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Amrapali Sector 70 vs Gardenia Sector-46


Amrapali Sector 70 vs Gardenia Sector-46

Last updated: February 20 2010
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  • Amrapali Sector 70 vs Gardenia Sector-46

    Hi ppl,

    I am interested in these two projects and found the following points from brokers.

    Amrapali-Sector 70
    According to a broker from "Investor Clinic"
    1) Location is quite good. My opinion is its pretty ok as I have already visited the site.
    2) The group is known for quality of construction and on time completion of projects. I doubt this as per the views from this forum.
    3) The site is of size 19 acres and there are 18 towers.

    Gardenia Glory -Sector 46
    According to Sameer, a broker whom I met
    1)Location is obviously good and according to me as well this location is better than sector 70.
    2) The group has always completed projects before time.
    3) The site size is of 17 acres and 21 towers are proposed.

    Can you people help me out in deciding which one should I go for. I am looking for end use a 3BHK+ with price of around 50 lacs. Can I also get a ready to move in flat in G Noida for the same price?
    Please help me out.
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    Re : Amrapali Sector 70 vs Gardenia Sector-46


    Let me be frank. There is no comparison between the two properties primarily because of following reasons;

    i). Amrapali is a much bigger group and financially much stronger. They have 4 projects in Noida at the moment. Their latest launch Sapphire in sector 45 is a sellout.

    ii).Sector 46 is closer to the expressway, but sector 70 is more suited for residential purpose because there are maximum resedential sectors which surround it.

    iii).Unless you are thinking of an investment, sector 70 is ideal.

    I have muself booked 2 flats in Amrapali projects as part of corporate bookings... they are better than the rest.

    Good luck..


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      Re : Amrapali Sector 70 vs Gardenia Sector-46

      You can certainly get ready to move in properties in GN in that budget.

      PS: "Investor Clinic" is a very shady outfit. I would recommend doing your own research before even considering anything by "Investor Clinic" guys. Their sales pitches are very scammy and they always try and make you rush to complete the sale without even looking at builder's land title deeds and govt clearances.


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        Re : Amrapali Sector 70 vs Gardenia Sector-46

        Thanks Amit for your suggestion. Also can you help me in suggesting some projects that I should consider in G Noida while narrowing down my choice. Thanks for your reply.


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          Re : Amrapali Sector 70 vs Gardenia Sector-46

          Not to Hijack Amit's inputs - but yes, g Noida would be a far better choice than any of these options with your budget. Please look at Purvanchal silver city II , Plumeria Garden Estate, Eldeco (residency / green meadows), etc.


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            Re : Amrapali Sector 70 vs Gardenia Sector-46

            The choice between Noida or G.Noida may be decided on the basis of your buying end user or as an investor.If you are end user, then Noida sec 70 is much better option. Half a kilometer away from sectors 61,62, Fortis etc which are fully developed.

            Another advice....just slap these shady operators like Investor clinic etc.


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              Re : Amrapali Sector 70 vs Gardenia Sector-46

              I have done a great research on Sec-70 project as i am also planning to buy 3BHK.
              1. Location is great in the sense that it is open from all side, no high rise will come in future.
              2. Site layout is better than Gardenia.
              3. Flat layout is better as compare to gardenia (e.g. 1385 in Amrapali has maximum master bedroom size 0f 11X14 whereas in gardenia 1350 it is 11x13)
              4. One positive thing about gardenia is its near the express highway.
              5. As far as ROI is concerned i am not sure which location will give better but Gardenia at least right now for sure.
              6. Amrapali has coorporate tie ups with NTPC,Sapient and BHEL for sec-70, may be more at least i am sure about these three.

              If you guys have more inputs to share please do so, so that it can help evryone of us.


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                Re : Amrapali Sector 70 vs Gardenia Sector-46

                Hi Guys,

                Just wanted to share my thoughts as i am also planning to buy 3BHK.

                I have done research on Amrapali project as i dont have much idea about Gardenia builders.
                1. Site Layout of sec- 70 is good as there will not be any high rise around there in the near future from any side.
                2. I like Flat layout of Amrapali better than gardenia (e.g 1385 in Amrapali gives 11x14 master bedroom where as gardenia gives 1350 ( 11x13) size bedroom)
                3. As far as appreciation is concerned definately right now Gardenia has upper edge as it is near express highway.

                Friends please do share your inputs on this so that we all can be benefited.


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                  Re : Amrapali Sector 70 vs Gardenia Sector-46


                  Sector 70 is much better option for many reasons... closer to hubs and developed sectors...more accessable ...commercial areas around. Also, this project of Amrapali is the only hi-rise project in the area so there is no chance of any other hi rise building blocking you..

                  Amrapali has come off really well as i have also booked a 3bhk in Platinum and actively considering to get one more ,


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                    Re : Amrapali Sector 70 vs Gardenia Sector-46

                    I am really interested in the gardenia project....please share some more insights regarding the same.


                    Have any questions or thoughts about this?