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New way by Builder to Cheat Buyers


New way by Builder to Cheat Buyers

Last updated: December 12 2012
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  • New way by Builder to Cheat Buyers

    Noida will witness possession of many RTM flats in coming 2 years.

    Noida authority keeping up with their standards of doing everything possible to help builders will be granting CC (completion certificates) to builders while allowing them to misuse FAR norms.

    Keep in mind, that when a project is approved by NA it has all details of land use norms for thr builder.

    When a project is ready, CC is issued by NA which should be done checking the norms and how builder has stood by it.

    Buyer has No say in this, and Builders have started playing around with this.

    by bribing the NA officials, builders are increasing FAR by almost 10%, thereby making more flats in the given area than permitted and selling.

    Now since these EXTRA flats are sold to buyers who have entered in BBA and eventually sub lessse deed, it makes it even more complicated.
    As the authority and builder hand in glove in this scam, its a big task to put them to task.

    The sufferer will be end user, who bought a flat in a building meant for 20 flooors but by the time in ready is 30 floors.
    Safety is compromised
    Standard of Living in compromised.
    Density increases

    Noida and Gnoida builders are constructing anywhere between 5-10% extra flats than permitted by bribing officials.

    so if you think FAR is reality it could be 3 !!!!

    Yes as a buyer you can't do much, but if you find that ur builder has increased floors in middle of construction, then u have all the right to ask the builder and cross check with an architect who will give an idea if its evident that some illegal construction.
    if can sell and move on
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