Hi All,

I am living in US and want to know about Amrapali Sapphire Phase II project which is in sector 45 Noida. I have heard that the phase-I of this project is sold out and the phase II has already 90% sold. Has anyone booked anything there ? If yes please share your thoughts. I am planning to buy a 3bhk (3b3T-1640 Sq Ft) and want to get some reviews from you experts. I am interested in this project because i think the sector 45 location is very nice, please correct me if i am wrong. I can not personally visit the site so your feedback is very important to me.

How is the quality of work of Amrapali projectcs? has anyone had any personal experience with them? How safe is it to invest in this project?

Any feedback is greatly appreciated.

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  • Originally Posted by dabbu73
    Feature rich towers also include W which has 1640 and 1850 sq ft of flats... these sizes are there in other towers also..... so are we going to conclude that whether higher maintenance should be charged or not.........

    Yes off-course. Maintenance charges by definition are the charges for a set of common consumption.
    Common sense says that the division of each consumption should be based on weighted average and not flat average to avoid the potential of unnecessarily loading the smaller and less feature flats.
    Most of the societies it is not being done till recently. But things are changing and as an eg: Now there are individual flat water meters in some societies in Delhi so that similar to Electricity you pay what you consume. And in some societies where it is not possible to install individual flat water meters, the RWA has worked out innovative way of weighted average based on no. of washrooms in each flat to arrive at water charges to each flat.
    Finally there will have an RWA in the society (selected by flat residents/ owners) and it is for each society members to re-look at what is the best and fair solution for the Amrapali Sapphire society at large.
  • Originally Posted by VIKS1710
    That is a different aspect, but here we are talking about differential charges in the same tower...for eg M tower has 4 flats per floor...2 are 1640 SQFT and the other two are 1850 SQFT....so how can you charge 3 RS Per SQFT for two flats and 3.7 for the other two...it is not practical

    Who are "we" here my dear friend? :)
  • Amrapali has updated photographs on its website........, it seems that nothing in ph-2 will be delivered in the calender year 2014.
  • Very True, no major progress in Phase-2, seems like completed project can not be deliver before Mar-2015.

    ........so project would be more that 3 year delay Wah!. any idea is builder paying penalty amount to to buyers?
  • Any update????

    Originally Posted by aryav
    Very True, no major progress in Phase-2, seems like completed project can not be deliver before Mar-2015.
    so project would be more that 3 year delay Wah!. any idea is builder paying panelty amount to to buyers?
  • पजेशन में देरी होने पर बायर्स ने किया प्रदर्शन

    May 11, 2014, 08.00AM IST


    एनबीटी न्यूज, नोएडा
    सेक्टर-71 में एक नामी बिल्डर कंपनी की साइट पर शनिवार को बड़ी संख्या में बायर्स ने पजेशन को लेकर प्रदर्शन किया। तय तारीख से 1.5 साल ज्यादा होने पर भी बिल्डिंग का काम करीब 30 पर्सेंट अधूरा रहने और बिल्डर कंपनी की तरफ से कोई ठोस प्लान नहीं रखने पर बायर्स ने नारेबाजी और धरना देकर जल्द पजेशन देने की मांग की। हालांकि शनिवार को बायर्स के साथ मीटिंग का लिखित आश्वासन कंपनी की तरफ से दिया गया था, बावजूद इसके बिल्डर कंपनी की तरफ से किसी बड़े अधिकारी के नहीं आने पर बायर्स ज्यादा आक्रोशित हो गए। सैंकड़ों की संख्या में बायर्स ने थाना सेक्टर- 58 में कंपनी के डायरेक्टरों के खिलाफ एफआईआर दर्ज कराने की मांग की।
    फरवरी 2010 में 50 लाख रुपये की कीमत से यहां 2 बीएचके फ्लैट बुक कराने वाले मनीष जायसवाल ने बताया कि अभी तक 45 लाख रुपये कंपनी को दिए जा चुके हैं। जून 2013 में पजेशन देने का दावा किया था। अभी भी तकरीबन 30-40 पर्सेंट काम बाकी है। बिल्डर कंपनी 3 महीने आगे का फिर समय मांग रही है। पिछले सप्ताह भी इस मामले को लेकर प्रदर्शन किया गया था, जिसके बाद शनिवार को बायर्स को कंपनी मैनेजमेंट के साथ बातचीत के लिए बुलाया गया था। लेकिन कंपनी का कोई कंपनी का बड़ा अधिकारी वार्ता के लिए नहीं पहुंचा।
    अन्य बायर सुजीत कुमार ने बताया कि 95 पर्सेंट तक रकम बिल्डर को दी जा चुकी है। 2013 में पजेशन मिलना था। पिछले एक साल से काम पूरी तरह से ठप पड़ा हुआ है और रकम डूबने का खतरा लग रहा है। बड़ी संख्या में बायर्स के पहुंचने पर थाना सेक्टर-58 पुलिस ने भी दोनों पक्षों के बीच सुलह कराने की कोशिश की, लेकिन गतिरोध समाप्त नहीं हो सका।
    कंपनी के मार्केटिंग हेड राजीव गुप्ता ने माना कि कई कारणों से प्रोजेक्ट पूरा होने में देरी हुई है। लेकिन 18 में से 4 टावर फाइनल फिनिशिंग की स्टेज पर हैं।
  • File FIR against Sapphire.
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  • Sapphire phase 2 possesion date

