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Construction Activity In The Neighbourhood Leads To Abnormal Noise Levels


Construction Activity In The Neighbourhood Leads To Abnormal Noise Levels

Last updated: January 7 2019
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  • Construction Activity In The Neighbourhood Leads To Abnormal Noise Levels

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    I think that people who are buying in Wish Town to stay would have an idea regarding the time it would take for the entire Wish Town Construction to complete.

    As the construction activity cause a lot of pollution as a lot of people nowadays are allergic to dust.

    Moreover incessant construction activity in the neighbourhood leads to abnormal noise levels which may lead to stress.

  • Truenity
    Originally posted by abc111 View Post
    Just to counter the propaganda of Jaypee Agents ; reviving this thread.
    Good initiative

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  • Truenity
    Originally posted by dineshsays View Post
    Originally posted by realguru View Post
    It comes from the fact that JP GNoida is still seeing construction (been like 10 years) and Wishtown land is 2.5X times .

    High FAR does'nt help matters as it means more area can be constructed
    on the same land bank.

    Just look at Kosmos , the other day I just checked JP web site and there are still 5-7 towers at what GFRS . I don't see Kosmos (one of the early birds of WT) to be fully ready before 2016 and it has been 4 years since it got launched.

    Also builders are being put to sword by NA which is a very big dampener. The bigger the project, more the hurdles these builders are facing in terms of approvals.

    Given JP's trackrecord and other -ve factors, I don't see my guesses going wrong unless something dramatic happens .

    And given the enormity of the project I don't think anybody can safely conclude till when
    the construction of WT will go on. Nobody knew 10 years back that JP GN wiould be seeing construction and launches even still.

    But one thing we can safely say that it will go on till 2030.

    Bro - how can you safely conclude is my question - you havent put in the dates the projects were launched, what has been the current completion achieved in 4+ years since WT was launched. You are comparing an earlier project (where launches were few and far between) and saying what happened there - should happen here - even then you've just taken the size and put a multiplication factor - if that took 10 - this should take 25 - great?

    If you take 5 minutes to brush - will your family take 25 minutes?

    Is that scientific - dont you think if the project is bigger there will be more contractors on the ground, more workers? Dont you think there will be more parallelization

    Lets talk about Kosmos, as you have quoted your findings incorrectly - it was launched in July 2009 and bookings really picked up steam in early 2010.

    It is the largest project in all of the Noida region.

    You are quick to point out that 5-6 projects are UBS etc currently but conveniently forgotten that 60-70 towers have come close to being structure complete with finishing in progress.

    Lets talk facts - do you disagree that in 3 years time - Jaypee has completed 85% of structure of the biggest project in Noida?


    Further - you must understand it is a township not a small project. Greater Noida where you say construction is going on has been PERFECTLY livable since the last 5 years. Other pockets have been well cordoned off. Go and visit the place if you dont believe me.

    Anyone can safely conclude anything with some gut feels - but lets stick with facts:

    There is 1150 Acres roughly in WT. In 4+ years Jaypee has launched and sold (or in process of selling) - 1100 Acres as of date.

    Only 50 Acres of land remains to be launched OR roughly 4.25% of the TOTAL area. So please DONT say LOT of launches are left as there simply isnt any land left. (see the images below)

    Of the 50 Acres only 25 or so Acres is left for residential - in GC strip near pebble court and the strip in front of Jaypee Public School - THATS IT

    Of the other 25 Acres - a few Acres has been launched in the form of Jaypee Chambers. Other parts like Business Hotel and other aspects will take time, but they are in a corner which will not affect 99% of the residents


    If you really want to find the time then the best way to do it is to list down all the launched projects (96%)/unluanched (4%) and see how much time will they CONSERVATIVELY take

