I had booked a flat in Klassic in May-June 09 2900 and one in Logix 137 in Feb 10 2875. And now booked SuperTech EcoVillage in Sep 12 2900. Year 11 missed for booking because of my marriage and its exorbitant expenditure :) All have appreciated well. Logix has appreciated the most (all data taken from internet, no real person calls for resale) but I get at least a call and several email a week only for Jaypee resale 3700-3900. Probably because Jaypee will be delivered before Logix. However, I want to sell Jaypee and Logix at minimum 5000-5500, and EcoVillage minimum 4000. Will it ever be possible? If not then I will sell immediately after possession. Please advice.

Also, I have some cash left to book another flat in the range of 25-30 Lakh. Please suggest.
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