Hi! Guys

I booked a flat in Amrapali zodiac.Can we form a group with all the people who have booked flats in Zodiac.
I heard work has already started at site.Do anybody have any information on this?
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  • Congratulations!!!

    Hi Rajat,


    What rate did you get? Yes, it's a good idea to form a group, what about a Yahoo group, I found a similar group for Platinum.

  • Thanks

    Thanks Rakesh,

    Ya yahoo group will be a good idea.I booked at a rate of 2800 in corporate deal.Have you booked in the same project?
    How about amrapali quality,I am reading alot about their poor quality in this forum,do you have any idea?
    In actual I got good feedback with the people who have already booked in different amrapali projects.
  • Hi Rajat,

    Good Initiative. Its better to form a group and be updated. I and one of my friends have booked 2bhk + study in L block. corporate plan 2900 (flexi for 1-3 floor) all inclusive.

    Lately I have been reading comments in this forum talking about "not very good quality" of apartments by Amrapali...

    any thoughts on that?...and any other information...
  • Hi Pankaj,

    Are you sure u have booked 2bhk + study in L bock. Because L block only contains 950 sft, and 1325 sft flats ( as per the layout plan at amrapali site)

    Btw, Amrapali is definitely a good choice. Atleast, construction quality of sample flats at Amrapali Sapphire was decent enough. We 4 guys have booked flats at Zodiac under corporate plan. Mine is 2bhk+study in H block. Only risk factor is whether they would be able to deliver in time with so many different projects going on simultaneously.

    BTW, there is already google group existing - "Amrapali Zodiac Resident Association" - Feel free to join it.

    - Lalit
  • Hi! Pankaj,

    I too have booked a 2BHK+Study.I have the same concerned what you are expressing.
    I also read about quality in this forum.But I think with so much of Corporate booking in amrapali projects,their quality should improve.
  • I think its a good idea to connect together via the groups.

    You can visit yahoogroups site and search for amrapali zodiac site.

    or else mail to amrapalizodiac-subscribe at yahoogroups dot com. for subscription

    That group is for Zodiacns who have booked a flat in amrapali so you can now share the common findings and also update the project status.

  • Hi Lalit,

    Yes, I am sure I (and 1 of my frnd) have booked the 2bhk+study in L block. The L block plan got modified and they converted all 3 BHKs into 2 BHK (it seems to create some space for the skating floor). and thus those corner flats were booked for 2bhk+study.

    One more concern: Is anybody sure about the park(Noida auth.) adjacent to the campus..as shown in the layout. I have taken the one facing park..hope it is really a park.. :)

    Any otehr discussions are welcome...

  • Sewage Treatment plant

    Guys I heard about some sewage treatment plant is coming next or opposite to zodiac.Will it be a problem for residents? and how it will impact appreciation of this project in long term.
  • Hi Rajat,

    These are some excerpts taken from google groups regarding the same:

    Location of Sewage treatment plant is indicated in attachment
    ( Sec120_117_SewagePlant.JPG ).

    - Most modern sewage plants don't produce foul smell and noise
    - There is a large sewage treatment plan in Sec-50 and is not causing
    any problem to residents there. One in Sector-117 is too small
    compared to it.
    - Unitech "unihomes" is showing it as part of "Amenities &

  • Rajat...Yes thats true..it is coming on same side of road as unihomes...Most modern day STP don't have any foul smell and noise, so hopefully there won't be any problem for residents.
  • Hi! Lalit,

    Can you tell me which are the towers facing sewage treatment Plant.

  • Rajat,

    Looks like some flats in tower Q and R would be facing it.

    But, Considering the fact that these treatment plants are underground and should not be a problem to flats approx. 50m away flats...

    Keep posting
    :) Pankaj
  • Hi! Pankaj,

    Ya I think so Q & R tower side will be facing it.But as you said most of modern STP are underground and it should not be a problem.The road between it is a 45m wide road which increases the distance.
    I say Unitech Uniworld gardens layout and this STP seems very close to it.

    with unitech which is a very big project + amrapali platinum and prateek laurel surrounding it I think It will become a very good residential area in near future.And also Platinum and I think unitech will start possesion before zodiac, so before ppl will start moving to zodiac the area would start developing.

    The G Noida link road and FNG express way are pretty close which is an added advantage.

    Please share your thoughts.
  • Hi Rajat,

    Yes, as you mentioned, those are the + points why these projects are preferred as compared to any other in Indirapuram or crossings republic.
    In near future this place will be well habitated as any other sector in Noida...and I think much more organized and planned (parks, shopping, commertial etc.) ...I hope it should be able to give decent appreciation also :)

  • Ya Pankaj I hope this place rocks in future.

    Do any body have any idea about amrapali's construction quality.I heard lot about their poor quality and sepage in their old project.

    I mentioned this to the ppl in amrapali and they told that in earlier project they didnt had much experince and they faced some problems.They assured now it wont be problem in their new projects.

    I hope with amrapali taking big corporate bookings they will improve on quality.
    Had anyone seen their recently constructed project? How is the quality their?

    Anybody having any idea?