I am planning to buy a 2 BHK+1 study room of 1125ft and rate i am getting 2925Rs per sq ft inclusive of Car parking ,power back ,lease rent,electrification charges (excluding PLC and park facing) Seek advice from the forum can i go ahead with this rate ?
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  • I bought a flat last week through an agent and got the rate 2520 psf bsp for down payment. Agents can give discount upto 10% of the builder rates.

    Waiting for the alotement letter now.....
  • PAN has started building the sample flat on site. They say bhoomi poojan will be within a week and afte that the project will be formally launched. The allotment letters will be dispatched in another 20-25 days.
  • Still 20-25 days required for Allotment letters? And are they going to dispatch it to the permanent address ?
  • What all documents from builder are required for processing home loans? NEC? Allotment letter?
  • Following docs are required from builder.
    1. Copy of Sale/Deeds/Allotment of land to the Builder.
    2. Copy of Letter of Intent.
    3. Copy of Project License.
    4. Copy of Approved Plan/Map of the Project
    5. Payment schedule of the Project.
    6. Permission to Create Mortgage.
  • U can ask for allotment letter, lease deed & possession letter from builder, however approved layout plan has still not come.
  • The allotment letter along with the agreement is required for the Loan process.

    Afterwards, there is tripartite agreement between the builder, bank and the buyer.
  • Sec 70 development

    Guys I have also booked a flat in Tower L 11th floor. Do you think we taken a wise decision? sec 45/46 has close proximity to delhi.

    Sec 70 seems to be a good location close to sec 62 and sec50 though. There are high tension wires around the project and a Shamshan Ghat just 200 mts away. Knowing about all this I decided to go for it....seeing the location of the site. But I ma just concerned what all construction is coming up in that area.....

    Anybody who knows abt this plz update.........
  • smita

    If youve already taken the decision, congrats!

    Regarding your two worries:
    1. high tension wires dont matter as long as they are at a reasonable distance (I think there's a requirement of several meters from any building). In sector 60 (office area) there's a HT wire as well - and nothing much happens.

    2. Shamshan Ghat is also not much of a problem - have you seen the one in sector 125 - its called antim niwas (as you take the service road to go towards main gate of amity university). I dont think anyone cares much about those things as they are more visible and cause for concern when the project is not developed.

    What should be of clear conern are:
    1. How good is your builder? Is the finish going to be upto standard.

    2. Is there other development in the sector that will give it a sense of 'livability'?

    Think about it from these two points.

    good luck!
  • True. I was aware of the two before booking a flat. But i want to know what all construction is coming up in that area.....
    I know about a hotel which is being constructed and an IT company....
    The location has the prefrence.
    Close to Sai Mandir
    Close to sec 62 and 50.
    Will sec 70 become one of the posh areas in Noida....
  • your last question is very tough to answer - whether the sector becomes posh is typically determined by a lot of factors, some of which are:

    1. The kind of gentry in the sector.

    2. Mix use - good mix of independent residences and apartments. e.g. 62 is not as posh a sector due to an overcrowding of apartments. 50 is great that ways. It gives an 'open' feel to the sector.

    3. Sai temple is not a criteria at all.

    4. Is there a village (i dont think so but u can correct me) inside? Is there an open drain area that cannot be covered?

    5. Locationwise - It's as good as 61 or 52 sectors ...

    6. Parks and green spaces in the sector, 61, 50 are both very good sectors that way ... so is 52.

    Which hotel and IT company are you referring to?
  • I dont really know the names. The IT company is 60% done. Hotel construction has just started.
  • infact there is one school being constructed adjucent to the site....the costruction for the same have already started...so in future it may be a Hot sector.
  • yes i recall the school - its coming up quite well. however, the overall area still has a lot of land that needs to be developed. So i would think its about 3+ years before it gives you a good return ....
  • Hey Guys as per my study in the future that shamshaan ghat will not be there...as it no where exist in the master plan of sec-72 in which shamshaan ghat is right now !!