So finally good news for noida expressway and G.NOIDA. Work expected to start after one month...

What will be the impact of this news on real estate projects of expressway and G.NOIDA?
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  • Ha Ha Ha Ha
  • Originally Posted by advant
    Simple Answer

    Metro is not Taj Mahal.which will be constructed and people will pay ticket to see it

    It needs to sell tickets...It needs footfalls

    and footfalls is one thing which is Non existant in Greater Noida

    From Amity to Sector 143 is one section under development

    from sector 143 to pari chowk is EMPTY

    Thats nearly 12-15 kms

    Now 15 kms is a HUGE stretch....example...Noida to Karol Bagh is nearly 15 kms
    Gzb to CP is 15 kms

    Greater Noida authority has NO PLANS to help the people from greater noida and make them come out of the isolated island in a safe public transport system

    They only want to help builders

    If they simply bring 60-70 low floor a.c buses on noida expressway between greater noida and noida botanical garden...things would improve 100 times

    But thats not the idea....the aim is to just help builders

    Greater Noida cannot get metro befor 2025...

    Let me explain how other developed country handle this practically and efficiently.

    They makes the route and all stations but opens only the popular stations first. Some of the least populated stations remain closed for many more years until there are enough traffic. This way, they minimise cost of operation but metro acts like a magnet. The moment metro is available, people starts moving in and in few years they have enough population to open the station. Opening of the station in turn attract a surge of population.
  • This metro may be a realty if Reliance is going to build it.

    It is a huge project (5000 cr+) without PPP model. This govt may be keen to award this project.
  • Originally Posted by csi2013
    Hi Hindustan Friend,
    Advant is posting information well researched and substantiated with facts. I couldnot find any wrong in it. Can you also accuse him by putting some facts for our better understanding?

    Friend, this guy used to change statements after every month. He is Broker and his only intention is to sell his property by any means. He is repetitive with same lines...............examples

    You will remember me tomorrow
    CEO is an incapable.......
    Buy PLOT, PLOT....
    HIGH FAR FAR......High maintenance issues
    Farmers in this region are very strong....
    This is UP politics...someone bribed him/her.......
    Court will punish builders......
    Builders are playing with innocents end users.......
    This mall / commercials is best/worst.........NO Footfall..... No Brands...90% empty...........

    Remember these lines, you will remember all facts. :bab (59):
  • Mr.Hindustan.....ab yeh bhi bata do ki in sab statements main GHALAT Kya Hai ?????What is NOT right in all these statementsNo Answer ??Because you know yourself ki these are Harsh Realities of this regionEnjoy :)
  • Originally Posted by fevicol
    Mr.Hindustan.....ab yeh bhi bata do ki in sab statements main GHALAT Kya Hai ?????What is NOT right in all these statementsNo Answer ??Because you know yourself ki these are Harsh Realities of this regionEnjoy :)

    There is a Answer. Statements can be made/changed easily about any region.
    After few days, these statements will change to favour same region.
    I can give u example. When NE came, Brokers said this is most affordable region and u should buy ASAP. when it got in trouble, same brokers said Farmers can't do anything for long time, bahut paisa laga hai builders ka.
    When it passed long time, they said enjoy the appreciation. When FAR increased, again enjoy the appreciation.....
    The other regions brokers said, Sir hume to pehle hi pata tha, koi cheez aise saste mai nahi milti hai. See there is no JP projects in NE.

    Everything look true when you listen this as just give a funda with every statement. Got it :D
  • Aaj ki baat kartey hain....Whatever u have said is repeated by it NOT TRUE ????U must be an educated personTake out yourself the list of Mega projects proposed by this authority in past 5 years and see their status nowZEROThats a factPeople of greater noida and noida are simply anticipating that next 2-3 years will turn out to be best for them....But its getting worseOne should not live in dreams all the time...Future WAS Great for this regionNow Its its ruined by authority
    Zohaib ko mirchee lagee to hum kya karne...I am enjoying it :D

    Rock baby rock but don't roll :D
  • Okays metro link to Greater Noida ??According to ceo raman....greater noida already had metro in 2012its now used to carry doodh to delhimetros glasses are tintedIt has SP flag on its engineAnd behind its written ''Pradhan G'''Ha ha ha ha haNikku...nikku....baaz aa ja....:)
  • I am sure work will start on Noida - Greater Noida line before End of 2014. If they can start the line till sector-143 by end of 2016, it will very useful for JP cosmos, sector - 82, sector - 137 and 143. Most of these areas wll also get populated by end of 2016 only....
  • Guys..
    Deir hai andheir nahi.
  • Originally Posted by cookie
    Deir hai andheir nahi.

    Guys Der bhi hai aur andher bhi..... BTW if the metro project is awarded to Reliance I still have a ray of hope otherwise its a non starter for another 5-7 years. Beyond 127 sector you would hardly find a BUS which is jam packed ... leave alone the metro.... BTW the route which makes most sense financially is Noida Extension but we all know the sorry state of NE projects
  • One more point --- for metro, NA alone cannot do anything it has to be approved by DMRC and DMRC is not as fraud as NA...
  • Originally Posted by mehrotra_kk
    One more point --- for metro, NA alone cannot do anything it has to be approved by DMRC and DMRC is not as fraud as NA...

    DMRC have nothing to approve it.they will act as consultant. The cost will be bear by Noida authority. If they are ready, then DMRC will start the metro work.
  • Has work started on city center to noida sec62 metro?