    Please correct me or say I have been optimistic with even ONE project

    1. Kalypso - END 2014
    2. Imperial - END 2014
    3. PC - LATE 2014
    4. PH - END 2014
    5. GC Plots - POSSESSION ALREADY GIVEN last year. Must complete in 3 years or face fine. END 2016 (Even assuming 2 additional beyond 'fine' years)
    7. Kalisto - MID 2014
    8. Boomerang Club - END 2014
    9. Boomerang Residency - END 2016
    10. Kristal - END 2017
    11. Kasablanca - END 2017
    12. Augusta - MID 2014
    13. Knight Court - END 2015
    14. Kube - END 2016
    15. Orchards - END 2016
    16. Hospital - END 2013
    17. KP 2 Plots - Possession/registry in progress. Need to complete in 3 years time or face fine. END 2017 (Even assuming 2 additional beyond 'fine' years)
    18. KB - END 2015
    19. Kingswood Oriental - END 2014
    20. KP 1 Plots- Possession/registry in progress. Need to complete in 3 years time or face fine. END 2017 (Even assuming 2 additional beyond 'fine' years)
    21. Kensington Heights and KPA - END 2014
    22. Garden Isles - MID 2016
    23. Klassic (Main - 70% of all Klassic) - MID 2014
    24. Klassic Shaurya - END 2015
    25. Klassic ONGC - END 2015
    26. Kosmos (main - 90% of all Kosmos) - MID 2014
    27. Kosmos (later towers - only 5-6) - END 2015
    28. Krescent Court - MID 2016
    29. Kasa Isles - END 2015
    30. 25 Acres yet unlaunched residential - Say will be launched by 2014 and will take 6 years after that END 2020
    31. 25 Acres yet unluanched commercial - Say will be launched by 2014 and will take 6 years after that END 2020
    32. Jaypee Public School - Operational
    33. Jaypee IIT - Operational

    If you see my very conservative estimates - ALL launched apartments are done by END 2017.

    Plots will be lagards and unless people want to pay hefty fines/face cancellations should get done by END 2017 as well.

    Please ANYONE wants to correct my findings is most welcome - but do it based on logic and facts - not just to post poor, gut-based information or smart one liners

    Livibility/Inhabitation will start late 2013 and 2014 should see a major inflow - construction is being done in a left to right pattern - once Kalypso, Imperial is ready then Imperial, Kalypso, Augusta etc people can easily shift.

    The construction around is LESS than even a few favourite FULLY COMPLETE projects are seeing. Even our favourite ATS Village is seeing construction MUCH closer NOW than these projects

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  • Truenity
    What a funny thread. I guess guys who thought Wishtown would be delivered by 2040 were being far too optimistic.

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  • MANOJa
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  • dineshsays
    I have posted more than enough pictures and updates of construction slowing down.
    Last edited October 4 2015, 05:40 PM. Reason: Edited for flaming text

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  • dineshsays
    Originally posted by rituraja
    Dont beat around the bush , come to the point straight and reply some hard facts

    - Why are you not posting photographs of WT when there is no work happening . You were doing that some time ago . Any reason for change of stance ?

    - Since you have so much knowledge of WT (beacuse of obvious reasons) , why dont you post some hard facts about area increase, delay etc.

    You have been an absolute disgrace to IREF but you will keep coming back. Its a disgraceful profession after all.
    I dont need this crap. I would request the Mods to step in and set things right. All I've done is give honest information backed by photographs at all times. If contributors are treated like this in this forum then shame on this forum and its management.

    If you or anyone do not like what I write, please feel free to report to a mod but, if you want to get personal - I can also very easily write 15 profanities.

    For your information, I am not a broker, I have nothing close to the profession, I have nothing to do with Jaypee except I am invested there and am an end user who is desperately waiting for my flat to come thru.

    On your question - please read the following posts that I wrote as recently as September 18th and 19th where I spent close to 3 hours at WT to post a site visit for the benefit of members of this forum along with photographs

    I have also contributed in Super Area increase and other issues of WT. Do you want me to dig those posts as well

    Will you then apologize and keep your loudmouth shut?

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  • caplayer2012
    Originally posted by zohaib2012 View Post

    Non GC side should be offers.nothing better than societies in 137, 143 168, etc
    Zohaib, you always discourage non-Gc side of JP WT.


    If rates same as in sector 137,143,168,

    Distance is lesser from Delhi,

    Facilities like school/commercials are more in the area.

    Is there any genuine reason or just your sentiments force you?

    Give a single logic other than delayed possession, why non-GC side is not better than 137/143/168

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  • dceite
    Lets not be too pessimistic guys.

    I assume if all goes well from now on with the Jaypee Group - and if they become more sincere to the needs of the people, then their should not be any issue with completion of 2025.

    So my vote goes to 2025, being optimistic about the overall economic recovery.

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  • zohaib2012
    Most of the builders who intend to cheat (huge majority in noida) slow down drastically once structure is ready. Thats around 80% payment done.

    Thats why i always suggest people not to fall in trap of nearing possession

    3C has done same, jaypee same and many others will follow

    Investors should exit.around 30-60% payment,thats when construction is full swing and buyers fooled into paying premiums

    Investors who didnt exit, its their mistake ,even after clearly seeing issues in noida.

    End users have no choice but to wait, jaypee in its last project at gnoida had an average delay of 2-3 yrs. So 3-4 yr delay was expected, now again, if people ignored these things, what can be said

    Jaypee wishtown with proper end user experience will not be before 2020 and that certain areas.

    Non GC side should be offers.nothing better than societies in 137, 143 168, etc

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