Supertech Emerald Court in Noida 93A.
What should be the right price for a non-ac 2290 flat in emperor1/emperor2?
Any idea?
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  • Any expert views on above query?

    Also, any information on newly launched supertech apex in sector 93A?
  • Hi Nicks

    Supertech apex has no green area so to speak of. The marketing exec claimed on the that they have 70% green - later detailed questioning revealed that green belt belongs to Noida authority and not a part of the building compound.

    Another issue: flat design is weird as the shape of building is elliptical.

    Lastly, most people will pay PLC as PLC is applicable for expressway facing + park facing apartments - due to the layout and the way it is positioned - about 2/3 apartments in middle floors will pay PLC.

    Still, its cheap and Supertech construction quality is good. You can have a word with them.

  • Yea Agree!

    as this is part of already constructed emerald court, would apex residents have access to amenity (club, garden.. ) of emerald court?
  • nope, they're charging separate amounts and claim they two communities are separate.
  • Then this APEX project is useless, its just 2 improportionate towers with a little pool in the middle.

    Their marketing pitch says that its part of emarld court and that made be think that its possibly a good one.
  • Supertech folks are primarily a sales and marketing outfit. They mostly sell projects for other builders or subcontract their own projects as a turn-key project to others.. while retaining the sales and dealership rights..

    So its all sales bluff.. ask them to provide everything in writing and also prepare a draft registration agreement before you pay them any booking amount!
  • Hi I am planning to buy a 3 bhk in Apex for residence. Is this a wise decision? Has any one has any experience with these guys.
    More over the space is very less and they are building 2 towers of 25 floors. I am outside country currently and cannot visit the place can any one give me the insight.
  • A week back my relatives visited Apex site. They found it okey. Supertech sales exec is offering a dp deal of 2565/sq feet. When I saw the project detail I found they are making money in internal woodwork etc. They are not even providing wooden floor in master bedrooms. So basically in a very little space with two 25 floor buildings and compromising with the quality to some they are keeping their profitabily same. Till a week back I was so sure but I am confused with this deal. I am looking for other options now.
  • Akshay

    I was in your situation two years ago - and the best that i could do, which i eventually did, was not to buy a property till I could visit it. Please dont invest your hard earned money without visiting first. Only then can you get the true picture.

    Just my 0.02

    - VA
  • apex tower supertech

    I think the project emerald court and newly launched apex tower would be a good investment in long run provided the builder delivers what is committed.Present down payment rate is around 2700/sq.ft+plc+other charges.This is quite competitive!Only doubt is whether the builder really has approval to contruct Apex tower because this tower was not a part of original layout plan of Emerald Court complex.If any one has any information then please share.
  • Please read the fine print for Supertech Apex. One of my friends visited the site and found out that transfer charges are Rs 500 psqft.
  • Supertech Emrald Court - Aster 7

    I purchased a house in Aster 7, almost 3 years back, I should have been handed over the flat almost 1.5 yrs ago, and still the builduing isn't complete...what should I do in this case ?

    Also, does anyone know who is in a similar position and had purchased a flat in the same buiding/complex
  • Emerald Court - No Apex in Original Layout

    Forgot to mention in my earlier post, there was clearly no Apex tower planned in the original plan that was shown to me, so how is it coming up now ?
  • How much did you buy this flat in Aster7.
  • I bought a flat in 2006 in Aster 3 and yet to get the possession. Does anyone has a clue abt when is the project getting complete finally?