Hi All,

I am living in US and want to know about Amrapali Sapphire Phase II project which is in sector 45 Noida. I have heard that the phase-I of this project is sold out and the phase II has already 90% sold. Has anyone booked anything there ? If yes please share your thoughts. I am planning to buy a 3bhk (3b3T-1640 Sq Ft) and want to get some reviews from you experts. I am interested in this project because i think the sector 45 location is very nice, please correct me if i am wrong. I can not personally visit the site so your feedback is very important to me.

How is the quality of work of Amrapali projectcs? has anyone had any personal experience with them? How safe is it to invest in this project?

Any feedback is greatly appreciated.

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  • Originally Posted by cookie
    Hi Bro

    What do you think what should be the rate of those flats?

    Dont know yaar... but for a price difference of around Rs. 500 psf (as informed by the Broker), i'll never buy such a Unit... For an investment of around Rs. 60-70 lacs, i think compromise like buying such Units should not be made at all... It is always better to buy decent Unit as the Project looked good overall...
  • Few photos of ph-2, b ready for the possession of W, X, Y and Z towers latest by feb next year
  • Now, the view from 1 and 4 units at w tower..., lower floor (lower than 6)
  • Jai mata di.
  • now, interiors of an unit at ph-2....
  • and last lot of almost finished unit in the same tower....
  • There has been an I-T raid on some builders of Delhi NCR today. I understand one of them is Amrapali. Does somebody has more update?
  • jiske ghar ke main paise jyada hote hain, unke yahaan hi raid padti hai.

    all this means amrapali is well funded group, looks like that .

    realty about this cannot be commented.

    let us see what happens.

  • chunav ka vaqt hai chacha mulayam ko ugaahi bhi to krni hai
  • Raibahadur sahab kya shandar comment hai, jiske yahan paise hote hain raid usi ke wahan padti hai , status symbol right:-)

    Analogy: Jiske arteries mein cholestrol jyada hota hai (owing to rich food) heart attack usi ko ata hai :-)....status symbol again......
  • hai amdocs,

    jinke pet khali hote hain, woh immunodeficient ho jate hain.

    aise logon ko TB jaisi bemariyan hotee hain.

    if one has to die , i would prefer heart attack rather bedridden tuberculosis.

    heart attack is disease of well to do and tuberculosis is poor mans disease.
  • Hello Raibahadur sahab,

    Vo jamana gaya jab TB gareebo ko hoti thi, i know very young people and from very big business houses suffering from this disease.....though money saves these ppl but poor ppl die of it...

    and most important it is not required to die either of TB or heart attack if one can maintain good health with good lifestyle...... :-)
  • dear amdocs,

    i heard ,you have very good quality stents for heart attacks.

    if you HIV than TB can come to rich also.

    let us keep off this topic.
  • Dost, abhi toh shoddy hai. Baad ki baad mein dekhenge. Village side towers ka external paintwork dekho, fir bolo. Ghatiya is the word.

    Originally Posted by raibahadur
    hello jerome sahab,

    right now construction is work is in full swing and at this moment the word shoddy doesnot earn the place.
    your expert opinion will be appreciated whatever the outcome is once the completion is over.
    as far as village is concerned , yes i agree but this is with all nri, prateek, unitech across road,sec 44, mahamaya school . yes this new development is bigger than village and in long run ,size of the village will appear to be small.
    nothing in world is ideal , there will always be few negative aspects. location wise ,yes it is superior.i might be biased , so i suggest LET THE TIME SPEAK FOR ITSELF.
  • Amdocs bhai, krodhit mat ho. Subjective opinion hai - ho sakta hai jo mujhe shoddy lagta ho, woh aapko superlative lagta ho! To each his own.

    Originally Posted by amdocs
    What is shoddy??it is a under construction building.....the resale rates are also not very high considering location advantage......shud be liveable in next 2-3 months atleast towers A-F in phase 1.