I bought one of the luxury flats in the Unitech Grande project in Noida. The delivery of the project has been delayed for Jun 2011, per the builder.

Any other folks on the board having vested interest in the Unitech Grande project? I would love to connect with them.

Would love to know, if any body else have project updates, issues, or financial information about the project and the company.

KK Verma
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  • Isnt the Aqua and Terra only on sale as of yet. Ive had difficulty following the project with details really sketchy at best and no official mention of all the buildings that will be present there.
  • I think at this time only Aqua and Terra are up for sale.

    The whole program is confusing at best. Details as to the sqft of different apartments in different projects within the Compound have been mostly missing.
  • Hi Mr Verma,
    You may like to join the Unitech Grande investors group on Yahoo.

    Email request to

    Best regards

    Sunil Tadepalli
  • i went to Unitech Grande site last week,. They are yet to break the land (start digging). I think 2011 is very ambitious. It shall be done by 2013 or 2015 provided company is still around.
  • I second deepblue's view on this. I also visited the site and there was no sign of contruction. It would take ages for them to complete this, with the kind of promises unitech has given about the project.
    Good luck!!
  • unitech grande

    i feel nri residence is sure shot best buy which is right opposite to it
  • Unitech Grande

    Guys is there any news on Unitech Grande
    shall i invest in it
    rate 5800
  • Unitech grande update is available on there website. This is a project for end users only not for investors.

    Some negatives -

    33% + loading
    No Modular kitchen etc
    Maintainence charges will be approx Rs4 per sqft
    Approx 5000 more luxurious apartments will be launched in GRANDE alone
    UNITECH Debt status - will cut every possible corner and use all the tricks in the books to milk the customer to come out of debt shit.

    Only plus i see is - Good Location.

    If you are an endusers and can wait for 3-4 years then it make sense.

  • Originally Posted by vb2309
    Guys is there any news on Unitech Grande
    shall i invest in it
    rate 5800

    Please see the following link and decide if you still want to invest with Unitech.


  • I had been to the Unitech Grande (now fancily called UGCC - Unitech Golf and Country Club)

    BUYER BEWARE: CONSTRUCTION HAS BEEN HALTED FOR THE LAST 3 WEEKS! I was told by the sales Manager (Rahul Gupta) that they are changing contractor that's why. I walked around the campus and also went to Amrapali Sapphire complex to talk around and they claim Unitech Grande/UGCC is in deep shit with no construction for over 2 months.

    Originally they had to make possession by 2011 and now even 2013 doesn't look realistic with not even brickwork started on any of the towers of the first phase.
  • Just found some earlier threads on Grande...does not sound good. But post my visit today it does look to be moving again. In phase 1, tower 7 structure is complete the other towers are around 10 -15 floors ready. Contractors have changed.

    My question is does it make sense at 6300 psf. The golf course appears to be ready...3 holes are operational the site office claimed.

    Please advice.
  • Grande is now in much better shape than it was a year back .. and with unitech brand ... it should turn out well in the end .. so if u have extra money to spend .. and can wait a while .. Go for it ! :)
  • Dont know abt grande. but unitech is in a bad shape and are in need of lot of money. they have launched GIP-2 without CLP which is strange.
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  • yes i too have flats in unitech grande and i guess now the work is happening twr 7 is going to get possession by december and every 2 months they are wanting to finish a tower in amber ..