Hello Senior members,

My approximate budget is 60 Lakh.
I can pay upfront 25 Lakh.
Time duration of investment: 5-6 years

My current job location is in Gurgaon and I am unable to find any good option in Gurgaon. That is why looking for options in noida or greater noida.

What are the investment options I have? I have always noticed the property which are attractive for end use is where mostly investors put their money.

I short listed few options:

ATS Pristine Sector 150 Noida-- out of budget

ATS AllureYEW, GN -- Good for 5 year investment option? I have doubts.

ATS Dolce Sector Zeta 1 , GN -- seems stuck with farmers land issue or protest

Purvanchal Royal City , GN -- My preference. Kind of safe or low return investment.
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  • Seems like 3C (aka lotus green) brokers are still very active in spite of the recent issue faced by 3C buyers.
  • Seniors please advice.
  • Why do you want to buy in Greater Noida? have you even visited the place!
    Just take your family along on a weekend at any of the places in GN, be it a Mall, or a restaurant or any park/public place.
    You will never want to enter that forsaken place ever.

    Anyways, Stick to Noida Expressway. or other civilized areas of Noida. The 60L-70L budget range is good enough for a 2bhk. if you are eligible for HomeLoan now then buy something that is RTM or almost RTM. visit sector 137 or 143 projects.
    Or find something in 3C LP or LB projects. Or even Jaypee should be able to deliver something in the next 5-6 years.
  • No family as of now :). I am looking for investment option.