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Jaypee Greens Wishtown, Noida


Jaypee Greens Wishtown, Noida

Last updated: December 11 2021
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    Re : Jaypee Greens Wishtown, Noida

    searchingproperty have good point: " So total 30,000 to 35,000 flats on Express Highway"

    I think that is too much of supply on expressway...

    That means less appreciation in future..

    I am starting to feel that expressway will be failed investment down the road... Load of builder are returning land to Noida authority...Companies are not moving into this area.. You need Wipro, Infosys kind of company to make it attractive.

    I think you can get better return in bank fixed deposit than on expressway...

    Anybody agree with me...


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      Re : Jaypee Greens Wishtown, Noida

      Originally posted by searchingproperty View Post
      First that model is not available online. Now coming to question of having 16K flats, yes it is true even number will be very high if they are going to develop whole 1500 acre township. Crossing republik is going to have around 20000 flats in 360 acre township so now you can assume how many flats will come in 1500 acre township(however you can reduce number by 1/3 due to less density laws in Noida as compare to Ghaziabad). Now simple maths
      1. Around 20000 flats in Jaypee
      2. Around 3500 flats in 3C
      3. 2000 flats in Amrapali 45
      4. 1500 flats in Gardenia 46
      5. Today's home new project in Sec 137
      6.Small projects like Divine Meadow, Supertech, new project in 93 B

      So total 30,000 to 35,000 flats on Express Highway..

      Now coming back to inside Noida
      1.Sec 70, around 2000 flats
      2. Sec 121 around 1500 flats
      3.Sec 117, Around 6000 flats

      so around 9500 flats in Noida inside sectors ...

      So lot of supply in future so it is better to invest in project where one can stay ...
      4000 flats in sector 119 (Amrapali, Eldeco, Gaur, IVRCL).
      Also, Noida authority has auctioned 3 GH plots (of 20 acres each) in sector 120. So, 6000-7000 flats would come up on these plots.


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        Re : Jaypee Greens Wishtown, Noida


        Originally posted by amit_2009 View Post
        Nisardel, Vaibhav and searchingproperty are very valuable members of the Delhi-NCR section of this forum...

        probably the new members who have made personal comments undermining valuable efforts of such people should be more kind with the choice of words... no one here has an agenda of belittling your investments nor wants to create any mistrust between you and your friendly-neighbourhood-builder

        friendly neighborhood builder - very well put amit!!!


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          Re : Jaypee Greens Wishtown, Noida

          Thanks searching property, Nisardel and Vaibhav for your good analysis.

          Jaypee Classic has signed BB agreement and has started construction. Bank loans have been released.

          Jaypee Klassic should also be OK. Maybe little slower because margin for builder is less.

          JP will probably keep constructing on their 1200 acre plot for the next 20 years. Slower or faster depending on the property environment. I dont think there is anything to worry.

          They will finish projects to start the next round of selling, so no question of abandoning their projects. They have a lot more land on that property to sell.
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            Re : Jaypee Greens Wishtown, Noida

            Dear Searchingproperty and Sanjeev

            Thanks for these inputs. I would think that two trends are clear based on this:

            1. Gestation of the Jaypee project is very long. I can barely hazard a guess - might be 10+ years? longer? thoughts?

            2. With these many apartments coming up, a proper parallel road system (read: wider service lanes, proper exits every 2 kms or so) are required on the expressway - else, the area will get choked.

            This takes down the attractiveness of the investment overall.

            just my $0.02 ...


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              Re : Jaypee Greens Wishtown, Noida

              Vaibhav ji, I think that the long gestation is what makes the project so attractive for long term investment of 20 years horizon. Bad for a quick resale, bad for living in - there will be continuous construction - and bad for rental values, there will be continuous supply. Once the project is finished, it will be a prime area.

              Road system for NOIDA is set by the govt and the norms are great. That is why NOIDA is so spacious. Better than Gurgaon in this regard, I always felt.

              Place stinks a bit though - yamuna is like a giant sewer.
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                Re : Jaypee Greens Wishtown, Noida

                Does anybody know when Jaypee will start building 18 holes gold course? Currently they are working on 9 holes, which is like practice kind of gold course. I am sure 18 hole golf course will have premium apartment. Better than Kalypso.

                I think once you start to see 5-6 floors on these Kalypso, Pavilion Height etc you will start to see some appreciation. Nobody is building that kind of premium apartment in NCR so supply is very limited in this segment. I am talking about Kalypso, Imperial and Pavilion main sector 128.

                Kosmos and Klassic are not really premium apartment and there is too much supply in this category and hence future appreciation will be less.


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                  Re : Jaypee Greens Wishtown, Noida

                  I drove past the JP site on N-GN expressway today. The road system is just great, as with NOIDA is general.

                  Lots of dust and under construction roads and service lanes though.

                  The sales team of Kosmos was on the roadside in tents! There were people lined up as well :-)

                  JP plot is just a giant vacant land. There is nothing there. But location is great.

                  Wondering about booking in Kosmos - what say public here?
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                    Re : Jaypee Greens Wishtown, Noida

                    Well, I drove all the way to GN (to the yamuna interchange exit) today ... I was tempted to find out about the 'Sports City' that is the new 2500 acres project launched by Jaypee folks today! Two page spread in HT and no one even picks up the when u call them!

                    That place is about 12 kms to the right of expressway (when you drive towards GN that is ...). Has anyone got any information on that?



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                      Re : Jaypee Greens Wishtown, Noida

                      I have gone on a site visit of the golf apartments nearly 1 year ago. It was great - lots of open space, very big apartments.

                      But I dont see GN having the same price escalation as NOIDA.

                      JP NOIDA any day - provided they deliver.

                      Whats your opinion of Advant commercial?
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