Can any one inform me about pan oasis progress? I booked a flat in phase-1, 3BHK 1600 sq.ft. I paid 10% (Flexi payment plan) as first installment. I am out of town. Thanks
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  • Originally Posted by veron121
    Any updates on the possession of buildings A,B,C and D?

    Some Development is observed on NGT issue , expected decision among Central , State , NGT within July 2014 beyond 2 km area , Builder has started to offer possession for staying purpose only according to serial number allotted for ABCD blocks in May 2014 , but possession in black and white is feasible once getting Completion Certificate from Noida authority only , Further builder raised official rate also for ABCD ( Overall - 6600 PSF ) :-
    Environment Ministry considers a 2-km no-construction zone around Okhla Bird sanctuary

    Ashmit Kumar,CNBC-TV18
    Jun 27, 2014 at 03:38pm IST

    #greater noida #okhla bird sanctuary #national green tribunal #eco sensitive zone #builders


    New Delhi: The Environment Ministry has sought the opinion of states on the National Green Tribunal order against buildings in Greater Noida. The Environment Ministry has sought the opinion of UP, Delhi and Haryana governments for notifying an eco-sensitive zone around the Okhla Bird Sanctuary.
    The Ministry is mooting a 2-km radius eco-sensitive zone as opposed to the 10-kilometer radius zone proposed by the Green Tribunal. It has directed states to submit the land survey report in 15 days.
    The Ministry is likely to issue a notification on eco-sensitive zone by July 15.
    The apex court had earlier this month upheld the stay on construction imposed by the National Green Tribunal in the eco-sensitive zone surrounding the Okhla Bird Sanctuary. Construction around the eco-sensitive Okhla Bird Sanctuary had been halted.
    The bone of contention was the identification of an eco-sensitive zone surrounding the Okhla bird sanctuary. The National Green Tribunal had directed the MOEF to identify such an area, while directing that all construction in a 10-km radius be halted.
    The NGT had restrained the Noida Authority from granting completion certification to any of the projects in the zone. The NGT had also deemed all Environmental Clearances as "inoperational" until a No Objection Certificate is secured from the National Board For Wildlife. Builders appealed against this NGT order in the SC but the apex court had dismissed the petition outright
  • Originally Posted by ranajoy
    Builder has started to offer possession for staying purpose only according to serial number allotted for ABCD blocks in May 2014

    Has anyone moved already? Can you confirm this?
  • Originally Posted by desibhai
    Hi Satya, If you are really interested on this route, simply negotiate and book any thing around 5500AI+.
    I had same experience last year and I was looking for 34 Pavilion and it keep going up and up (quoted base price 7K + other charges) and finally I settled PAN for 5100AI during Dec 2011. Soon, PAN rates will also match with same price pattern. I am not saying this because I also have a flat in PAN (As end user not as investor) but as end user...

    Regarding possession, PAN ABCD possession should start any time after April'14. Other blocks should be end of '14 onwards. Be practical and choose from the available options...After general elections, you may see spike in prices.

    Rest obviously your wisdom!!!!

    Awesome... Kaise brainwash karte hain log iref pe

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  • Shameless attitude of builder. No one knows when it will be ready....Request every one to stay away from this C grade builder. Never ever invest in any of their future project.
  • See news of 3c and their attitude on penalty after more than 3 years delay .....!

    After reading everything it seems there are only few builders like ATS that one can trust - !

    But then their pricing is atleast 30 to 40 % higher to begin with !
    Maybe we get what we pay for ! We look for bargains when we book and at the same time don't want to pay the premium that an established reputed brand like ATS charges us ! Then we crib ! In few cases we may get lucky and get the advantage - but that is a rare occasion - maybe 2 in every 10 cases where we may get both - bottom pricing and solid delivery
  • Originally Posted by harry_7241
    "Pre-possession" or Possession Intimation letters are cheap gimmick played by Amrapali to stop the penalty paid to buyer for delay. Apartment keys will be handed after almost 6-7 months of receiving this letter.

    I came across this page while looking for some information on pre-possession scenario going on with PAN OASIS. Looks like an informative place so joined it.

    I also have a flat in PAN Oasis in tower L and I have been told by the builder that I will get the pre-possession letter in Dec 2014. Although after visiting the site it looks like it will take atleast 7-8 months before the society appears in liveable condition i.e. where parking, electricity, water and other basic amenities are available with no or minimal construction work remaining.

