Dear All,
I was looking for a good online guide on Vaastu considerations while buying a flat (apartment).

Various questions I had in mind were
1. Would an east facing apartment will get sunlight if it is on the ground floor or first floor (how much distance should the surrounding towers be approx)

2. Would a North or NE facing balcony equivalent to a house facing North or NE

Any pointers would be very welcome
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  • My undersatding is that while entering the house if your face is towards East, that would be called east facing flat. Getting sunlight in a flat facing east depends on the floor and the direction of balcony. If you balconies are on north side, forget the sunlight. You get sunlight only if balcony is on south side because sun revolves from east to west and go over south. Now ground floor or lower floor sunlight depends on how high is a building/tower towards east or south side and distance. I would say if you are sorrounded by towers on thsde sides, no sunlight and if tower is more than 5 floor (at a distance of 50 meters), you cant get sunlight from that side. The floors and distance can be adjusted ie 10 floors if distnace is 100 mters and like that. Others comments please.....
  • as per my understanding while exiting at the main gate of the flat, if you are facing east ,that would be east facing flat.