    I am just curious to know what was the initial booking done in sapphire phase2 - rate and date?

    What is the expected possesion date of the project ? What is the current resale price for a higher floor ?

    I am trying to get a feel for the ROI on diff projects in the noida region. The initial booking rate - when project is first launched, the rate at which the bulk booking was done and the date - vis- a vis the expected possesion date and current resale rate .

    Can anyone please provide me This information .

  • Are these pictures of phase 1 or phase 2
  • Booking Started in Phase2 around Jun/July 2009 at approx. Rs 3000 BSP.
  • As far as I know its for phase 1.
  • Do not get misled by media reports . In the report posted above I am also a buyer in that project but i didn't take part in the protest and complaint etc.

    I found out later that the buyers did file complaint in one shot and when called later for statements not a single buyer turned up. I also enquired about the complaint and the fact was that several of us wanted a cheating case filed. However, my legal friend representing other developers in similar position ( I don't know who the legal person in pan sector 70 is ) said that for cheating to be established the developer needs to have behaved in a manner that he is not refunding the money and also not delivering the apartment and there has been no development etc.

    How many of us want to first ask for refund and wait for developer not to return our money ? If we ask for refund and if within a reasonable period of time refund doesn't happen then only a FIR can be filed for cheating. In that case we ask for refund, then developer will deduct some amount and give refund without interest , then we go to consumer court and seek compensation .....then let's say the ruling is in our favour - in my opinion a 6 month time period atleast ! Then we get interest at out loan interest at best .

    So if we get refund then there is no cheating ! So we hope no refund and file cheating ! I that case developer will go to court and get bail - matter drags on - what we achieve ? So, these are pressure tactics which work by making the developer realise that he cannot take us for granted and create a publicity ( negative ) for them - and we hope that this will expedite delivery etc.

    There are several delays in several cases - unitech , omaxe, parasvanath , where delays are exceeding 5 years - and in several projects at a time - which developer have u seen has been arrested - let alone he is behind bars - for a delay !

    So the outcome is that fearing bad publicity the developer will be more vigilant - certain neta spearheading this campaign may get some relief in terms of personal attention, and in few cases some freebies ! They then take certain stage at time of RWA formation - and all this effort at this time will ensure they get some position in RWA - where they may serve the rest of the residents selflessly, spend effort and time and ensure low costs to all and do social service for their fellow neighbours ( if only politicians were also as selfless and altruistic like the office bearers of the RWA )
  • Dear Sirs,

    Any idea if there are any new fresh units still being offered by the builder?

    I plan to buy a 2BHK for my end use.
  • Originally Posted by arpitscd
    Dear Sirs,
    Any idea if there are any new fresh units still being offered by the builder?
    I plan to buy a 2BHK for my end use.

    Dear Arpit,
    There might be units available in fresh (with minimal coloured component) from the lot blocked by Amrapali mgmt. These would ideally be well-placed units and not ground or top floor. You would need luck & a well-connected broker to get hold of these units. In my view, Zodiac would be less injurious to the pocket and would be RTM now. Just my 2 cents.
    Happy House Hunting! :-)