With the High court judgement, it looks like Supertech is going to have some liquidity problem either way- if they want to return the money, or to buy the complainants and settle the case. A lot of inventory needs to be entering the market at much lower prices, given the demand situation.

What do the experts think will be the impact on general Noida prices?
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  • Not anytime soon. The case will go to supreme court now.
  • There is going to be a huge rush in ready to move property all over ncr
  • Thanks! Whatever they do, they will have to do fast.

    If one goes through the HC order, there does not seem any hope for the builder. In the best case scenario, the authority will be forced to share the burden with Supertech as a fellow culprit.
    Emboldened with this order, some powerful consumer associations might take up an attack on builders as well. Most of Noida builders follow illegal means, and there is pent-up frustration of buyers in the market. I guess this judgement has the potential to trigger a series of litigation by buyers' collectives.

    Bad news for builders. There seems to be a backlash in the offing. Particularly when builders are cash-strapped because of the (financing of) elections, all this is bound to have an impact on prices, imho. The coming glut of move-in ready inventory can accelerate the process, too.
  • Market is on a down-side as per close 2-3 real estates Friends!

    Re-sale is completely stagnant....
    Everyone is in Wait & watch scenario.... Seller does not want to budge lower, Buyer wants prices to come down.. Builders trying to depict "false" hopes
  • It's all about holding capacity, end users have nothing to do with rates going up or down , but investors normally have the holding capacity.
  • Its better to have this discussion in https://www.indianrealestateforum.com/forum/city-forums/ncr-real-estate/noida-real-estate/50765-indian-resale-property-rates-stagnant--tables-have-started-turning?t=52400 thread as this is related to resale rate. Current judgement will impact on resale market only if any. Closing current thread. Please continue to do discussion in above mentioned thread.