I think that people who are buying in Wish Town to stay would have an idea regarding the time it would take for the entire Wish Town Construction to complete.

As the construction activity cause a lot of pollution as a lot of people nowadays are allergic to dust.

Moreover incessant construction activity in the neighbourhood leads to abnormal noise levels which may lead to stress.
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  • As of now, the membership in WT is open so its non transferable, But as and when it will be closed by the company, it will become transferable. Rest Dinesh bhai can guide as he is an avid golfer and has a membership himself.
  • Originally Posted by Baruch

    He/she always criticizes everything about RE...

    I was just curious did she ever like anyting about this sector ?

    If not...why to spend so much time on sth you dont like ?

    To make others dislike it too.. She has been against Noida and RE from day 1.. Kudos man.. Nothing can brainwash her, not even the Mr. RK Arora's Glossy brochures.
  • hi guys !
    whom r u talking about ?
  • Originally Posted by Baruch
    What is the memebership rates for different Golf courses in Noida/Delhi/Greater Noida ?

    Also does WT allow memberhsip to be traded further or its non-transferable ?

    This is only as far as I know - it may have changed. I am quite sure I am wrong in a few cases so please correct me if you know.

    NCR has the following courses AFAIK. If anyone can suggest more, let me know please


    - Noida Golf Course - 1
    - Unitech Golf and Country Club - 2
    - Jaypee Wishtown - 3

    Greater Noida

    - Jaypee Greater Noida - 4


    - Hindan air force base - 5


    - Delhi Golf Club - 6
    - Lado - 7
    - Airforce - 8
    - Army Golf Club - 9
    - BSF Golf Club , Chhawla - 10
    - Bhalswa Golf Course, Najafgarh - 11
    - There is a small private course at the presidents estate - 12


    -Classic golf course - 13
    -Golden greens golf course - 14
    -DLF golf course - 15

    1 - 7-9 Lakhs, 4 years, Transferrable
    2 - 8-10 Lakhs, no waiting, only for residents, Non Transferrable (AFAIK)
    3 - 9 Lakhs, (per reports it is open for a short time to non residents), no waiting, Non Transferrable (AFAIK)
    4 - 20+ Lakhs, no waiting, only for residents, Non Transferrable (AFAIK)
    5 - 50k one time, need to be a good player with solid jack in Air Force, Non Transferrable (AFAIK)
    6. Very reasonable fee - but one should apply for his kid when he was born and he might get a chance before another 2 generations. Very exclusive. Transferrable (yeah any rich member uncle on the death bed :) without heirs)
    7. Very reasonable fee - know some really big shots in DDA? Else membership is closed. Not sure if it is transferrable
    8, 9, 10. Think you forget about these - if you are not sons/daughters of forces officers who were avid golfers
    11. Believe this was operated by DDA, never played there so dont know
    12. Yeah Right ;)
    13. Lifetime only if older member is selling. 2.5 Lakhs for 2 years. This is another awesome facility
    14. I think this one may get - dont know the prices etc - but really really far away
    15. Probably the best GC in NCR along with DGC, Jaypee GN and Classic. Need to have a DLF property. Not sure on transferability. 5 year fee is 8 lakhs
  • thanks a lot buddy

    so here I go...will apply for membership in a 9 hole GC in Pune this weekend

    2.5 lkahs for 10 years for myself+spouse+minor kind looks reasonable after reading your post :-)
  • Originally Posted by Baruch
    thanks a lot buddy

    so here I go...will apply for membership in a 9 hole GC in Pune this weekend

    2.5 lkahs for 10 years for myself+spouse+minor kind looks reasonable after reading your post :-)

    If it is Oxford by any chance then definitely. It is one of the best in all of India. Dont know about others
  • no its part of a township called Blue Ridge

    Site Progress - Blue Ridge, November 2012
  • Originally Posted by Baruch
    no its part of a township called Blue Ridge

    Site Progress - Blue Ridge, November 2012

    Oh very nice township - sea, golf, SEZ, school and what not.

    On the golf course, it is a smallish 9 hole par 3 course, I checked.

    The room sizes appear a touch small - is that kind of the norm there in the Pune market?

    Also what would be the rates (BSP) of something like this in Pune bro just an idea.

    Really nice site layout
  • its not sea :-)...its a brasati river ( which supplies water to Pune) which builder has embankened to make sure water is there through out the year

    yes rooms are small...they have some 5bhks but a lot of 600-700 ft 1 bhks too at one corner of township

    unlike NCR...Pune is mostly service class driven market....so we do not have much luxury projects here

    BSP rate for GC facing 5400....river facing 5100...this is twonship is bang in the IT hub of Pune ( Hinjewadi with some 1 lakh people already working there)...

