Hi All

I am interested in forming an e-group for all of us who have booked in 3C Lotus boulevard, Sec 100 , Noida project. The purpose of the group is:

1. In general keep track of how things are going (since at any point of time, some of us may be traveling outside Noida and not be able to visit the property).

2. To keep each other informed of any malpractice (in case the builder doesnt send regular updates - he is quite new)

You may please PM me the following (these wont be shared on the group)

1. Name + size of apartment booked + apt number - (must)
2. Contact email (must)
3. number (optional).
4. Place of work (optional)

Once i get the data, I will form the e-group and send an invite to all.

thank you
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  • Just wondering what made you decide to go for this project. I have been following the project but the details I get from the builder and brokers is so sketchy that I feel uncomfortable committing to it. For some strange reasons the builder (3C) itself is not saying much about the project and it has all been through brokers.
  • Group for 3C lotus boulevard

    Hi Manish

    I already made group on google. Please check this link

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