This is a new project in sector 100 on greater noida express way. Does anyone have any idea on the Builder ? They are providing 2-3 BHK flats 2825 psf.

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  • Originally Posted by Sideways
    A shout to all the Residents of LB.

    I am looking to buy a 3BHK+1. I am currently looking at LB, Purvanchal Silver City, Parsvnath Prestige and Pavilion Court.
    Can you please shed some light on the following things at LB -
    1. Society upkeep, maintenance, lifts
    2. Security, CCTV
    3. Construction quality
    4. Living with 2 young kids
    5. Community living- festivals, events
    6. Sporting and Extra-curricular facilities, viz., Music(Vocals & Instrumental),Dance, Drawing, Painting classes
    7. Club and Commercial

    Thanks to all in advance!!!


    Were you get the answers of these questions. We were also interested in buying property here

  • Guys. I am from LB. I want to file a case (in court but not in consumer court). Please let me know if anyone of you have filed a case. Can share the contact details of the lawyer.
  • Can anybody please share the checklist before taking the fit out/ possession of the flat from the builder? What is the procedure for that?
  • Yesterday in one flat the ceiling falls on dining table, this shows the pathetic quality of 3C.
  • Originally Posted by ssncr123
    3c is making a good comeback, good going.

    Visited last week 3B LB. Common area is still in same shape. I mean fountain, Kids play area (full of mud rather rubber flooring), Tennis court (poorly cemented) .. in pathetic incomplete condition .. Flat fittings, Lift lobby are also average.. Park is okay but don't count LB in one of the best society .. its average ..

    Compare 3C LB central park area with Paras Tierea (@3800-4200 .. don't ask construction quality) they have far better Tennis play area .. Kids play area with decent rubber flooring ..
  • Originally Posted by anuj.mca
    This public notice is in response of news where 3C director's name were said to be involved in Panama leaks, where they have shown to be involved in financial inconsistencies.

    In the public notice they are showing few UBS account statements, just be aware UBS is well known for black money deposits, it is the same Switz bank you might have heard in not so good news.

    Is there such kind of risk there in 3C LB? Is it going Uniteck MD way?
  • Originally Posted by Vja1236
    Yes its correct HDFC is not financing any 3C unregistered flats. ...I believe other banks also not doing

    Does Bank giving loan for Tower 24-27?
    • shubhra198 months ago
      Yes, banks are giving loan
  • Originally Posted by homesecond
    Yesterday in one flat the ceiling falls on dining table, this shows the pathetic quality of 3C.

    Which Tower it is?
  • Guys keep away from 3C they are some how managing the show no money nothing .There are lot many good options available apart fron this great 3 C***r
  • Originally Posted by zenith1986
    Hi All,

    I am getting a Rs. 5100/ sqft. (all inclusive deal) (excluding transfer charges) for purchase of 2BHK flat in Tower 29 of Lotus Boulevard. Should I go for it or not? And is the price right or should I try to bargain....please suggest

    Under construction flat brokers quoting 4600 + 172 builder transfer .. Its at higher side. Its a average or below average society .. See the congested area, park .. school, business center with in society campus .. Not that level of security as in any other GH society .. One can simple enter the society by saying I am leaving in XYZ tower-flat (for example Tower-15 302) and can enter with your car in the society do any crime and come out easily .. No car sticker etc for entry .. Kids play area full of mud .. any other society has rubber floor covering in kids play area ..

    Add loading of 38% in LB - it adds your cost by 300-400 per sqft if you take standard loading as 30%.
  • It is pitty to see what was suppose to be a premium society (remember the days when things were at peak for this project) is considered as a below average society.
  • Situation will more grave as the day passes .3C has no money nor they have any interest to drain what ever they have small money extracted from us to keep these fancy things.They are bleediing and some how managing every day.They are defaulted at all levels banks , Noida authorities , contractors, vendors etc
    They have zero assect to off set there debts its not like JP. Situation is detorating and geting more grave.

    No way its premium society soon it will look like DDA hosing complex
  • Originally Posted by rareal
    It is pitty to see what was suppose to be a premium society (remember the days when things were at peak for this project) is considered as a below average society.

    Yes I very well remeber when investors of 3C LB & LP were on cloud nine and they were treating other projects inferior.
  • Its very unfortunate and hard to belive condition of 3C.
  • Desi khawat hai " kutte ko ghee nahi pachti hai " waise hi Success ko pachana bahut muskil kaam hai."