Hi Experts,

Looking at so much going on in RE noida may it be land issue, may it be payment pending from builders etc etc.. the only person who is impacted is the end users builders and investers my pov are the one with least impacted.

Can the experts over here name few projects in Noida which are safe to go with for the end use or investment (as end use is also a part of investment)

by safe i mean -- no authority issue no farmer issue and has clearance from all means coz looking at all the news i am really afraid where to put my hard earned money as the brokers are not the one to trust and i really trust the experts over here........ppl also say to buy in RTM i agree it is the safest one but it moves way out of the budget for a common man....

small names with no issues are better than big brands with land issues........ we are looking for home to live small or big brands do not matter.

This is irrespective of area. I hope this would help the end users esp the one who are lookin for their first home...

plssssssss suggest............
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  • I don;t think anybody can say anything with surity about any of the land deal in Noida.

    But to some extent you can rely on the projects in Jaypee Wishtown, Noida Expressway. The land deal is clear & is already cleared by Hon Supreme court of India. Work is going on failry good speed. Best part is the project, specially kosmos is still under-valued in resale market.

    There are some minor issues for some towers of kosmos & for them Jaypee is transferring all customers to other towers.

    Otherwise, its a bit risky to go with even Jaypee on Yamuna expressway. Other builders are distant thought, specially for Yamuna expressway.
  • I wonder how can person believe and act on anyone's advise to whom doesn't know or meet... Anyone can say his/her project best.. brokers will surely do..
    Even if I say X project is trouble free.. how will you authenticate that..
  • In Jaypee's case there is a Supreme Court order to the said effect i.e. the land title and usage as a mixed use township is approved. To that point there is no problem.

    Work is going on at a very good pace over the last year - which is a very good sign. But other unknown problems can impact Jaypee WT. Just as for LB - work continued at a fierce pace but still possession is now many months delayed.

    With that logic, I don't think we can have ANY project that is TROUBLE FREE unless possession is handed over and the registry is PROPERLY done.

    Still - if I were to go back to the originator's views of what he considered SAFE i.e. 'by safe i mean -- no authority issue no farmer issue and has clearance from all means '

    Then Jaypee WT is more or less in that category

    The SC judgement can be found here https://www.indianrealestateforum.com/forum/city-forums/ncr-real-estate/greater-noida-real-estate/yamuna-expressway-real-estate/17461-2009-supreme-court-decision-on-jaypee-land-and-yamuna-expressway?t=19638

  • Tough question... every deal seems shady in Noida region recently... no one is sure....lekin kaam sab jageh chal raha hai....
    Who knew Logix ke 137 sec mein bhi panga hoga...lekin hua...scams are getting unearthed every month...so, its difficult to fathom if a project is error free.

    Buying property is just like getting married... you can search for builder background, quote your expectations, spend money...but how the relationship will unfold, only time will tell.
  • just to reply what ashokyadav said... well i can understand its difficult to make decision without knowing anyone.. well i got to know about the new projects area builder reputation from IREF and i did not even had to go outside askin ppl or visit the site. many ppl over here have acted or made decisions based upon the comments from the website as there are very good ppl who guide in a very well manner namely fatichar bhai,venki,lchand and so on... i havent met anyone or know anyone but u get to know more about their knowledge once u read the forum and then check with ur frns.
    Anyways the only problem with jaypee is the delay and the delay is that huge that not sure when would one get the possession as an end user......

    still open for suggestions.. experts welcome :)
  • Dear, dont take otherwise..
    this is open site, you never know who is actual buyer or broker..
    Everyone is promoting his/her project....
    I think this the worst time to think about putting money in UP.. forget only Noida...(under construction property..)
    Those ppl who have already put money wont agree...