Its now clearly visible that completion of wishtown & offering possession to buyers is not at all a priority for the Jaypee group. They are in very bad shape financially & risk is howering on us; the buyers. Its still a mystery whether we will really get something in next few years or the project will just keep on crawling the way its moving now. For my unit in Kosmos, in July-2013 they confirmed Q1-2014 as possession date & now in March-2014, they are saying Q2-2015. So, target date shifted by 15 months in a span of 8 months. In actual, there is no change in the status of the tower in last one year.

We have various jaypee groups fighting for our rights:
1. The customers who meet Jaypee as a group ( as done recently by 100+ buyers).
2. There is another registered legal assosciation for Kosmos
3. There are two different jaypee withstown groups on Yahoo-groups.

Since we all are fighting the same battle, why not to show a common face to jaypee & increase our strength & effectiveness. There may be some common members across these groups, but everybody should come together; if we are really genuine buyers.

We can still push Jaypee for our very reasonable demands:

1. to pre-pone the possession dates for our units by atleast few months
2. to avoid super area increase
3. to compensate us better for delays ( and not at Rs 5/ sqft).

So please join hands & come in as many numbers as we all can on 22nd March. If you are an end-user, you are most effected. If you are an investor, Just compare your project with many other that were launched at same time & have already offered possessions OR going to offer in few months. 3C Lotus Boulevard / panache launched at same time & now selling at 6500+.

So, come in maximum numbers on 22nd March & make them realize that we have not paid them savings of our life time to spend it on "Aiyaashi parties' with Lady GAGA & many more during Formula-1 races.
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