What do you guys think about Jaypee Greens Wishtown - NOIDA? Is this a good time to buy? Is Wishtown a good investment?

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  • Image of Noida's RE market couldn't fall any further. Noida probably has the worst situation with RE regarding projects delays and failures, Builder corruption and Bankruptcies, poor construction quality and other disputes. I don't think Metro can lift Noida's image in any significant way.
  • Dear Members MANOJ GAUR is fraud person and he will keep on giving all of us the false assurance that WISHTOWN will be completed , but in reallty it will never happen .Our politicans including GOVERNMENT are hand in hand with such FRADULENT builder like JAYPEE . It means that we should not hope any help from these cheater community . Only hope is that we all should get united and goto SUPREME COURT for the help .

    If SUPREME COURT pass a verdict which force JAYPEE to handover all flats in a committed time schedule (which should be agrred by Flat Buyers) , and failure of JAYPEE to fullfill this should lead to putting JAYPEE OWNER in the JAIL just like SAHARA owner .

    Only such a strict action can help us to get our dream home from this fraud Builder .
  • Dear bvmittal.

    I agree that strict action should be taken against JP owners and management, but its difficult to see how a Bankrupt company can be made to deliver on its commitments. Big question is how will JP get the money to finish WT and Aman.
  • Originally Posted by Manisha 1990

    Hello Sir I agree with you I am also keen on investing in Wish town.
    I am trying to get Golf facing apartment on high floor in Orchards with full view of Golf Course.
    I think you have a very good experience and you sould very logical .
    Do you think it will be a good investment .
    Can you please suggest what price can I get the golf facing 3 bedroom house for.
    I dont know if I can get Golf facing apartment I will try in resale.
    Please suggest if you know any broker .

    Manisha ji

    Saw your posts on several Jaypee threads. I don't know whether you are a genuine enquirer, but I'll play along. Please be aware that Jaypee Infratech the company promoting Wish Town has been declared bankrupt. No it is not a good nor safe investment. Keep away from Wish Town if you don't want to waste your hard earned money. Hope this answers your questions.
  • Noida expressway is a jungle and Farms. Just few old societies like expressview Apartments etc look inhabited. Unitech township is jungle. WT is incomplete empty towers. Sec 105/108 NA plot very low occupancy. Beyond sector 135/137, there are only few projects and surrounded by Farms and villages.

    People know that Law and Order is a problem in UP. On top of that you have these stuck projects in middle of nowhere surrounded by villages. Its a big thumbs down for buying on expressway. I was thinking of buying Plot in sec 105/108 or NA duplex in Sector 135 for end use. But considering the problems of expressway (stalled projects/very low occupancy and bad UP law and order), i dropped my plans. Until some of these projects pick up and occupancy increases, expressway isn't a good choice in my opinion. Also Sector 150 is big hype. Its practically Greater Noida. In the middle of nowhere. I don't care about reputation of builders like ATS, the location is bad and projects are hugely overpriced.

  • Grenoite sir, i don't know why you say Greater Noida is developing fast. If you mean GreNo metro is developing fast, i agree. But Metro chalne se shehar nahin ban jaata.

    Greater Noida is well planned infrastructure but its far behind Noida or any other NCR. GreNo is completely different area compared to Noida and other NCR mainly in terms of local Population and Gentry. GreNo is full of locals, villagers and small time businessmen. Most of residential sectors are either occupied by these locals or occupied by Students as GreNo is a education hub. Service class / Middle class / educated Population of GreNo is very low compared to Noida, Gurgaon and even Faridabad. I have done some ground survey of greater Noida as i was looking for plots. My conclusion was that GreNo was not a good option for end use. There are very little job opportunities. There are very few options in Plot sectors as old Govt sectors (Alpha, Beta, gamma etc) are bad in terms of gentry as well as occupancy. Some cooperative societies looks good. But Job opportunities in GreNo are almost non existent in terms of our families needs. GreNo is good 30-40 km away from Noida which makes transit very difficult. So for all practical reasons, GreNo is not good for end use. Metro ka kya mein Achaar Dalunga?

    Grenoite sir, you need to dig some of the old posts of @zohaib2012 regarding GreNo. GreNo is at least 10 years behind Noida. And light years behind Gurgaon.

    And Grenoite sir, for sake of argument, i can also give you many examples on how bad law and order is in any part of India. But for all practicality. Here's the comparison of law and order. Delhi > Gurgaon > Noida > Faridabad > Ghaziabad. This is my experience of living past 3 decades in Delhi-NCR.
  • Greater Noida has been has been developing fast for last 10 years!!!!

