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Sector 78 Vs Sector 137 Noida


Sector 78 Vs Sector 137 Noida

Last updated: October 21 2014
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  • Sector 78 Vs Sector 137 Noida

    Hello All,

    Even though I am new in this forum, I have spent time researching a lot on this forum. I am about to ask a question which sound cliche to many of us but after every 6 months there is a significant development in Noida and questions about comparing two sectors become valid.

    I am on verge on investing in Noida. I have zeroed my search to Exotica of sector 137 and Gaur of Sector 79, and Mahagun Moderne in Sector 78

    My biggest dilemma today is weather I should Invest in Sector 78 or Sector 79 Or Sector 137. considering that:

    1) I am an end user
    2) I have self funding
    3) I am comfortable in paying the amount that is required to buy a house in any of the above sectors, at the prevailing payment plans.

    These are the factors that I would want in my future house:

    1) Peace of living - Comfortable drive to markets, Delhi, malls and of course to the office. Good neighborhood, schools, hospitals, roads etc.

    2) Appreciation that these properties shall earn over next 4 to 5 years.

    3) Connectivity with Metro (right now both locations have proposed metro station). Will there ever be a metro to 137? Is there a guarantee?

    4) Safety

    I request the property gurus to consider the above and help me reach a decision.
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    Re : Sector 78 Vs Sector 137 Noida

    1. If u are end user...u cant be investing

    2. Noida flat market is dead for investments

    3. If expect to livr and still gain good returns...noida will.not givr u that

    4. Noida infra which was laid for low, medium density is all set to take a huge hit, thanks to greed of u.p babus and netas who converted its new sectors to biggest concrete jungles of ncr

    5. Metro - its a carrot to fool.buyers but yes whenevrr it will be made..whether 2025 or 2030 both these areas will be connected

    6. Best schools of noida onexpressways

    7. Best hospital of noida on expressway

    8 Delhi has.more direct cinnectivity and one doesnt have to pass through main noida (which is absolute mess)

    9. Noida 7x will have direct bridge to noida extebsion in next 3 yrs..makibg it 3 kms from noida extn...meaning...good for noida extn..bad for noida 7x

    10. Noida 7x is concrete jungle and will be a civic mess in future

    11. Donot forget to select builder as per his past projects. When people buy cars xonsideribg after sales service and performance of its past models, why people forget such an imp. Aspect when buying property

    12. Future of noida is no doubt noida all big mnc and jobs will be therr only.

    13. Safety ...this is naveda..u.p...yahaan loot, arson and goliyan kaheen bhi chal jaati hain. All sectors same.

    14. All luxury projects in noida are on expressway...

    In my opinion if anyone has to buy in.noida inspitr of its issues..noida expressway is yhe ONLY area they should consider

    In sector 137.
    .i only recommend PRP and then Gulshan

    Sector 168...lotus zing

    Sector 143...akriti shantiniketan

    Noida expressway best location is n is jaypee wishtion OnLy GC side...
    But for that one should be ready to risk 5-6 yrs.minimum


    Have any questions or thoughts about this?