We went on the site of Ajnara (Around 17 acre) and it appears that the site is right adjacent to a village named Ghadi-Chakhandi. Is there any reason for worry because of that? Also Does anyone know if the project of Ajnara in Sec-121 has been approved by Noida authority and banks? Approval by the authority will mean that the land registry has happened in the name of builder. Who are the bankers that are providing finance? The rates are quite tempting and we are giving a serious thought to it. Also who should be the most trusted person to be contacted for booking?

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  • Best deal


    Good questions!!! I also have same questions any quick reply to the above queries will be highly appreciated.

    Thanks in anticipation!!!
  • I think HDFC, IDBI are financing it.
  • Kindly read my posting on this.
  • This is what I found about it :-
    Advantages of HOME 121:-
    Location Advantage: -
    Closest to FNG and at the intersection point of FNG & Golf Course road this road is coming from under construction Metro station. FNG stands for Faridabad Noida & Ghaziabad Expressway.FNG is under construction in Ghaziabad, Noida and Faridabad.
    This location is only 5 Km from under construction Metro Station it will be operational with in next 8 to 9 Months.
    -Metro Station 5 Km
    -Sec. 50 5 km
    -Sec. 70 2.5 KM
    -Noida Golf Corse 7 Km
    -Sec. 18 9 Km.

    A Rational deal:-

    2BHK is in 25 Lacks and 3BHK is in 38 Lacks in down payment plan (all inclusive).
    All ready to move 2BHk Builder apartment in Noida are around 50L.

    No compromise layouts:-
    Flat Layouts are proper. Room sizes are big; balconies are decently sized and adequate provision for cupboards and balconies. Very less loading i.e. difference in purchased area and use able area is less.
    Project Layout is good all buildings are well lit not a single building or apartment are cramped up.
    Only 12 storied buildings.

    Possession will be in 21 months after a grace period of 3 months if possession gets delayed builder will pay Rs.5/Sq. Ft. per months as penalty.
    In case of construction linked payment plan, on casting of 12th floor slab i.e. top floor slab only 70% payment will reach builder compared to other builders this is a rational payment plan. Even after this stage payment plan is good.

    The Deal is:-
    2850/Sq. Ft. in DP plan all inclusive.
    Rs.3000/Sq. Ft. in CLP plan inclusive.
    Any decent ready to move in apartment in Indirapuram are more then Rs.3300/Sq.Ft. i.e.16% more. All inclusive package deals in CLP plan is Rs.3068/Sq. Ft. This price is very close to all corporate deals happening in Noida.
  • I am thinking about booking one unit of area 1570 sq feet. plan looks good and I do believe that the prices that they are quoting is worth taking a chance. There are several other factors why the price is relatively lower and looks risky, but "higher the risk higher the gain".
    Also one of the dealers said that just pay 50K - 100K and provide a post dated check (around 30 days or so ahead of today). In the mean time everything will get clearer.
  • What we heard is that the corporate deal price are way lower than what is being offered.

    I am getting a 3 BHK (1570 sq ft) at around 43.5 lakh.

    Here is the break up for it:

    Booking - 10%(BSP)- 370000

    In 30 days - 85%(BSP), Car, Club, Lease rent, PLC - 3540000
    At Possession - 5%BSP, 100% of IFMS,PowerBak, EEC, FFC - 390000

    At Possession - 5%BSP, 100% of IFMS,PowerBak, EEC, FFC - 389657.

    Inputs from experienced memers please ?
  • Asiingh ji,

    As you said, its great risk...if you want to play with fire...good luck. It is not advisable.
  • Nisardel Boss,
    It is risk, but appears to be calculated. And the payment would be to Ajnara who I believe has already developed 3-4 prooperties in Indirapuram/Ghaziabad. So it is worth taking a chance.
  • Is there anyone who has done any kind of booking or is aware of any kind of booking in this project (i.e. Ajnara Sector - 121) ? Just curious about the real demand of this project in the market.
  • anything in noida is always in demand boss !
    except for Divine Meadows !! :D
  • We made 5 bookings (me & my coleague) today. Downpayment is 2260 psf & CLP 2511 psf. This is only the base price and rest (parking,EEC,FFC,IFMS etc) are extra.
  • Ajnara - home121

    I think Lotus Boulevard - 3C, is the best option right now whole of Noida, Greater Noida. Its located centrally between Noida (5.5 km from Sec - 18) and half towards Gr. Noida.

    Development on the expressway is going good, lot of companies have come up there like Cadence, HCL, Adobe, Hewitt etc etc. Prospects in future will be too good.

    And 3C has the highest credentials on quality among all the builders right now. Little high price, but it will be worth with no risk. ROI will far better then Ajnara and all.
  • Dear Findingnemo,
    First of all let me tell you that none of the realty project is risk free. If projects from DLF and Unitech are delayed then any investment in future project is risky.
    Also the so called best deal, is extremely debatable topic. So project A may be best for you but someone else might not even be able to have that kind of budget itself.
    3C specially is one ofthe highest priced projects on the expressway, givene the density and number of floors they are building.
  • Dear Asiingh,
    Could you pls tell me the broker with whom you got the deal of 2511 psf on CLP? I am also interested to book one.
  • I have provided the info to Jhakkas via a personal message. Let me knowif any one else is interested.