Hi frnds,

What are the reasons accepted by income tax department for not living in a house in the same city where a person is working for the purpose of claiming HRA and Tax saving on Interest repayment of home loan both ?

a. Is there any minimum distance of office to the house so that the person can claim, he/she can't travel say 15 KMs every day for work ?
b. Can you say that my parents live in that house and hence I can't live in it so claim both ?
c. Any other reason like Phobia of Height, personal preference, Area deemed unsafe, construction happening near by so a lot of dust so not good for health, Children's school/play school etc, which might be accepted ?

Please ask if I am not able to explain the problem completely !!

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  • Koi to kuch batao

    Frnds ...... Any inputs on this ?