I was looking for an apartment in Noida and I came across Today Homes' Ridge Residency in sector 135. I see there has been no mention of this builder or this project in the forum. Does anyone know about this builder and this project? Any input would be appreciated.

The other project that I have shortlisted is Gardenia in sector 46, but I see from the discussion on this forum that there may be some issues with the school along the project site. Otherwise, what is the rate you guys have booked the apartment there for?


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  • O tower letters dispatched.
    From June 10 N towers letters .
  • Nitin A;

    I am not sure myself. Based on the content of the letter it looks like the builder is suggesting that there was an 'escalation' in the cost of material etc. and he is not charging anything extra for it and rounding it off against the penalty due. I checked the agreement and it does have a clause. Having said that, I will be asking the builder to share the exact details around it and see where I stand on this from a legal aspect.
  • We should unite and fight with builders. Lately there are lot of examples of decision going in favor of consumers.
  • Originally Posted by rahul2011
    For joining the group PM me ..only owners please
    ashishagg; pls pm rahul2011.
  • kartikr; ... Thanks let me know your update after having discussion on it with builder. We all need to come together for these illogical demands from builder.
  • dear all,

    any one getting possession offers please note the following,

    1. Ask from builder the date of delivery /possession.in writing through registered post.not email

    2 Ask what if possession is not given in 60 days as being offered.

    3. If you are paying the FDN AMOUNT, please pay with objection under protest through registered post

    do not sign any document in builders office ask the copy through a letter please go through and object to whatever is not acceptable agai through registered.. to sum up protest every wrong and through registered post not emails
  • Hello Guys,

    I have a booking in Q Tower; work is going on in its own snail pace and I m far from the SO CALLED possession letter.

    Still i would like to join people who are pursuing legal options, its hard to find people in same Tower and take action.

    Plz contact who ever is in fight mode with the builder or i will have to wait to PM after 10 posts it seems.
  • Originally Posted by kartikr

    going by this: they proposing 4 CR is their cost for communication / CCTV / golf cart and boom barrier ( 25k X average 1600 houses) and they were not suppose to provide initially?

    and seems to be doing us favor by providing CCTV?
  • 25000 for labour welfare?
    another 2 cr.
    only contract labour not a single penny towards labour welfare.
  • blurreality year of booking? Answer my questions simply u have 10 + posts.
  • size of flat?
  • clp/down payment?
  • Anyone from Tower K here?
  • There is no progress in Tower K since long.. anybody have update on this..
  • Looks like another jaypee and Unitech