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Vikrant Vihar/Paradise City, Noida


Vikrant Vihar/Paradise City, Noida

Last updated: November 26 2019
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  • Vikrant Vihar/Paradise City, Noida

    hello friends!
    i have one plot in vikrant vihar of 250 sq yards. Vikrant vihar is an integrated city in sector 138 noida.
    i have purchased this plot in the year of 1988. but sill this property is under dispute.
    i would like to know, if any one have also got any plot in vikrant vihar or paradise city?
    if any one of you have got plot in this area, do connect here with me!!

    Thanks and Regards
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    Re : Vikrant Vihar/Paradise City, Noida

    Dear Friend,

    Good that I have come accross someone who too is facing the same situation I am in, with regard to Vikrant Vihar, Noida.

    I bought a plot - 250 sq. mtr. in Vikrant Vihar, Noida in 1986, paid IRS 10,000.00 as a premium to get membership and from 1988 to 1992 paid IRS 45,000.00 to the Developer. This Developer had their Office in Bhikaji Cama Place in New Delhi by the side of Hyatt Regency Hotel.

    I always talked about the development, providing basic infra-structure and registration of my plot but everytime the Developer insisted on paying full money which I could not digest because even if I had paid him full amount, got the plot registered, what could it mean without basic infra-structure.

    After end of 1994, the Developer's Office was always locked & no one knows where he is. Do you have any clue to it ???
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      Re : Vikrant Vihar/Paradise City, Noida

      hello friends

      m also facing the same problem. my dad also took a land dere in vikrant vihar but dere is no update . some weeks ago i just heard that the dispute over that property is going to be solved . hope for the best


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        Re : Vikrant Vihar/Paradise City, Noida

        Next date is coming on 6th April 2017


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          Re : Vikrant Vihar/Paradise City, Noida

          Hi All, has there been to the Vikrant Vihar case? My parents hahave been in exactly same situation. Having paid most of the money, they could not register the property. Endless visits in vain to Bhikaji Kama place to always find the office locked, or receive dodgy messages of a court case continuing, they are very stressed abouaboutthe matter.

          Is there any progress or pointers one can provide, as now theythey are being told that if registery eas not done, they should consider it cancelled.

          I am sure there must be many others facing this issue. Any information or pointepointers will be really appreciated.

          Thank you!


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            Re : Vikrant Vihar/Paradise City, Noida

            I too have bought a plot there in 1996 and got it registered paying the full money. I also got the mutation done. But the case has been the same. No news from Mr. Gupta of Vikrant VIhar nor the office ever opens. However, presently there is some movement by few buyers of registered plots who have started an association in Noida and fighting the case. Lets hope they find some solution for this.


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