What is median household income in Noida (50% above ad 50% below this income) ?

What I know is that 85k is per capita income in 2005. Average household size of 5 lead to average household income of 4.25 lakh. But I don't know the actually reality on ground so people please educate me....

Give the tax evasion by bussiness man I would expect real median household income to be around 6-7 lakh.

This number is important because the end-user (rental or homebuyer) has buying or renting power in proportion to this.

6-7 lakh median income do not support 40-50 lakh median prices. But 18-20 lakh is more realist (3 times the annual income).

The household has to eat/drive/education and save some for future. Last 3-4 years have just screwed the equation.

NRIs, politians, black money baught into apartments at inflated prices (builders marketing and stock market helped too). A common TCS employee did not had enoughh money to go beyond 12-15k per month rental expense in Noida.

A common tele department work, bank employee, teacher do not have that much money to buy at inflated prices.

The far flung area also make it difficult. A 20km one way ride on bike is risky everyday and on car it is 40-50k of per annum fuel expense (which is almost equivalent credit cost of 6 lakh rs).
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