Has any one booked or reviewed Gardenia Glory-Sector 46 & Lotus Boulevard Espacia Sector 100. Both sectors are new, near expressway.
How is the connectivity through metro? Sector 46 is low lying? will it impact on the project?
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  • I preferred to choose Amrapali Sapphire sector 45. I have booked a flat in there.
  • Gardenia Glory in sector 46 is across Lotus boulevard. This sector is quite far off from Expressway and more accessable from Noida dadri road.

    Metro is far off. Amrapali Sapphire is a better option if you can get something there.
  • Again it is adviceable tofinalize with a builder who has multiple projects in different stages of construction at present.Too risky to click a deal with builders banking only on one project at a time as the market situation is still bad whatever the ads , builders may claim.
  • Gardeny glory

    I booked a 2BHK in Gardenia glory.They already have several projects under construction in NCR which I visited also eg. Gardenia Grace(Sector-61,Noida), Glamour ,Green in Vasundhara. I also visited Amrapali Saphire sector-45 and sector-70 project of Amrapali & UNI homes.
    Distance wise It is about 4-5KM. from ATTA market. I found the location excellent.
  • Gardenia Glory

    Hi Barkis,

    What deal did you get for Glory? Which are the better located towers?

    Also no one commented on Lotus Bolevard Espacia... does that mean that its not a good project... no one is intrested
  • Hiii Umesh,

    It is your own choice which matters finally. It is always advisable to see the site and its access yourself before taking a decision.Location and infrastructure around matters the most.

    Lotus Boulevard is also at same location as Gardenia, the layout is good, with some commercial and educational hubs thrown in. How far these USP materialize is for the time to tell as this is 3Cs first foray in Residential housing.
  • Hi Umesh,

    I feel 3C to be a better deal than Gardenia becoz of the layout. Consider 3C's 1790sq ft layout for 3BHK+. It has 2 bedrooms of 10x13 and a master bedroom of 15x11. Gardenia's 3BHK+ has bedrooms of size 10.5x13.5, 10x12 and a master bedroom of size 14X11. Compare the size of study room as well. Though you would get a deal of Gardenia for about 2800/sqft you would get 3C for 2900/sqft.
    I find 3C to be equally well placed as Gardenia location wise. I am looking to book a 1970 or 2225 sqft flat in 3C Espacia but it seems to be a bit expensive. Please tell if you are getting it any cheaper.
  • Ya...Lotus boulevard is a better choice than Gardenia because it is being planned as a township with lot of facilities like school, hospital, business centers, commercial places, parks. The are is also bigger, almost 40 acres.
  • Feedback from someone who has booked Lotus

    Hi Nisar,

    I have got some good feed back from people about gardenia. No veiws from people who have booked Lotus?
  • The 3Cs end users are in short supply...anyways it is a better option than Gardenia in terms of location, facilities being planned, layout etc.

    You can go ahead...
  • Hi,

    Can you please tell me through which broker did you get the 3bhk flat 2700 CLP in Gardenia? Is it all inclusie price or not?

    Your reply would be highly appreciated as I am very keen to book a flat in Gardenia.
  • Originally Posted by gandabaccha
    I booked a 3BHK flat 2700 CLP in Gardenia, this project looks decent to me. does any one got better deal?

    please clarify whether 2700 is inclusive all other charges or not. I heard that lease rent is not yet decided by the builder.
  • 3C rate for phase-4

    Dear All

    What should be the rate for phase-4 in 3C in CLP?



    Originally Posted by Nisardel
    The 3Cs end users are in short supply...anyways it is a better option than Gardenia in terms of location, facilities being planned, layout etc.

    You can go ahead...
  • I did some basic research on gardenia and lotus... i was very uncomfortable with gardenia... if you look at construction, project quality and professionalism of the gardenia builder it is very shady... they seem like one of those real estate agent turned builder who will go to any extent to dupe ppl into putting their money in their project. 3c on the other hand looked more professional and their non residential project are of top notch quality. it is run by some of the best industry professionals and architects of the country. also lotus project has PE funding by red fort capital to the tune of 500cr which means that they will very unlikely run into funding troubles and hence will more likely deliver project on time even if they are not able to sell all the units.

    a lot of builders are today rotating funds across projects but it seems less likely with lotus project because of a professional fund overseeing and auditing the investment.

    lotus is at a little premium vis-a-vis gardenia but i find it worth it for the risks involved with builders today. i'm feeling more comfortable with 3c in every aspect as compared to gardenia and even amrapali sapphire.

    my $0.02
  • Hi Mav123,

    I agree with your views that 3CS is a better Company than Gardenia and certainly Lotus Boulevard has got all pluses as compared to Gardenia project in sector 46.

    As regards Amrapali Sapphire, success is what matters, they jave sold off more than 90% of their project, mostly to PSUs, Corporates, Ministries, who are far more adept in doing due deligence than we can do as an individual.