We went on the site of Ajnara (Around 17 acre) and it appears that the site is right adjacent to a village named Ghadi-Chakhandi. Is there any reason for worry because of that? Also Does anyone know if the project of Ajnara in Sec-121 has been approved by Noida authority and banks? Approval by the authority will mean that the land registry has happened in the name of builder. Who are the bankers that are providing finance? The rates are quite tempting and we are giving a serious thought to it. Also who should be the most trusted person to be contacted for booking?

Moderator's Note - There is an existing thread on this topic/Project . Please do visit https://www.indianrealestateforum.com/forum/city-forums/ncr-real-estate/noida-real-estate/20369-homes-121-sector-121-noida?t=22468 .
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