    A lot of localities find it to be in outskirts ...but it is cathcing up amongst people who have shifted from outside as they dont have any specific reason to be in old and cluttered Pune
  • Any comments....

    On Final completion year.....
  • 2019-2020 seems most likely...don't think it will be earlier seeing current economic, political situation. I know ppl have extreme views on this thread.
  • Just to counter the propaganda of Jaypee Agents ; reviving this thread.
  • Originally Posted by abc111
    Just to counter the propaganda of Jaypee Agents ; reviving this thread.

    Good Initiative
  • Shrot and sweet answer is,

    your death - 30 years!!
  • Time to revisit the expected finishing dates of Wishtown. Lets go to PC first. Is the expectation still that whole of PC will be delivered b end of 2013 except tower 5a and b?

    My opinion is that iwon't be delivered till end of 2014 .

    Originally Posted by dineshsays
    Originally Posted by realguru
    I have just compiled the list of projects that you fell would be completed till 2014. I am sorry to say that I laughed off my chair while I counted the total number of apartments which you feel would be delivered in one go and surprisingly you feel that its possible to get all the formalities done in one go such a huge number.

    If JP's plans are aligned with what you posted, then I am sorry, they did not think too well from end user's point of view. I am surprised that JP is leaving too far till the end and JP delaying PC (probably till 2014) signifies that JP is far more interested in sucking up the payments, but is not one bit interested in speeding up the process for possession. 2014 end for PC means PC completion took 6.5 years from launch date . I am sorry this speed does not augur well for the rest of the projects as PC is not that huge a project .

    Anyway, just a quick question . Do you think whole of Kalypso will be ready by 2014 end. I see 30% towers still till 10th floor. Are these low rise ones? Do you think their finishing will be completed in 1-1.2 years ? I think thats way too optimistic.

    Apart from PC/Imperial/Kalypso, it would be too early to predict about other projects as most of the projects have not reached till structure complete stage.

    Finishing takes a lot of time bearing in mind these are very very tall structures which are being built .

    Sorry to make you fall of your chair. Rather than being generalist and counting the NUMBER of projects coming for delivery and again FEELING something, please suggest WHICH project of ALL listed above is unachievable?

    Is it Kalypso. Well, lets talk about Kalypso. There are 15 towers in Kalypso (Jaypee for the last 1 year has done 1 floor a month, and the last 6 months close to 1.5 floors a month, lets still pessimistically take 1 floor a month):

    T1, T2 - Structure complete, finishing in progress
    T3, T4 - 22 Floor of 25 complete. 3 more floors - Structure complete by March
    T5 - 21 Floor of 25 complete. 4 more floors - Structure complete by April
    T6, T7 - 15 Floor of 25 complete. 10 more floors - Structure complete by October
    T8 - 14 Floor of 25 complete. 11 more floors - Structure complete by November
    T9, T10 - 10 Floor of 15 complete. 5 more floors - Structure complete by May
    T11, T12 - 12 of 22 complete. 10 more floors - Structure complete by October
    T14 - 21 of 22 complete. 1 more floor - Structure complete by January
    T15, T16 - Structure complete, finishing in progress

    So lets take T1, T2, T3, T4, T5, T9, T10, T14, T15, T16 - thats 10 Towers SAFE

    Lets talk about T6, T7, T8, T11, T12 - the last date for structure complete for each tower is Max - November (Jaypee has promised much earlier but anyhow). You safely add a year for finishing and you are looking before END 2014. The reason why a year is safe is because a lot of finishing in all of these towers is already underway and is happening in parallel - you can go and visit yourself.

    Lets talk about PC - PC was NOT the first project of WT BTW and we all know construction languished till 2010 and only after that it picked up steam. All of PC SHOULD be delivered in 2013 except one tower (5) which is languishing. Thats why I said PC at end 2014.

    In PC - finishing started in April 2012 and before Jaypee took the pedal off the gas was ready by November - it still is virtually a month away from completing PC 1, 2, 3, 4 (is locked and ready), 14 and 18.

    It might be difficult to predict other projects sure, and thats why I have put in very comfortable times (like 5-6 years for recent launches) - but do your worst - add another year to each or even 2 - tell me how does it take you to 2030 which you are dead sure of?