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Latest news on ATS One Hamlet

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Latest news on ATS One Hamlet

Last updated: July 6 2013
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  • Latest news on ATS One Hamlet

    A lot of people are looking to buy something for living, some for investments, I believe that ATS is good for both. Their project ATS One Hamlet is nearing completion and should be available for possession by March 2014 or even before Dec 2013.

    Though the initial size configuration has changed as per rumors the original size were
    1600 sq ft
    2000 sq ft
    2900 sqft

    The story doing the rounds are :
    Type Sellable Area Actual Carpet Area Rate Price(INR)
    3 BHK 1,759 Sq. Feet. 1,372 Sq. Feet. 7,000 1.23 Cr
    3 BHK + SQ 2,150 Sq. Feet. 1,677 Sq. Feet. 8,500 1.83 Cr
    4 BHK + SQ 3,115 Sq. Feet. 2,430 Sq. Feet. 9,000 2.8 Cr

    Hence be mindful while buying...

    Further here are some of the latest pic

    Hope the rates from HT estate and the pics are useful to all
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