This is a new project in sector 100 on greater noida express way. Does anyone have any idea on the Builder ? They are providing 2-3 BHK flats 2825 psf.

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  • FYI this is tower-2 ready for possession....
  • Originally Posted by cookie
    yeah same one !!!!!!!
    I am just asking which one is better between these two?

    in term of space, super MIG is better but const quality is very poor..i believe this is 5 year old building, you can get 4th floor appt in 40 lakh..I have seen few people have put 2-3 lakh and convert it in very good flat..I like the space these flat offer..Society is also ok ok type..everything is available inside..

    I was tempted to purchase there 3 months ago..
  • Originally Posted by deeprupani
    See to believe.... LB lift area of almost completed tower. This picture is appx 10 days old.

    do they have enough space in service lift to move household items..must be but like to know your view..
  • Of-course you can, But the size of the lift is not very big. I have seen service lifts in high density apartments overseas.

    The size is relatively smaller comparing to them. But very importantly this is only 11 floor building with 4 flats on each floor.....
  • Sample Flat and actual phase-I LB Flats

    I have visited sample flat of LP/LB several times and was quite impressed with the finishing and presence.
    I have also visited 1st phase flats of LB and my observations is as below:-
    1. Outer finish and Wall paint is excellent and it stands above average.
    2. Internal (Inside Flat) Floors, bathrooms, Bath Fittings, Switches are more or less of same quality as used in Sample Flats.
    3. External Doors and Windows (Aluminium) are much inferior quality and thickness than it was shown/being shown in sample Flat of LB/LP respectively. In sample Flat it is powder coated aluminium composite glazed panels, but in actual flats of LB phase-I, it is much inferior.
    4. I would not say 3C has cheated because I have seen the specification and BB agreement for both the projects, it is very clear that Outer doors and windows are with Aluminium only (Not Powder coated Aluminium Glazed panels). From day one, 3C has written this in its specification and BB agreement, so there is no fault at 3C end. But here is the question, why 3C has shown superior quality in Sample Flat?
    5. It is to mention that, small builders as compared to 3C ( Mahagun, Amprapali, Gardenia, Todays, Prateek, Supertech & Antariksh) all are providing Powder coated Aluminium Glazed panelsfor external doors & window and it is written in their specification and BB Agreement.
    6. Is this justified for those buyers who has paid Rs 500-600 extra for 3C as compared to small builder?
    7. What are the options available for buyers for LP and other phases of LB?
    A) Strongly take this matter with the top management of 3C. As per my knowledge the differential cost(may be wrong) may not come more than Rs 20 per sq.ft.
    B) Buyers should give option to 3C to charge extra Rs may be Rs 20/30 for providing high quality material, as this is not the part of BB. And 3C is providing as per BB.
    8. In my opinion this issue must be sorted out either by 3C or buyers by paying extra, As it will not look good in the so called No.1 coming society , of No. 1 builder of Noida. It will also not give satisfaction to buyers/residents/end users who will enjoy 1.35 Lac sq.feet club and swimming pools, but will have inferior quality external doors and windows in their homes.
  • Just visited the LB site, mainly to see exterior look, distance between towers, sun light.
    And as expected could not go inside.
    - The towers 1-5 exterior looks pretty decent.
    - Found big space between towers on two sides of park. So I expect to see a nice garden/park in the complex.
    - They are laying a foundation of reception (somewhere between tower 6/7 and tower 8/9). The structure is supposed to be low rise (1/2 floors).
    - Towers are not too close to the boundary wall, which is good.

    I wanted to see how the tower entrance looks like but could not do that (does it give a nice feeling or cramped space just like other cooperative societies).
  • Originally Posted by Aashiana
    Things will look better once cleanup and paint work is completed. I would have loved to see a open lobby with elevators and stairs. Maybe 3C should have sacrificed one ground floor unit to design this area better.

    Well said!

    BTW The lifts are also too small. Looks like those very old Delhi societies in Delhi Vasundhara built 15-20 years back.

    Seriously lifts choti hone se ek grandeur feeling nahin aa rahi hai aur thoda claustrophobic lagta hai......
  • Don't find any active thread on Espacia, so posting here. Can anyone advise me expected possession time for Espacia along with current price ?

  • can anyone post the pics of the final product..The outer facade looks pretty decent to me..meets my expectation..inside remains to be seen
  • why 3C is not confident enough & open a RTM flat as sample flat for end users to have a close look?
  • Originally Posted by LChand
    why 3C is not confident enough & open a RTM flat as sample flat for end users to have a close look?

    Every time posts record breaking profits (which is almost every quarter nowadays), or launches a new product, its stock goes down.

    Same here.

    They know they have a good product. But they also know that expectations of buyers know no bounds. Especially those who booked at 4k+ BSP levels, would have very high expectations.
  • but then..this expectations are very much in line with rates...otherwise..what's the difference between the average builder & so called decent builder...

    It's not giving comfort feeling about their end product....

    Not a true professionalism, I guess. Its not about only customer care but actual end product thats what matters the most & only matters...
  • 3c has stopped internal transfer of RTM flats . An agent told me.
  • Originally Posted by cookie
    3c has stopped internal transfer of RTM flats . An agent told me.

    what is the internal transfer mean?

    A person wants to put his mother or wife as joint allottee while registration. you mean its not possible?

    Don't joke...

    why 3C should hve any problem with this...?
  • Originally Posted by LChand
    why 3C is not confident enough & open a RTM flat as sample flat for end users to have a close look?

    lots of challenges..here are few -

    1. don't want to give competitors a chance to bad mouth their product...
    2. end users are never happy...you really cant do much at 2600 sq ft price (launch price)
    3. wear/ tear and management issues...
    4. sample flat of panache already exists...really not much of difference between LP and LB
    5. could be they are really confident of their product...take it or leave it...

    I have spoke to few people who went their and they were in all praises abt the final product..I think post UP elections 3C market will again pick up...