As per email from broker, Gaur new project in prelaunch stage Only DP plan is available rate is 3600 in DP covered car parking extra 4 lac. Only 3 and 4 bhk are available.

Salient features are:

Lavish Residential Project, A part of Sports City Noida

Very low density project maintaining a wide Expanse of Greenery

Traffic free Ground floor with a Resort like Ambience

Approx. 30000 sq.ft. club with double to triple height floor & lift

Two level basement mechanical parking with expandable parking space for future requirement

Green building with a Gold Rating Certificate

Each building contains Double Height lobby & Covered Landscape at Ground floor

Apartments designed with extra floor to floor height (11’-0”)

Every building contains a drop –off plaza with Covered Porch

Each Apartment contains a dedicated service area for Plumbing, Geyser, Outdoor A.C. unit etc.

One Extra Sink in Kitchen Utility Balcony

All Apartments have 8’-0” door height for the Grand Impression

No apartment has less than three bedrooms

Residential project in Noida along with 45m wide road & facing 35m wide Green Belt

Cricket practice pitch

Three tire 24X7 Security with CCTV camera, video phone in each apartment

Wi-fi Enabled Complex

Individual R.O. unit for drinking water

High speed Elevators in each block

Plumbing done with CPVC pipes or equal to avoid corrosion

Rainwater harvesting

Entrance Plaza


Feature Wall

Swimming pool

Kids’ pool



Floting Planter

Ladies Alcove

Landscaped Court
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  • I have been quoted 4300 AI for SportsWood should i go for it?Given loading and size choices available, it does not seem to be a good deal.Any advice fellas?
  • Basically, Sector 79 will get traffic from Noida extn....infact, from Gaur 79 you can see NE towers........So, NE is just adjacent to Sec 79...Plus sec 78 is already cramped when it is just 50-60% occupied....Not sure what will happen to these sectors/roads when NE, 7X will be fully occupied......earlier they sold units as golf view there is no golf course...........I did not opted for Gaur Sports even though was getting 3990 rate...........However, construction quality is good. Builder has credibility...but delay of 2+years is already visible.
    • Gauravnew3 years ago
      Then where should one go...expressway has limited good inventory till sector 93 and that too beyond 1 cr
  • Hi arjunagarwal,
    Can you please let me know :
    1) Which unit size are you looking for ?
    2) Which floor has been offered.
    3) Is it park facing ?
    4) With 4300 AI, do you mean inclusive of all the charges like : BSP, PLC, etc and also Parking which is ~ 4lkh.
    So the only thing that is excluded is Service tax and registry.
  • Originally Posted by arjunagarwal
    I have been quoted 4300 AI for SportsWood should i go for it?Given loading and size choices available, it does not seem to be a good deal.Any advice fellas?

    Pls chk Panchsheel Prathistha 75, opp sec 50,
    Metro stn just 200 mtr
    Poss by April 17
    4 flats/ tower
    17 stories
    Steel shuttering tec. Same as of sportswood.

    Maxbliss whitehouse 75 RTM

    Sec 75 best location of 7X.
  • Just now a news report on CNN news that contractors with unpaid dues had gathered at Gaur office in Indirapuram and were manhandled
  • Can you share some of Gaur fans will never accept....
  • It was on CNN news channel at about 8 pm
  • Gaursons' Goons Attack Home Buyers in Ghaziabad:News18 Videos

    This is unfortunate.....Gaurs have lost all their Credibility... They have accepted they attacked home buyers....
  • Not sure who the exact people were because there is another news which says the people manhandled were contractors :

    Builder defaulted on payment, beat me up, claims contractor | noida | Hindustan Times

    Anyhow it is indeed an unfortunate event.
  • Dear All

    thanks to all senior member and buyer of Sportswood.
    I have booked a flat in Sportswood, and guess as per agreement, in next three months we will get possession

    want know whether we the buyer of sportswood end user having any facebook page where we can join or any whatsapp group for readily exchange of communication among ourselves.

    also feel cheated once a got the info that for a flat for which I paid 86 lak is available in carnival and even after carnival * 73 lakh as builder has decreased process by allowing heavy discount. how we can address this.

  • What price you purchased? What is the current price? Do you think they will be able to deliver by dec 16?
  • Hello Everyone,
    Has anyone recently purchased a flat in Gaur Sportswood. I would like to know what is the current price offered, any negotiations and current offer.

    Thanks in advance.
  • 21 anniversay offer is back...................that is what Gaur advertising now....
    You can try and get rate around 4200/-
    But would suggest to look at NE as sector 79 is just couple of kms from NE.............You can get bigger size at less price.... In 7X, i think 74 sector is well located....any society facing on road should be good........7x sector roads going to face huge traffic NE traffic will also pass thru these 7x sector roads.

    Otherwise, Construction quality of this sportswood is very good. Delay of 1.5-2 years is likely to be there.
  • Thanks Saihtul,
    I completely agree with the point that traffic will be one of the problems in future. I live nearby and see a lot of jam when the occupancy is hardly 40-50% in mahagun, nimbus and little higher in sethi.
    Once all the projects are delivered and occupied it will be too crowded and on top of that the bridge connecting NE will be one another problem.
    I had checked 74 also. and realised similar issue. North Eye will produce a lot of traffic in future.
    I am looking for projects in Noida, not planning in NE since i may have to commute to Ggn for work.

    I see a few towers already in place. For others the work is going on. Though the bigger sizes towers are not yet started or are taking shape( that certainly will take time). However for others i see delivery can be provided by Jun-Jul-17. Do you see any issues with that ?
  • My take is that structure is ready but internal work will take lot of time.......Yes they can deliver mid of next year, but you never know these builders...Guar had good reputation but....recently, gaur accepted that they beat NE residents who were protesting for delays, issues... Also, some contractors had physical fight with Gaur officials at their office due to non payment of their dues............Anyway, visit site, and take a stock of the situation...Out of available builders in 7x, leaving Prateek, I guess Gaur is still better, atleast construction quality is good....I visited 6-7 months back when they had 21st Century offer....was getting in 3995/- with many benefits....but we did not go for that as due to location and future traffic hassles.....Thanks