JP is doing good quality construction and it means good product but late delivery. AFAIK jp has 50,000 or more flats in wishtown. Some are nearing completion, some are far from completion.

According to you how many years jp still needs to complete whole wishtown. Whole wishtown means all projects and 50,000 flats delivered.

5 years
8 years
10 years
15 years
20 years
More than 20 years
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  • Jay Pee has work exposure like any state housing development authority.
    It is not a question when they wind up, better we discuses project wise.
    Note: 1000's of applicant who applied by depositing advance money with DDA before 1980 did not have position of their plots till today.
  • Jaypee full wishtown needs 10 more years at normal pace but at jaypee pace i would say 25 more years, just my opinion, no offence to anyone.
  • If more launches continue for 5-10 years then completion time will not be less than
    25 years !
  • It would be more informative if we talk of possession date for individual projects. All projects are independent.

    Wishtown is a very big project. Its like a small town. Probably much more bigger than all other projects on e-way combined together.

    Its a challenge to delivery such a huge projects. It needs:

    1. Honest intentions of the builder. Its not there in case of Jaypee. Its doubtful if builder is really worried & concerned about the delays in the project.

    2. Secondly, the supporting authorities (like Noida Authority, Electric Boards, Water Boards, Environment Boards etc) need to be very clear & fast in responding. Unfortunately its a disaster across India.

    3. Pressure from customers on Builder. Unfortunately all the initiatives by jaypee customers gone into vain due to some or other reasons.

    4. The laws in india are not in favour of Buyers. Rather, no laws at all for real-estate irregularities.

    Combined all of the above together, makes a projects called "Jaypee Wishtown". No reality, only Wishes...