NOIDA: In order to regularize parking of vehicles in designated spaces within various sectors of Greater Noida, and for the upkeep and maintenance of the parking lots, the Greater Noida Authority will now hand over these spaces to private contractors. Parking at these spaces, which is at present free for all, will now be made chargeable for users.
The parking spaces range in size from 770 sqm to over 9,000 sqm. The Authority has floated an expression of interest inviting bidders for management of the parking spaces.

The parking spaces, which would be managed by private contractors, are located in Sectors Beta-I, Beta-II, Pi-II, Swarn Nagari, Alpha-I and Gamma-II of Greater Noida. The different sizes of the parking lots, which are being passed onto for management by private parties, are 1,783 sqm, 770 sqm, 2,925 sqm, 1,188 sqm, 9,953 sqm and 1,500 sqm.

Officials at Greater Noida Authority said that due to the absence of regulators and managers at these parking lots, users park their vehicles at these spaces in a haphazard manner. "Consequently, the entire parking lot turns into a mess with vehicles scattered everywhere. It becomes difficult to bring vehicles out from the parking lots because of the chaos," said a senior official of the Authority.

Authority officials said that the need for regulating these parking spaces is being felt even more because commercial establishments in the city do not have their own lots. "As a result, people often park their vehicles on the roads. Adequate cleanliness would also be ensured at these parking lots," added the official.

In addition, the appointment of regulators at the parking lots is also expected to minimize incidents of thefts of vehicles in the city. Parking of unknown or abandoned vehicles at these spaces would also be prevented after appointment of managers. The Authority would hand over management of these parking spaces to eligible contractors for an initial period of two years. Greater Noida Authority would finalize contractors for the parking lots after opening various bids it receives on November 23.

Parking spaces to go in private hands - The Times of India
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  • Parking business has emerged as a big money making venture during last 4-5 years, specially in metro cities. In most of the cities, the parking areas are auctioned by govt. And its a universal truth that they goes to some very close assosciates of decision makers.

    So, during auction, you will find some genuine bidders getting disqualified for some reason, left out would be 2 or 3, all of them, companies from same guy with different name. There will be a drama of auction & finally it goes at a price fixed earlier within the walls.

    So, Noida Authority, like others, now going to shell out this profit making service into known private hands for known reasons. They have been given a target by Akhilesh bhai for 2014 elections. From builders, from whatever hooks & crook ways, they have to meet the target. Also, some builders are getting pressure from Mayawati Behanjee also. Plots beche to behanji ne hee hai. SO, buiders in Noida are under a big pressure to please NA, AKY & Behanjee.