We went on the site of Ajnara (Around 17 acre) and it appears that the site is right adjacent to a village named Ghadi-Chakhandi. Is there any reason for worry because of that? Also Does anyone know if the project of Ajnara in Sec-121 has been approved by Noida authority and banks? Approval by the authority will mean that the land registry has happened in the name of builder. Who are the bankers that are providing finance? The rates are quite tempting and we are giving a serious thought to it. Also who should be the most trusted person to be contacted for booking?

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  • Prices

    Dear All

    Please provide the tentative CLP prices (not the listed prices) for the following projects available directly from the builder-

      Jaypee Kosmos- Sec134
      GC Ajnara-Sec121
      Uniworld Gardens-Sec117
      Gaur Valerio- Indirapuram
      Gardenia Glory-Sec46
      Amrapali- Sec70
      Lotus 3C- Sec100
      Amrapali Sapphire- Sec45
      Amrapali Eden Park-Sec50


  • I see an interesting poll on this, can you guys cast your honest vote for it?
  • This poll does not have all the options... anyone who has visited the location will see for himself... may be in 5-7 years it will be okay, but right now it is a very risky situation.

    btw, 5km from metro station, 5km from sec50 is not something to be happy about, you can get properties much nearer to the metro station (or in sec50) at around Rs3000/psft or less
  • Hey amit 2009,
    What other options should have been there ?
    It is around 3 Km from Sec 50 and may be 5 from metro station.
    Since the possession itself is after 20 months so the vision has to be after 20 months. Once the recession goes away and the market (jobs specifically) picks up, you will see the difference.
    Also the prices are around 20% less than what you are quoting here (you r sayin 3000 psf).
  • The discussion is interesting..One Ajnara project has got the emotions swaying.

    Realistically...The situation is still, risky and grim in RE.

    The spate of launches in recent 2-3 months is primarily to boost the cash flows of RE companies as banks are no longer offering them loans due to high default rate in repayments.

    However, it is time also to catch on properties at the psf are almost levelling up.

    With all this euphoria around due to festivities, its time to ponder that the so called FNG highway may not happen in another 10 years.
    The metro line will take a detour from sector 50 towards sec 117, turn right and move parallel to existing Noida- Dadri road.
  • VNM242018,

    The rates vary from 2900 psf ( Amrapali sec70,) to 3500 psf ( Supertec 34 pavilions).

    Also to note that fixed charges like parking, club membership etc also vary accordingly.
  • Prices BSP only

    Hi Nisar

    I need only best BSP rates for these projects available directly from the developers and offered to individuals.


  • Hii VMN,

    I suggest you shortlist 2-3 projects out of the list and let me know.
  • Prices

    Hi Nisar,

    According to you, which builders or projects I should remove from this list based on thier poor quality, financial situation, delivery of projects and above all sector selection?


  • Projects and Rates

    Jaypee Kosmos- Sec134 : Will not advise to invest if you are end user. Yes if you are investor and can wait for 5 years, it might be good investment optoin
    GC Ajnara-Sec121 : Good project to invest, I invested so little bit biased towards this project. In my view, it is good option for both investment and to stay in this project after 2-3 years. Out of all these projects, in my view, it is safe invest.
    Uniworld Gardens-Sec117 : Instead of this , better to invest in Sec 119 as rates are around same. One negative thing is that they don't have good layouts and possession date is again very long
    Gaur Valerio- Indirapuram : Not in favour because in same rate you can get flats in Noida. Even if you see, there is not much difference of rates between Gaur 119 and Gaur Valerio(including all charges). But if you want to stick to Indirapuram then it is good location.
    Gardenia Glory-Sec46 : Good investment if you want to invest in Express highway but I think, instead of this better to invest in 3C. Express highway is having advantage of close to Delhi, Noida Sec 18 and Greater Noida. Only negative thing(as of today) there is no commercial activities in that area.
    Amrapali- Sec70 : Only plus thing is location as of today. Otherwise rates are high, builder is not very good for quality construction, loading is average and layouts are ok ok. Instead of this GC is any day better on this area
    Lotus 3C- Sec100 : Good project/location. Rates are high but if you like the layouts and can get good location flat then it can be good option on express highway. it will be first project of 3C in residential but they are good in commericals however making commerical space(IT) is totally different than making residential because in IT Space, you need to make only 3-4 floors building and in Residential it is going to be 15th to 20th floor so let's see how they deliver.
    Amrapali Sapphire- Sec45 : Very good location but already rates have gone up. You can rule out this as Gardenia /3C are better in this area. It was good for people who booked 4-6 months before on very cheap rates.
    Amrapali Eden Park-Sec50 :Will not suggest as rates are very high as compare to GC, 3C, Gardenia and even Amrapali Sec 70. if you want to stick to Amrapali, it is better to invest in Sec 70 of Amrapali project instead of Sec 50
    Supertech-Sec34 : Very very good loation as very close to Metro. Surronding area is already very good developed but project size is very small and lot of flats so it will be very congested after delivery. Second I will not suggest to invest in Supertech builder. They were good 2-3 years before but in last 2-3 years they have not delivered any project on time and all projects are delayed. Even their prime most project of Sec 93 phase 2 is delayed by 1-2 years.

    So in my view, if you are end user and have time frame of 2-3 years, invest in GC, 3C or Gardenia project of 46.

  • Originally Posted by asiingh
    Dear Findingnemo,
    First of all let me tell you that none of the realty project is risk free. If projects from DLF and Unitech are delayed then any investment in future project is risky.
    Also the so called best deal, is extremely debatable topic. So project A may be best for you but someone else might not even be able to have that kind of budget itself.
    3C specially is one ofthe highest priced projects on the expressway, givene the density and number of floors they are building.

    I think lets not compare DLF, Unitech with 3C. This is 3Cs first residential project and i think the only one right now. DLF, Unitech are into too many projects and are funding from other. Ajnara too is not selling in Crossing Republic n all. Yes price in 3C would be little higher, but in return what you are getting in 3C is far better then Ajnara. And forget FNG for next 10 years, but Noida-Gr Noida expressway is already rocking. Lot of companies have come up there, with nearby Amity University and couple of more colleges and many companies setting up base there. And its nearer from Atta market. Return on Investment in 3C will be far far more then Ajnara.
  • Friends...Lets get the facts right..

    The crossings Republic Infrastructure Co, which is developing the projects known by the sane name is doing the civilworks and execution on behalf of 7 builders who originally thought of doing something in wasted land. None of these builders except Supertec/Mahagun are small fries who have suffered huge delays in their 1-2 projects they have launched in past 2 years.

    So the future is bleak>.
  • What is least to pay for 2BHK+St in Ajnara

    I am interested to invest in 2 BHK+St in Ajnara in Noida 121. Can any one give me the best quote. I am waiting for responses from any one who can give good suggestion and information or could you please give me detail of any good RE.
  • Dear Feroze,

    Better you meet any of the RE dealers selling this project and compare the rates.
  • We made a partail payment against the booking of one of the apartments. Then the dealer snet us the scanned copy of the registry of the land where this projrct is proposed. Not sure how genuine it is. How can we check on that ?