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Ponty's Saga: Imminent Conflicts: Noida Realty to take Hit


Ponty's Saga: Imminent Conflicts: Noida Realty to take Hit

Last updated: June 9 2014
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    Re : Ponty's Saga: Imminent Conflicts: Noida Realty to take Hit

    Depauls Bhai,

    How quickly can you write a small movie script ?

    I am serious.

    I would like to produce and direct it and in return willing to share profit on earnings.

    offer remains open (forever) - If you are keen then ping me anytime.



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      Re : Ponty's Saga: Imminent Conflicts: Noida Realty to take Hit

      Hey, Why all this sarcasm here? At least I believe a 50 + percentage chance of what is presented by De-Paul is correct. Not that he needs anybody's support. But I am peeved at the fact how education takes away the ability to think freely.
      Can't anybody envisage a bigger game-plan(from Arora) in this revelations?


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        Re : Ponty's Saga: Imminent Conflicts: Noida Realty to take Hit

        after reading Depauls Bhai script aamir khan also ready for ur(sbajaj) film


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          Re : Ponty's Saga: Imminent Conflicts: Noida Realty to take Hit

          Behind the scene picture can dirtier than Depauls Bhai's story..


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            Re : Ponty's Saga: Imminent Conflicts: Noida Realty to take Hit

            great thread

            Two years back , there were very interesting revealations made by Fake IPL player about IPL matches. His story was so popular and his style so binding that millions like me used to wait for his next blog which used to happen on almost daily basis.

            This thread reminds me of that. what a story, excellent style . Now I wait for the new entry in this thread.

            Superb .. keep it up


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              Re : Ponty's Saga: Imminent Conflicts: Noida Realty to take Hit

              Insider information is always interesting in every sphere of life be it Sports, Sensex, or Reality


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                Re : Ponty's Saga: Imminent Conflicts: Noida Realty to take Hit

                One hundred likes for the last one by Deepauls. The story is getting interesting again!



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                  Re : Ponty's Saga: Imminent Conflicts: Noida Realty to take Hit

                  Depauls Bhai,

                  I have noticed that you are very very clear in your aim and purpose. Many people have ridiculed you, but you have not reacted a bit. It is difficult for me to understand your real motive for writing such posts, but I very much admire you for being clear in your mission, and not deviating a bit despite many provocations and criticism.

                  I firmly believe that these are rare and great qualities. Congrats...


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                    Re : Ponty's Saga: Imminent Conflicts: Noida Realty to take Hit

                    Originally posted by deepauls View Post
                    Beginning of a new corporate war!

                    After finishing the routine courts' paper work in the morning, I reached Arora ji's office yesterday at 11 AM. Arora ji asked me to accompany him, not telling where he was taking me. In the car, he told me we were going to meet his "insider" in wave, who is holding a high position in the company. Very soon he would join Supertech - he already worked for Ansal, Omaxe etc. I wouldn't reveal his name here - would call him Mr X.

                    Mr X was waiting for us in a hotel lobby's coffee shop. I didn't know Mr X, but he knew me. Arora ji formally introduced him to me. It looked to me that he had very good relations with Arora ji, but in my presence, he was thinking twice before opening his mouth. Probably, he was aware of my reputation.

                    He handed over a thick file folder to Arora ji, and said: "lo sir ji, aapka kaam toe ho gaya. ab bande ke liye kya hukum hai..."

                    Arora ji went over few papers in the folder, which I could see were the photocopies of some legal documents including some stamp papers. Arora ji and Mr X intermittently smiled at each other while Arora ji was checking the papers. Finally, Arora ji put that folder into his briefcase and said: "X saab, kaam toe abhi bahut baaki hai. Aap next week tak notice de dijiye. Yeh project aap he ko handle karna hai".

                    Mr. X: "jee Arora ji, main 2nd week of december se join kar loonga. koi problem nahin hogee".

                    With Arora ji and Mr X's talks, I made out Arora ji is going to attempt to acquire the Wave City Center in Noida. After Ponty's death, other parties are hostile and wouldn't let Arora ji acquire it easily. It looked like Ansals and DLF are also in the race. Arora ji will have to defeat all.

                    We left after an hour. In the car, I asked Arora ji: "Sir, kya strategy hai? Mujhe laga ki ponty ke baad aapne ummeed chhod di hai. CREDAI ki meeting mein to aap yehi keh rahe the."

