Does anyone have any information on Amrapali eden and sapphire? What are the rates and status of the projects
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  • Hi Nicks

    It's selling - surprise surprise! I tried talking to them and the rates are in the region of Rs 3400/ for construction linked plan - they are not willing to talk properly or listen. I did visit them with a checkbook so that they know im dead serious. Also, a few loopholes:
    1. On i was told a price of 3300/- which was a 15 day old price. Now it is 3400/-
    2. Project is not approved by any bank as of now - no tie up exists either - they claim they will get it within 10 days but right now - buyer beware.
    3. I asked how many parking spots and on i was told two spots per apartment, and 920 apartments. In person, number of apartments is 1000+ and spots are 1500.
    4. Layout has not been finalized for ground floors - they may give the GF as an independent floor or make 2 apartments per floor.

    So overall, fishy proposition - and their attitude certainly made me feel like I'm begging for something rather than being made to feel like a customer.

    I've dropped them.

    good luck and cheers!
  • customer service is very important. Buying property is a big decision... the arrogant builders and their projects should always be ignored.

    Heard about a similar high profile project in pune...and now its builder is in coma...
  • Thanks Vaibhav and Amit, you're right. I also tried to speak to them a couple of weeks ago and their sales exec was quite cold in responding to my queries. All his answers were also tentative.

    I dint know that they dint have tie up with any bank because I was told that its IDBI.

    One thing is for sure that I would never want to put money in a project which is not approved by a good bank.

    Vaibhav - Did you speak to Sajid mentioned on their site or visited their office?
  • Dear
    Have u checked the construction quality of its earlier projects...It's worst...they are fetching the least rates in Indirapuram.....secondly they haveborrowed money at 3% they are going to repay this is unanswerable........they are offering this project at 3000/- sq.feet inclusive of extra charges for group deals....The group has no moral ethics...can't u search for good builders in Noida...go and visit sec-119 for gaur & eledeco at Rs. 2500-2700 sq.feet inclusive of everything

    they are quite better than this.
  • I am not sure where you are seeing Rs 2700-2800 for Gaur or Eldeco. Whom are you buying from? The builder or a broker or in resale?
  • Bumping this thread !!

    Any +tives of the said project (Sapphire, Sec 45) ?? I found the location to be very lucrative but total cost for a 2 BR after adding up all the extra charges comes around 43 Lakhs. Will it be worth investing 43 lakhs here rather then 35-38 lakhs for a 3 BR in Indrapuram etc ???
  • Guys, I learnt that amrapali has launched phase 2 of sapphire which is equally priced and would be delivered in Mar12. As mentioned in one of my posts, amrapali offers excellant discount (upto rs250/sft) on bulk bookings i.e. 8-10.

    Serious buyers, PM me and we can form a group.
  • Originally Posted by nicks
    Guys, I learnt that amrapali has launched phase 2 of sapphire which is equally priced and would be delivered in Mar12. As mentioned in one of my posts, amrapali offers excellant discount (upto rs250/sft) on bulk bookings i.e. 8-10.

    Serious buyers, PM me and we can form a group.

    Nicks, did you caught hold of some interested buyers ?? Count me for one if we can form a group. I am not able to PM, kindly pm me you no. so as we can take it further.
  • Amrapali has got allotment of two GH plots in Sec-45 and have launched the same as Sapphire phase -I & II. Total no of flats in phase-I is 1320. As per NOIDA GH rules there is no height limits in these GH plots. They are building G+23 floors per tower and they have 25 towers in approximately 1,00,000 (40,000 + 51,000) SQM area. As there is a huge rush of corporate bookings including from IAS lobby, hence this attitude problem. Construction work started in full swing. Sample flats are ready. Location also very nice. Phase-I is already bankable. Loans are on offer from BOM, BOB, HDFC, UCO etc.
  • Today's HT i.e. 09.08.2009 edition carried an advt for Sec-70 launch without a builders name. The builder is Amrapali. They have again won a Group Housing plot auction for Sec-70 and have already pre-launched the project. Shall post the prices some other time.
  • Amrapali new projects

    I am also interested.
  • Amrapali Sapphire


    I have found a decent rate in Platinum and got a flat there. Also interested in Sapphire. Location is good, ( better than 3 Cs) phase I work already in progress. It is a good investment as Amrapali has to do this project in time coz of numerous corporates, IAS lobby who got the chunk...

    Interested guys....lets get a group going....

  • Hi Nisar, Let me also know if u r getting group deals i Sapphire...... I m also interested
  • Hii Tisha,

    Sure..!! We have taken corporate deal, rates are cheaper.I will pm you the details. Kindly let me know your priority...2/3/bhk?
  • Hi Nisar,
    I m interested in 1390sft flat in sapphire but r u sure they r still giving corporate deals? i came to know its sold out and also one agent called me that he has one flat booked 3050/sft inclusive of additional charges (swimming pool facing and 10th floor) but he is asking for 3 lakh black so i got confused paying black or going for another option of Gardenia 46.
    If u hv any bookings as corporate deals in sapphire please let me know....