    Amazing logic, Greater noida is developing fast, so NEAR to greater noida is best place to be ....hahahaha

    Ok...let me put it this way .... Sector 150 is the the best location in Greater Noida, but the worst in Noida :)

    Practically, the you might reach greater noida faster than sector 150.
  • Sector 150 is not even best location in GreNo. Plots in Cooperative societies in Omega are best location in GreNo (NSG enclave, Raksha enclave, IAS colony, Omaxe NRI city etc). They are good location, good gentry and reasonable prices.
  • Dear Grenoite,

    I am not interested in GreNo for variety of reasons. I have visited GreNo in search of property and consulted with friends/relatives and found no good reason to buy in GreNo for END USE. I cannot comment on investment point of view. Only from point of END USE. If you think GreNo locality and Gentry is okay, then GreNo is good for you. I have different opinion on this. Discussion about GreNo vs Noida have been done in the past and i don't want to repeat my posts on this. I also don't see any point in talking about Law and Order situation at lengths. I think you have some investment in GreNo or thinking of investment there. Good luck.

    Regarding ATS sec 150 (which is practically GreNo). For me, there is no point in looking into this project for the same reason i don't have plans to buy in GreNo. Apart from Gentry/locality issues in GreNo, there is also issue of jobs and other amenities. There are very little prospects of Jobs (as per me and my families need) in GreNo. If i buy in Sec 150/GreNo, me and my family to travel to Delhi for professional and personal business everyday. That is good 2+2 Hours to/fro drive for transit. That is unacceptable for me.

    Regarding ATS. Its the best builder in Noida region. I don't disagree. If you invest in ATS projects, you won't be stuck like buyers as in other 3rd class Builders like JP, Amrapali etc. JP/Unitech sold WT/Golf & County Club on hype of location as being the best location on expressway. ATS is selling its sec 150 project on hype of its own professional image. No doubt image of ATS is good. But hype of Builders image doesn't compensate for bad location in this case. In short, ATS is good as a builder but location is bad.

    Regarding Jobs and general economy of Noida. I think you don't know the history of this region. The expressway you are seeing right now was supposed to be Special economic zone and flourishing with manufacturing and IT jobs. Just like Gurgaon-Manesar. But that never materialized. MNC or Big Indian companies don't wanna come to this region (mostly because of Political and Administrative mismanagement in UP region). That's why land use provisions were changed and special economic zones were abandoned. All you can see in Noida is handful of IT companies and manufacturers scattered around Noida and few on expressway. Noida could never match Gurgaon-Manesar in this aspect. Jobs are NOT coming to Noida. There is no special attraction in Noida which is luring MNCs and manufacturers to Noida/GreNo region. Of course Noida has certain merits over Gurgaon and Infrastructure is one of them. But Noida is completely different from Gurgaon.

  • Wish Town buyers demand completion of project by Dec 2018 Sharmila Bhowmick| TNN | Sep 17, 2017, 20:38 IST

    NOIDA: A private legal firmrepresenting homebuyers of Jaypee Wish Town in the insolvency proceedings at NCLT has written to the Amicus Curie of the Insolvency Resolution Professionals (IRP) demanding all pending constructions at Wish Town be completed by December 2018.

    The letter, which is an intervention application on behalf of buyers, was sent on September 15. The letter upholds the buyers' interests and demands the buyers be given 18% interest for the number of years for which the project has been delayed. The buyers have also demanded that Rs 10,000 crore be set aside for the completion of Wish Town and an additional Rs 5000 crore be set aside for any additional expenses arising for the completion of Wish Town by the builder.

    The buyers have also requested that a special committee be created with representatives from the builders, buyers, lenders, construction companies and any other stakeholder in the project. The buyers have also harped on the need for an escrow account to protect any future fund that the buyers would make towards the builder for completion of the project.

    "The letter was sent to represent the buyers in the NCLT proceedings as directed by the Supreme Court. This is an intervention application sent to the IRP through the legal firm representing us in the case," Krishan Mitroo, a buyer stated.

    "The buyers have made a few valid points through the intervention that their investments should be protected, their houses should be handed over without delay and they should be compensated for the delay in delivery through interests," Pramod Kumar, a Wish Town buyer, said.
    The Supreme Court in a recent hearing has asked the builder to deposite Rs2000 crore in lieu of completion of the project, by October 27.


  • Is work ongoing in the Associates projects (golf side) or has everything stopped?
  • Originally Posted by Imperialnoid
    Is work ongoing in the Associates projects (golf side) or has everything stopped?
    About 100-150 people working at PH4, dont know about rest.
  • Currently Jaypee has become bank corrupt. I don't think so that presently buying a flat with them is a good choice.
  • As per the latest development in the Jaypee case, the Supreme Court has barred the promoters and directors of Jaiprakash Associates from selling their personal assets or the assets of their families members until they have deposited Rs 2,000 crore as directed earlier. They have been asked to deposit Rs 150 crore by 13th December and Rs 125 crore by 31st December, as they deposited Rs 275 crore in the court yesterday.

    There has been no change in the order to pay Rs 2,000 crore though the apex court has allowed the builder to deposit the amount in installments.

    More of the story can be read at:
  • Originally Posted by flatowner2
    looks like WT will never be completed.
    Sir why u think so ?