                    "Un moorkhon ke saamne saare patte khol deta kya?" Arora ji said, "abhi bahut kaam baaki hai. sabse badi samasya Noida ki market ko bithaane ki hai. Jab tak market nahin baithegi, yeh kaam nahin hoga. Nikamme kisan log bhi thande pad gaye hain. Main Yadav ko bola hoon ki kuchh dharne varne shuru karvaao. Kuchh nayi applications court mein dalvaao. Customers ka confidence todo, tabhi kuchh baat banegi."

                    Surprised with this revelation by Arora ji, I said: "is angle se maine nahin socha thaa."

                    "vakeel saab", Arora ji said, "socha toe maine bhi nahin thaa, lekin vo gadha (Ponty) jinda rehta toe yeh naubat naheen aati. Aaraam se hand over kar deta mujhe sab kuchh. abhi ghee tedi ungli se niklega. Ansal aur KP (dlf) se bhi nipatna padega. Badi lambi game hai."

                    For a moment, I stared in blank, and thought with disgust that the vultures are on the prowl.

                    Arora ji looked at me and asked: "kya soch rahe ho vakil saab?"

                    I came back to conscious, and said: "no, nothing - just thinking that Supertech is going to be the Microsoft of Realty very soon! he he he".

                    "aap soch rahe ho ki giddh mandrane shuru ho gaye" - Arora ji said with his penetrating eyes on me.

                    Startled and irritated, I said: "aap bhi... Arora ji", and looked offended.

                    Ignoring my offended look, Arora ji said: "garibi insaan ki sabse badi paathshaala hai - yeh baat tum Modern School wale kabhi nahin samjhoge. Ek time thaa, jab Meerut mein Mama ji ke scooter ke peechhe baith kar main site per Tile ke bade-bade bhari dibbe utha kar jaata tha. Ek baar main scooter ke peechhe baithe-baithe so gaya, aur neeche gir gaya, tileon samet. Haath mein fracture aaya - aaj bhi sardiyon mein yeh haath dukhta hai." Arora ji flicked his fingers in the air.

                    Amused, but maintaining my offended posture, I said: "huzoor, apni auto biography likhne ka mauka aap mujhe jaroor dena."

                    "mujhe biography ka shok nahin hai" Arora ji said "IREF pe tumne pehle he kaafi polein khol dee hain. Maja aata hai pad ke. Paisa hamne khoob kama liya, ab toe bas game khelte hain - aur game khelne ka maza sirf saamne se vaar karne ka hai. IREF pe tum hamare dushmanon ko advance warning dete ho - isi ka to maza hai! Likhte raho! ha ha ha"

                    We reached the Patiala House and Arora ji dropped me. When I said bye to Arora ji, Arora ji opened his briefcase and handed over that file to me: "vakil saab, apni file toe aap bhool gaye!"

                    Confused, I took the file and said: "kyaa hukum hai sir?"

                    "saare papers achchee tarah study karo. sab bank gauarantiyan aur nakli stake holder companiyon ke kaagaz hain ismein. mujhe tumhein aur verghese ko yeh bataane ki jaroorat nahin ki Ponty kaise kaam karta thaa. is file mein sab companiyon ki kabren khodo, aur pataa karo ki asli position kyaa hai. verghese ke saare aadmikyon ko is kaam per lagaao, aur yaad rahe, mujhe hundred percent analysis chaahiye. verghese se kehna ki mujhe salaahen kum aur kaam jyada chahiye." Arora ji said.

                    "Ji sir", sensing Arora ji's mood, I didn't say or ask anything more.

                    Driver started car on Arora ji's signal, and I started fumbling for my cell to call Verghese immediately to schedule for the meeting at night in his hotel.

                    After dropping my secretary to her home in the evening, I went straight to Verghese. Got late in night with him in meeting. So I thought would report in the morning to the esteemed members of IREF.
                    So, Aroraji is not comfortable sharing his interest in wave group among a few builders, but is fine sharing on an open forum with everyone,
                    Arguments lack rationality.

                    No matter how rich one is, one would always keep mum over such strategic issues.


                    • Re : Ponty's Saga: Imminent Conflicts: Noida Realty to take Hit

                      Really. I like Deepaul post.Kind of stop visiting IREF due to boring and misleeading information.

                      Members who reading this interesting thread if you want to learn more from IREF read 2-3 year old posts.

                      Now it's few set of brokers with different IDs creating hype and misleading.
                      Example a set of broker keeping fabricating stories about Prateek Sec 107 project...

                      I used to be regular visiter of IREF... but in last 4-5 month lost interest and now open once a week...Yesterday opened and saw this GREAT thread...


                      Have any questions or thoughts about this?