What do you guys think about Jaypee Greens Wishtown - NOIDA? Is this a good time to buy? Is Wishtown a good investment?

Cheers! :)
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  • Does anybody know when Jaypee will start building 18 holes gold course? Currently they are working on 9 holes, which is like practice kind of gold course. I am sure 18 hole golf course will have premium apartment. Better than Kalypso.

    I think once you start to see 5-6 floors on these Kalypso, Pavilion Height etc you will start to see some appreciation. Nobody is building that kind of premium apartment in NCR so supply is very limited in this segment. I am talking about Kalypso, Imperial and Pavilion main sector 128.

    Kosmos and Klassic are not really premium apartment and there is too much supply in this category and hence future appreciation will be less.
  • I drove past the JP site on N-GN expressway today. The road system is just great, as with NOIDA is general.

    Lots of dust and under construction roads and service lanes though.

    The sales team of Kosmos was on the roadside in tents! There were people lined up as well :-)

    JP plot is just a giant vacant land. There is nothing there. But location is great.

    Wondering about booking in Kosmos - what say public here?
  • Well, I drove all the way to GN (to the yamuna interchange exit) today ... I was tempted to find out about the 'Sports City' that is the new 2500 acres project launched by Jaypee folks today! Two page spread in HT and no one even picks up the when u call them!

    That place is about 12 kms to the right of expressway (when you drive towards GN that is ...). Has anyone got any information on that?

  • I have gone on a site visit of the golf apartments nearly 1 year ago. It was great - lots of open space, very big apartments.

    But I dont see GN having the same price escalation as NOIDA.

    JP NOIDA any day - provided they deliver.

    Whats your opinion of Advant commercial?
  • Its too far down the expressway to delive good returns on small retail space (shops). However, from the perspective of investing in office space, it can work very well.
  • Thanks Vaibhav.

    Is there any commercial building on construction linked plan, which does not require upfront payment of 25-30 Lakhs?
  • sorry i have limited knowledge on commercial. My take is to get into a small retail space within noida itself ... it will deliver good rental value in next 10 year horizon after which you can dispose of it ... but you'll have to manage it certainly. Several sectors in noida lack even basic grocery shops and other such stuff ... so you can lease it to someone who will do the operations for you. your time in managing it will certainly be required .... office space requires much more capital investment ...
  • Jaypee came with new project- Sports City...

    Why are they launching so many project lately...

    I am concern on their intention. It seems they collecting money ASAP from these project.

    Do you trust that Jaypee will build all these projects on time? Sector 128 is already late by six months at least.. Greater Noida is late too..
  • Active management is not possiblefor me. I am more thinking of a 200-500 sf space in a mall for rent out to big company.
  • you can look at the possibility of a small space being lent out to some service company : bank? cell / utility ... from that perspective, stay clear of Expressway

    See, the problem with 'expressway style' development in the Indian context is, we're still primarily a walking society - not anywhere nearly as car oriented as the United States or as public transport friendly as Europe.

    So, in order for the space to get utilized by the largest possible number of people, a crowded cluster / soon to be crowded cluster where people can reach by foot / auto / bike or short distance car drive will work the best .....

    If the place is in the middle of nowhere, chances of your investment going bad for a smaller shop are high. If it's an office / large retail that u can afford to purchase, this doesn't hold since people will spend significant time in purchase/work and hence wont mind driving all the way.

    hope this helps ....

    I would think that something coming up in sectors 46/47 might be still cheaper and worth investing in from a small shop point of view compared to a place on the expressway ...
  • Thanks Vaibhav
  • Kosmos has apparently sold out today. Anyone heard this?
  • I purchase apartment in Klassic long time back but never received builder buyer agreement from Jaypee. They mailed me provisional letter and payment receipt.

    Do you think provisional letter is enough?

    Did anybody receive builder buyer agreement from Jaypee?

    Why they are not giving builder buyer agreement, which is industry standard?
  • It seems nobody care if you do not receive builder buyer agreement from Jaypee. I am getting the impression it is not a big deal since no body reply to previous email.
  • I was told by Jaypee staff that there is only allotment letter and no BBA.

    For loan there is a tripartite agreement.

    Is this the case for all of NOIDA? Anyone has information?

    Also, how is the water situation in NOIDA? Many people complain of hard and salty water there. Is it going to be the same in Jaypee, 3C etc?

    Any opinions about Today homes Ridge Residency?

    Thanks in advance, Venkat