Has anybody booked or planning to book in Logix Blossom County? I want to know the following:

1) How is the location of the project? It seems a bit far from expressway - towards greater Noida side but is it still good compared to 3C and Jaypee?
2) How is the layout of the apartment? In terms of loading.
3) Is it a green project
4) Possession time quoted is 18 months. Does anybody have confirmation on this?
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  • Can anybody please respond to this?
  • I am also interested in this project. Has anyone already booked a flat here?
  • Logix is more far from expressway than 3c,jaypee or todays..layouts r good but costlier than paramount, paras or todays.18 months is too agressive..it may remotely come without basic amenities
  • I have booked a 3 bhk, 1657 sqft flat in this project.
  • Booking Prices

    At what price you have booked and what was the broker discount.
  • I considered the project. Paramount, Supertech and Logix all are almost the same prices, concept and specifications..Sector is undeveloped..cant say how many year will it take to be a habitable sector..I invested in 34 Pavilion, best location to me..atleast its in the city...worth the money
  • The rate is 2775 rs/sqft, after an inagural discount of 100rs/sqft. Paramount is definitely cheaper, but not that much hyped.
  • I agree that it will take time to get developed, but thats the case with almost all new projects, in range of 2500-3000/- sqft. I did consider supertech, but didn't go for it (1) its out of my budget, (2) Have very less faith on supetech quality.

    Also another reason why i selected this project, is that its also close to FNG expressway, and as far as i know a lot of IT companies from sec 58,59,60,61 are moving to nepz, for tax benefit, it will be beneficial to go for a project on expressway.
  • Originally Posted by supra2411
    Does anyone has booked or planning to book under this project. Following are the things i heard about this project, please validate:-
    a) Good location and very good layout of flats (less loading)
    b) Comptetive price.
    c) Though they are quoting it as a green project but it will not be a actuall green project (like 3c).
    d) Possesion time as quoted will be 18 months.
    e) Bit far on express way, towards greater noida, but still a good location compare to 3c and jaypee.
    f) Builder is reputed though first stint in residential like 3c.
    Early response will be highly appreciated.

    I only know that its a reliable builder........developed so many logic commerial sites.........and i know that they are giving 32 LCD FREE on booking the flat for limited period..
  • I have booked a 920 sq ft flat considerinf that Logix group have built Logix Parks and this is their first residential project and possession time they claim 18 months is quite tempting, they also have penalty clause as informed to me by the broker.
  • Have booked 920 sq ft 2BHK in logix blossom
  • Comparison with Panache

    ANy thoughts on comparison of Blossom with Panache ?
  • Panache is in sec 110, this sector is alredy developed with societies like swarnim vihar and Kendriya Vihar, it is a good location. sec 137 is 10 mins drive from sec 110
  • location wise, no doubt, panache is a better choice. It is an already developed area. If you look at noida authority site, you would find no current development in sector 137, you would find few in 135 though. However, panache is on costlier side. Logix may remotely offer possession as they are promising in 18 months but the area would still take some couple of years to be habitable.
  • Panache: There is a BHangel village near to this.

    Blossom: Near to Poposed Metro
    Near to FNG
    200/psft cheaper then Panache

    Not advocating Blossom, just trying to think ?