Hi All,

I have been thinking of starting a thread where we discuss the city having worst quality of life in the whole NCR region. This would benefit greately the futurte end users in the area.

My view:

Rank 5
Greater Noida

Problem of high distance connectivity to rest of Delhi/NCR and public transport and too less density.

Rank 4

Lack of public transport, low on water and electricity.

Rank 3
Long power cuts and narrow roads (when compared to GNoida and Noida). But surplus of water partly makes up for it.

Rank 2

Problem of frequent electricity cuts and law and order and high rents.

Rank 1

The worst of them all. No Electricity, severe water shortage, no public transport, dusty environment, high rents, rich people/showoff culture.

Lets share our views. :)
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