    I don't know how pre-possession letters are being handed over. The flats in tower A-D are not in liveable condition with so much construction going on and no facility being available there. I was told that pre-possession means that I can get interior work done before moving in so they would give me 2-3 months for the same and hence they will give me pre-possession letter first. What if I don't want to get any work done in the flat as of now. In that case what will I do with the pre-possession letter? Builder can keep it with him until actual possession is given.

    Is it really because of the penalty i.e. will it allow the builder to pay penalty upto the point of pre-possession letter date? Is there anyone who has got the pre-possession letter and builder told him that penalties would be limited upto that point only? I didn't see any such clause related to pre-possession in buyer seller agreement.

    At the time of actual possession we would need to see if Electricity, Water, Parking, Clubhouse, Swimming Pool is ready. If not, then can't we say that we will not accept the possession until everything is ready as we have paid for everything.

    It would be great if someone can throw light on my queries. I am really confused with the latest developments of delay, pre-possession etc.

  • Dear all,
    I’m getting ground floor unit 1446 sq ft approx. 5500 ps ft in PAN oasis. sec 70 Noida.
    Marketing team are making me an offer that they will give me 500 sq. ft. extra area which I can utilize in future, also cover in future with shed or asbestos with false ceiling. That’s why I am looking for guidance on this offer:
    1. Also, builder is suggesting to cover this area in future with proper construction to increase the existing covered area.
    5500 basic+500 PLC+50 plc park facing+6 lac other charges: approx 93 lac for 1446 area.

    Please advise what next I can do to make it Legal with the builder.

  • Its a joke

    Dont fall in d trap

    Not worth
  • Why it’s a joke? Why we can not use that area? There are many societies who used that extra area in indirapuram near shipra mall, few peoples used for their clinic purpose.
    Guys, Pls let me know, I’m going to final the deal this week only.
  • Originally Posted by deepak2k
    Why it’s a joke? Why we can not use that area? There are many societies who used that extra area in indirapuram near shipra mall, few peoples used for their clinic purpose.
    Guys, Pls let me know, I’m going to final the deal this week only.

    Ask them to give you in written, complete the legal formalities to make you can do whatever they're offering you. Nothing come free my dear friend!!
  • No. They are not ready to give in written.. If I cover with shed in future for temporary purpose then…. jo first floor pe rehta hai..vo objection nahi kar sakta kya??becoz agar upar se kuch bhi girta hai vo to usee ki balcony ke pas girega:-)
  • Amrap tried to sell this type of common area to ground floor buyers at half rate of total area in silicon city

    But the plan was not passed by authority

    When they were selling dis area they said u can cover or fence it but when they cant sell it dis way they said it cant b covered

    So u can remove such thoughts in ur mind dat u can cover it in future

    It wont happen

    And the rates u r mentioning are exorbitant for dis project

    Rest u apply ur mind
  • Omg its more dan 6000 ai

    Whats wrong my friend dont u know the market or ur eyes are closed
  • I would suggest you to check 8th floor in any tower... people paid extra PLC for the extra terrace (which is meant for emergency evacuation). Just go and have a look, how those people are benefited... :)

    While purchasing I was also told there will be a dedicated lift for people from 10th floor and above. Do not see it so far.

    Are you also told about the three tire Security? Check if you will get intercom? ;)

    By the way what is possession date you are being offered?
  • As far as I know this area will not be mentioned in registry so you can not cover it. This is private lawn that can be used for own purpose and temporary sheds etc may be used to cover it. But I doubt if this can be covered permanently (like with lintel) to create room/store etc.

    By the way, I had posted a query on page 43 of this thread regarding prepossession. Can someone please throw light on that? I didn't see any such thing like pre-possession in the buyer-seller agreement. Everywhere only possession is mentioned.
    - Is it a gimmick by builder so that he does not have to pay penalty from the pre-possession date onwards?
    - If parking is not ready, then how can possession be given? Instead, if pre-possession is being given when parking is not ready then also penalty can't be stopped because we have paid for everything - Parking, Club house in addition to the Flat that covers common area also.
    - If common area, club and parking are not available at the time of giving pre-possession we should not accept the pre-posession.

    Any information on this would be helpful. I am searching about this pre-possession thing but not getting any useful information.