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Amrapali Sapphire, Amrapali Group, Sector 45, Noida


Amrapali Sapphire, Amrapali Group, Sector 45, Noida

Last updated: July 7 2017
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  • Re : Amrapali Sapphire, Amrapali Group, Sector 45, Noida

    Got this massage in one of the what's up group.


    A meeting was held with Mr Amit Mohan Prasad, CEO Noida Authority on 05 Jul 2017. The meeting was organized by a very Senior Bureaucrat of Govt of India (name withheld on request).

    Apart from the above mentioned Bureaucrat, the meeting was attended by President and Secretary RWC Amrapali Sapphire II, in the office of CEO Noida Authority. The meeting lasted for more than one hour.


    1.The meeting was held in a very cordial atmosphere. CEO Noida Authority highlighted the efforts being made by the State Govt and Noida Authority to tide over the current crisis in real estate sector so that the interest of buyers are protected.

    2. CEO, in a very fair and frank manner explained the present position of Amrapali. He informed us that the attitude of Amrapali is not very conducive for reaching any settlement either with Noida Authority or with the buyers. Amrapali has not shown any interest to complete Sapphire. This implies that Amrapali has no intention to complete the project and clear their outstanding dues.

    3.The date of filing application for re scheduling the payment of dues by the builders was 15 Jun 2017. While most of the builders have filed rescheduled payment plan of their dues, but Amrapali has not filed any such application for the same.

    4.Since Amrapali has shown their inability to pay the dues of Noida Authority and also to complete the Sapphire Project, hence Noida Authority may consider cancellation of the Lease Deed of the land, as a last resort.

    5.In such an eventuality, the liability will per force have to be passed on to the buyers. The buyers should be prepared to take on this liability failing which the dues will keep accumulating due to interest and penalties. CEO apprised that total dues of Plot No GH03 (Phase II ) as on date is Rs 145 Cr.

    6.It was also suggested by Noida Authority that residents should get together and discuss the issue and confirm their willingness to Noida Authority through their RWC/AOA that they are willing to pay the dues of Noida Authority. CEO assured that thereafter he will take up the matter with State Govt at the highest level for waiving off some portion of the penalties. He even offered that the dues can be paid in 2-3 installments as a special case.

    7.Flat owners who have not been offered possession till date, may have to get the flats completed under their own arrangements. Similarly the central amenities will also have to be completed by the buyers on their own.

    8.Maximum help which can be provided by the government is waiving off penalty on the due amount. The onus of completing the unfinished property will lie with the owners as there is no way the property can be completed and handed over by the builder/ government.

    9.We requested for connection of the STP to the sewer line which was accepted by the CEO and necessary instructions were passed to his staff.

    There being no other point, the meeting was adjourned.


    It was evident from the above discussion with CEO that the builder has absolutely no interest in either completion of the project or to maintain its facilities and essential services. Relying on the builder to undertake any activity in this project is now totally futile and it is at our own peril. Willy nilly per force a situation has come now when we will be compelled to take on both the activities, initially the maintenance of Facilities and Essential Services and subsequently completion of the unfinished dwelling units.

    RWC is exploring legal options in this regard particularly with payment of land dues. But the easiest way of resolving this problem, it seems as of now, is to pay of the dues of Noida Authority.

    Payment of land dues will not only lead to registration of the property but will pave the way for huge appreciation in the value of the property considering the locational advantage of the plot.

    The property at present is unsaleable and depressed and some of the owners who want to exit are not able to do so. Some buyers have stashed their entire life’s savings in this project. Value of this project will eventuality become Zero if the present stalemate is allowed to continue.

    We are facing a unfortunate situation where Builder has divested himself of all the responsibilities and we are convinced that builder is not keen to indulge in any maintenance activities which per force have to be taken on by RWC.

    For this every flat owner has to contribute his/her monthly share, whether the property has been handed over or not. We can consider two set of rates; one for the occupied property and second for that property which has not been handed over.

    We are aware that there are large number of flats which have not been completed and builder has left the completion half way. Such owners must be cognizant of the fact that there is a necessity to maintain the property in whatever stage it is today and the efforts to complete the flats will not fructify if the condition of property further deteriorates.

    This issue will be deliberated upon in forthcoming GBM.

    —- End of Document —-
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    • ga_fms
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      Although this may seem the only option, however this sets a very bad precedent that Amrapali has collected money and .......

      Why should Noida authority cancel lease, in this case they should also refund registry amount(if collected on lease deed).

      The buyers should force NA to not collect these dues or get it reimburse from UP govt.

    • zodiac
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      How can i join RWC?

  • Re : Amrapali Sapphire, Amrapali Group, Sector 45, Noida

    This RWC is not residents representative, in all probability this is a front for Amrapali , here it is interesting to note the wisdom of CEO of Noida authority, either he is acting smart or else he is a fool himself, if it is so easy for any builder to move away so easily from a ongoing project why on earth will any other builder have any incentive in completing the existing projects, they all can move away.

    Claiming that authority will cancel the lease deed and may think to waive penal interest if buyers pay!! well i dont know which weed chairman smoked and what was RWC smoking so as not to protest it then and there. This is all hogwash to confuse buyers and try to extract some more money from job going middle class people.

    People now are too smart to read into this plot,this is a problem between authority and Builder and existing buyers wont pay a penny for land costs.This country still has a constitution and there is a rule of law, although such CEO,Chairmans officers and sham RWC should be thrown in dustbin.


    • Re : Amrapali Sapphire, Amrapali Group, Sector 45, Noida

      If this is correct, how shameful situation is in our country that builder who has looted buyers money and defaulted payment of Authority is enjoying and buyers who have already paid to builder is suffering. Shameless Noida Autority wants to extract defaulted payment of builder from buyers.


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