take on the present situation. It has definitely deteriorated over the past 6 months. Do their assets still outweight their liabilities including wishtown
  • Let Zohaib Ji answer - mera opinion biased hai yaar - leave it. Let's hear from experts.