As per email from broker, Gaur new project in prelaunch stage Only DP plan is available rate is 3600 in DP covered car parking extra 4 lac. Only 3 and 4 bhk are available.

Salient features are:

Lavish Residential Project, A part of Sports City Noida

Very low density project maintaining a wide Expanse of Greenery

Traffic free Ground floor with a Resort like Ambience

Approx. 30000 sq.ft. club with double to triple height floor & lift

Two level basement mechanical parking with expandable parking space for future requirement

Green building with a Gold Rating Certificate

Each building contains Double Height lobby & Covered Landscape at Ground floor

Apartments designed with extra floor to floor height (11’-0”)

Every building contains a drop –off plaza with Covered Porch

Each Apartment contains a dedicated service area for Plumbing, Geyser, Outdoor A.C. unit etc.

One Extra Sink in Kitchen Utility Balcony

All Apartments have 8’-0” door height for the Grand Impression

No apartment has less than three bedrooms

Residential project in Noida along with 45m wide road & facing 35m wide Green Belt

Cricket practice pitch

Three tire 24X7 Security with CCTV camera, video phone in each apartment

Wi-fi Enabled Complex

Individual R.O. unit for drinking water

High speed Elevators in each block

Plumbing done with CPVC pipes or equal to avoid corrosion

Rainwater harvesting

Entrance Plaza


Feature Wall

Swimming pool

Kids’ pool



Floting Planter

Ladies Alcove

Landscaped Court
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  • Originally Posted by shasha2605
    I booked a 1690 sqft Unit in Gaur sportswood last week and i have fixed my budget keeping Service tax as current 4.5% but GST is contemplated to be applicable after 01.07.17 and Tax rate of 12% will be applicable. As i will be doing major chunk of payment after 01 July only i will have to pay 7.5% more tax i.e. around 6-7 Lacs more which exceeds my budget.
    Kindly suggest should i go for canceling my booking?

    If you cancel the Gaur booking and book elsewhere would you be able to escape from GST?
  • Originally Posted by SMJ2011

    If you cancel the Gaur booking and book elsewhere would you be able to escape from GST?

    If I go for ready to move property (CC issued) then i will not be required to pay service tax.
  • the abatement offered on property is still not clear in GST. Currently the service tax is 15 % with an abatement of 70% of the property. Hence it calculates to 15% of the service tax on 30% of the property value which is 4.5%.
    After GST the abatement offered is not clear but there is a high probability that the tax incurred for 50 lkh + property will increase.
    The situation you are in, one option you can do is make an early payment for the demand. Bank can complete the formalities in a week's time if you are taking some amount from bank and make an early payment. This payment will attract only 4.5 % of the tax as per the current rate.
    Talk to people in Gaur they can easily update their books and ledgers accordingly and wont mind taking an early payment. I had a discussion last week and they may provide some offer on early payments also.
    • akssap2 years ago
      if you ask bank to pay early payment then it will incur additional interest on that amount for that period . For example if your actual demand date in Nov and if you ask bank to pay early say in July month then you will be charged interest from From July to Oct. So check difference what you will have to pay additional in these 4 months as interest to Bank OR how much GST 12% will cost you then take the decision.
  • Is this a good time to buy a unit in Gaur Sports Wood? What should be considered before buying? Is there any land issue etc pending?
    • jatin Bahl2 years ago
      Yes you may consider Sports Wood. It is a fine luxury project. Also, Gaur has a reputation of delivering on time. I too have a house in tower J due to offered possession in next 6 8 months. Sector 79 is a low density area for a higher Gentry with apartments having only 3 BHK and more.
      Rest depends upon your budget and personal choices. You may visit the site it's nearing completion.
  • Gaur Sports Wood project tower D/E/F are delayed by one year. Instead of December 2016, the possession of these flats is in December 2017. And for other towers it will be delayed by another 1 year. Is that true?
    • jatin Bahl2 years ago
      U r lucky if they are giving 1 year after. Other builders have a track record of 3 to 4 yrs of avg delays. I heard possession for DEF will be given in September not December.
  • Any what's app group for Gaur sportswood units owners??
    • rajeev79082 years ago
      Please let me know also,if there is any what's app group
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  • I have just booked a unit in J tower. They are saying that the poccession is in

  • I have just booked a unit in J tower. They are saying that the possession is in Mar'18. Can we trust them
    • ankarora902 years ago
      Hey Amit

      Which size u booked n on what price u booked all inclusive?? I am also intrested for 1850 unit
  • Originally Posted by AMITGO

    I have just booked a unit in J tower. They are saying that the possession is in Mar'18. Can we trust them

    You must have seen the condition before booking.
    Mar'18 is only 7 months away, so you should have fair idea yourself whether they can offer possession or not.
  • Does anyone have any update on possession? After Rera formalities they were supposed to give possession to the first set of Towers (i guess G) in August?
    • nishant0012 years ago
      Is there any conflicts between Lotus, Gaur and Authority. i have recently booked Flat in F tower, feeling nervous.
  • Any idea when we are suppose to get the possesion for Tower D/E & F in Gaur Sportswood, till now seems they did not get the CC not sure what's going on.

    I called them but not getting satisfactory answer.

    Also do we have any what's group or facebook group for Gaur Sportswood buyers.
  • Any update about the possession of D,E,F towers? When it will start?
  • First family shifted in tower D
    • hey007hi2 years ago
      Do we have any what's up group for Sportswood owner ? Also any idea by when we can get possession ? As per them they got all approval except final one CC.
  • Do we have any what's group for Gaur Sports Wood? This will be good if we have? Also, how can someone stay in the house if no CC provided?