This is a new project in sector 100 on greater noida express way. Does anyone have any idea on the Builder ? They are providing 2-3 BHK flats 2825 psf.

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  • Found this on a website, how do we ensue that building is zone 4 compliant

    Dear Friends,
    We have all recently experienced earthquakes in our region which had their epicentre in Nepal for which we all weep and support. In spite of that the tremors have been long and strong in NCR. I can understand that at a time like this the first thing which comes to one’s mind is safety of friends and family. As you are aware that we are developing many high rise buildings in the NCR region I would like to share some views on the above.
    1. All our buildings are designed as per Zone - 4 for earthquake resistant which is as per the national building codes and the law of the land.
    2. You might have felt the buildings swing on almost all floors, which is an indication of a good and a safe design.
    3. You would have seen certain superficial cracks between masonry work and column/beams which is very natural in these circumstances and are definitely not structural but superficial.
    4. I would like to share with you certain aspects you need to be aware of and embrace during and after an earthquake.
    During an Earthquake:
    • Take cover in a safe place in your house. Get under a study table or desk to avoid being hit by anything. If you can't take safe cover, protect your head and neck with your arms.
    • Stay away from windows and furniture that could potentially fall over. One of the biggest hazards during an earthquake is falling debris and furniture. Avoid areas in your house where you might be exposed to these hazards.
    • If you are already indoors do not try and go outside until after the shaking stops. You are safer taking cover inside than attempting to leave your house during an earthquake you could be hit by falling debris as you're trying to get out or stampede. (Definitely most difficult )
    After an Earthquake:
    • Be prepared for aftershocks. Earthquakes are often followed by aftershocks additional quakes that follow the main event. These can last for days or even weeks after a major earthquake.
    • Check yourself and others for injuries. Provide first aid for anyone who needs.
    • If you are at work/school, follow the emergency plan or the instruction of person in charge.
    • Check your gas lines and make sure there are no leaks. If you smell gas leaking, turn off the gas if possible and call the gas company. Do not use an open flame in your house until you are sure it is safe. Wait for the gas company to turn the gas back on.
    • Check for damaged electrical wiring. Shut off the power if you see damaged wiring in your house.
    • Keep your shoes on. You may have broken glass or spilled chemicals on the floor of your house as a result of the earthquake. Don't walk around barefoot until you're sure the floor is clean and safe.
    • Document the damage. If your insurance policy covers earthquake damage, make sure you document the damage by taking photos or videos of the damage to use in the claim process.
    I hope this is helpful and rests the anxiety levels which must have gone up understandably.
    Kind Regards, Vidur Bharadwaj
  • Hi team, any updates on the NGT issue. Is LB safe?
  • Hi team, Any updates on the work and possession. Looking for the status of Tower 22
  • Photos available on LB site.
  • Hello friends

    I am new to this group , I have a flat in LB tower 17/and I have received the fitout letter for the same .
    I have a lot of questions regarding this fitout letter ?

    No where in the agreement fit out is defined ? So what does fitout exactly mean .
    There is no mention of compensation for delay of 2.5 years .
    There was no intimation of the revised area . 3c has increased 131 sqft in the fitout letter . they are demanding the payment for the same .

    I am sure a lot of people in this group have suffered and gone through the same harassment from 3c . I want to know what is the right way forward . any legal action that we customers of 3c can take collectively . anyone who is involved please intimate me as I also want to take this forward legally .

    For people who have shifted by accepting the fitout letter how is the society shaping up . what about electrcity charges and water charges ?

  • Hi can anybody give an update on progress of work at site. Is the work progressing thanks for a quick update, if possible photos please
  • Surprised 3C is not giving delay penalty - I recieved delay penalty at Rs 10 psf / pm at JP

    While both are incorrectly increasing SA - atleast one is paying late payment penalty.

    Nikhil - all builders affected by the NGT issue are taking this route as they cant formally provide possession till the issue is resolved.

    General consensus in most forums I hv read is that buyers are really tired of the wait and believe the NGT resolution is around the corner (I hv heard this has now been moved to November - just grapevine talk).

    So to avoid EMI and Rents - they will take up any in between resolution.

    I think if you just put a complaint letter against this to NGT / NA - this could be a start if you do not agree with this and would like to wait for formal OC to come thru before any offer is made
  • Hi..3C is also paying penalty in cases that have also paid their payments on time..more or less.. thsi is something taht you need to go and discuss with them...
    regarding super area, i think its pretty much a norm and also 3C's quality ofconstruction and the overall project layout is way ahead of most builders at expressway so should not hurt so much..
    regarding fitouts..there are many people out there who are living on rent and also paying EMI's without getting their flat that are ready because somehwere somebody goofed up andnow there is someone called NGT who is more concerned about a handful of birds housing than humans. so, fitouts is an amicable way of taking poseession if you need without getting a registry.

    to each one his own..but i dont think that should be such a big issue..
  • Iam also a new member. I also received letter for fitout.

    area has been increased by 125 sf.

    no penalty given under the garb of late payment of some instalments that to after receiving late payment interest 218/ at least they should pay interest 2185 as they cgarging or pay the late delivery chargesas agreed .this type of case has been deceided in favour of flat buyer in nationalconsumers forum . raksha bansal
  • 3C is a big cheater and would not pay your dues untill u screw them legally..
    There seems to be group (S) decided to fight legally for both penalty and additional area..
  • I am amazed that the builders after making so much money from buyers are in such poor financial health, what is wrong , have they invested in land banks or did they use the money to pay bribes.
  • since the builder is not not interested to pay penalty,we intend to take legal recourse.

    we request to all concerned to come together to join the fight.

    few days back the national consumer commission has declared the one sided agreement nulland viod.asked the builder to pay interest to buyers for the delayed period case was against unitech gurgaon
  • Originally Posted by rakshabansal
    since the builder is not not interested to pay penalty,we intend to take legal recourse.

    we request to all concerned to come together to join the fight.

    few days back the national consumer commission has declared the one sided agreement nulland viod.asked the builder to pay interest to buyers for the delayed period case was against unitech gurgaon

    Any court order to pay hefty penalty to buyers will result in to further collapse of this company which is struggling with the cash crunch triggered further delay in possession.
  • The moment u go to court , builder will stop construction saying that matter is under court.
    Court provision are used where there is a huge injustice like flat not delivered in 9-10 years .. This is an instrument which should be used very wisely