Lets state the name of projects that are going to deliver flats in 2013. Lets also state the number of flats being delivered (since some projects will deliver phase wise). Maybe we can also mention the current ALL INCLUSIVE resale rate range too (of the flats/phase being delivered in 2013)

I think it would help many home buyers looking for NEW RTM flats among thousands of choices unlike in previous years when we had limited projects/flats being delivered.

After every day or two I can collect all data and summarize in a single post.

example (with dummy numbers):

1. Jaypee Pavilion Court : 300 flats 6500/- to 7000/-
2. 3C Panache : 450 flats 4800/- to 5500/-
3. 3C Boulevard : 600 flats 4800/- 6200/- ( i think we can include the recently delivered flats too here)

.. other sector 137 and sector 7X flats....

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  • Those worrying about the huge supply in noida should first study the case of indirapuram. I came here in 2002 when it was having 7 projects and in 2008 there were 70 projects. I was sure that there cannot be a demand for 50,000 flats in indirapuram. But trust me now there are more than 1lk ppl staying here and the rates have gone from 1200 rspsqft to 7000 rspsqft. And the demand is still higher than supply for quality projects.
    I dont know the future of noida ext. But noida expressway and 7x sectors will see the same inflow in coming 5 to 7 years,
    For last 500 years humans are fighting for land and the same shall continue fr ever....
  • Originally Posted by commener
    Will you please post the contact details(Ph No./E-mail) of the guys you are talking about on IREF.....

    Please do not send PM..............

    Commener, Here you go ..
    This guy send this email 1st week of sep. Till last week of Oct. he did not find a buyer. One of my colleague was in discussions with him personally too regarding purchase but he did not go through.

    btw, please don't say that this is DP and hence lower rate. project is about to be RTM and so I guess buyer anyway needs to pay 95% in next 3-4 months even if they buy from builder fresh.

    Due to certain unavoidable circumstances I need to sell my 3Bhk 1315 sq feet unit. Flat no 1805 tower 12A. I have bought it in Down Payment plan. A idbi loan exists on the flat for Rs 38 lacs. I have also paid 9 EMIs till date. All necesary permission has been taken for the resale. The flat is been sold at cost price. If any transfer charges need to be paid then buyer need to pay it to Purvanchal directly.

    My asking price is just 54 lacs. (Fixed). The current rates are far far higher. This is a distress sale and thats why price is less.

    If anybody is interersted or knows anybody who might be interested please let me know. I am available at 0983628XXXX. This is bit urgent for me so i need to close the sale ASAP


    BTW , I will now request everyone to delete their non topic related posts from this thread.


  • Originally Posted by sequence
    DId I quote a high number ???
    Couple of folks in their yahoo group are ready to sell their 1300sqft flat at this rate. and they are not finding buyers easily. So I assumed this is the lowest price. Bigger flats are probably commanding higher price but I do not have data.


    Out of Sequence ;)

    Well, I wasnt able to find any yahoo group for Purvanchal. Second, there is a google group currently with around 90 members of which I am a member. There isn't any such post there. Hats off to your data collection mechanism :).
  • Originally Posted by sequence
    Couple More :

    1. TGB Meghdutam , sector 50
    - 200 flats
    - AI resale rates 8500/- to 9000/-

    2. Sunshine Helios , sector 78
    - 450 flats
    - AI resale rates : ~5000/-

    3. Purvanchal Royal park , sector 137
    - ? flats
    - AI resale rates : 4300/- to ??

    Assuming first two project will be fully delivered in 2013


    And secondly, if there are any such rates available, please PM me the details of the seller. One of my very good friends is on a house hunt, and is looking forward to buying there but he doesn't want to shell out >5000 AI for any noida project.
  • Ajnara homes 121 - phase 1,2,3 - approx 1000 flats
    Starting march 2013
    Rates - 4600
  • Sequence,

    Please update the first post in this thread with all the info collected. If possible, group it by broad locations, like Sec 137+168+143, Sec 44 to 93, Sec 7x, Sec 11x to 12x etc.
  • My bad, I didn't check your post where you mentioned thecontent. There is one such post in the google group.

    The floor is 18th, thats top floor -1.

    Well, I think it would be difficult for any one to sell higher floors, even if they bring the rate down. I am sure there would have been quite a lot of buyers had it been a reasonable (a relative) floor.

    Hence, it would be a good idea if you add floor as well there in your list:)
  • When houses will be ready residents will come automatically. Flop show of faridabad,noida extension and increased prices of delhi will force buyers with single choice Noida.

    Those who are bashing noida will get their answers in next 3 years. I know dozens of people who are waiting flats to be delivered so that they can shift from indrapuram to noida.

    Despite of all negatives , Noida is bound to grow and no body, no government nothing can stop it, take my words.

    Jai ho !!!

  • Originally Posted by dineshsays
    KG bro is a star. Impressed with his call/acumen to buy Edifice when he did (bet he voted for Edifice for the best Apartment :)) and the update above

    Coming back, the approx no. Of flats for Kalypso in these 4 towers would be about 220 give or take a few

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    Dinesh Bhai, Apni Dahi ko kaun khatta kahta hai. ;);)
  • Sameer dear, We all know from 2002-2006 it was golden time, every thing reached to new high, Either its business, Stock marker, property or JObs.. Do you think we gona see the same time again.. I doubt...
  • Plus point of Noida is, it will hit indirapuram market as well as delhi market..
    Im not saying GK people wil buy these apartments(apart from JP n UGcC), but there is a whole lot of other delhi as well..
    So Noida apartments target indirapuram, Delhi, Ghaziabad(Crossing too), Faridabad n people currently on rent...
    That should absorb the supply..
    My POv.
  • Antriksh Golf View 1 should alsi be available for possession in 2013 but i donot know the number of units that are there. Could someone update.
  • In 7x i doubt something will come for possession except helios in the year end, maybe dewali.

    In 2014 is going to be the year for 7x sector. Till then wait.
  • Originally Posted by kumargaurav
    In 7x i doubt something will come for possession except helios in the year end, maybe dewali.

    In 2014 is going to be the year for 7x sector. Till then wait.

    Sethi can also deliver some towers in 2013.
  • Sharanam sector 107

    PHASE 1, Can be delivered in 2013.