Supertech Emerald Court in Noida 93A.
What should be the right price for a non-ac 2290 flat in emperor1/emperor2?
Any idea?
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  • The reson for the new Tower coming up s the increase in FAR ratio by Noida authority.....This is what the builders claim.. nyways it aganst those who booked the flats in Original Emerald Court....... The land should have been originally as Open ......but this is how builders make money by changing plans after bokings are over
  • Originally Posted by blueskyliner
    I bought a flat in 2006 in Aster 3 and yet to get the possession. Does anyone has a clue abt when is the project getting complete finally?

    Dear Blue and mrd34,
    You guys should know your rights.
    Dont get fooled by the builder.
    Dont wait and ask the builder to return the full amount with interest else tell them i will go to consumer court.
    If they still dont listen to you tell them that you will go to MInistry of urban development cell.
    Also you can blackmail them by saying that you will also go to ELECTRONIC MEDIA and expose your fraud.
    I will provide you some media email id's where you can put your complaints and they will telecast your complaint.SUPERTECH will have to pay for this delay............tell them....DONT BE SOFT WITH THESE DHAANA SETHS....