I have noticed that consultants like JLL, Liases Foras etc have of late been critical of real estate pricing, effectively asking builders to get real. The builders have taken offence. I'm lovin' it! Via Business Standard.
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  • I for one have enough experience to comment on this.

    1. Until oneless advicing regular big investors or very close family or friends , majority brokers have only commission on mind, IF the Buyer himself is inclined towards rubbish approach. If no questions asked...chipka ko gaddhey ko.
    Is thr clear cut approach.

    No one puts a knife on buyer and forces him..buyers themselves behave stupidly and will be fooled.

    2. Majoroity.builders specifically in naveda have NO experience in construction of large scales.
    Its like giving contract for ur 500 Gazz banglow to a thekedaar who was tiling toilets for past 10 Years.

    And there is Immense corruption in naveda authority and lucknow.

    Even if a builder has some noble intentions....the netas and babus of u.p plus local goons (in sp govt) make it impossible for them to deliver fairly

    3. Most of builders have got approvals by greasing palms of u.p babus and netas and have to fulfill their demands. Its like getting a job on a fake mba degree through jugaad...it becomes very difficult to go against the persob who got u the job

    4. For the people blinded by marketing blitzkrieg of BJP...and hope that if they come to u.p govt. Things will improve...i really hope abd pray that 2017 Bjp ACTUALLY comes to power in u.p..then after that people will realise. We as businessmen from u.p know the ground realities. And there is NO hope for u.p untill unless its divided...and that will NOT happen till all the juice is extracted.

    In a nutshell

    Builder is puppet of u.p neta and babu....SP sarkar ho ya Bsp ya bjp ya congress...sab apna cut lengey...dabba ke lengey...
    Builder is not for samaaj seva...so he WILL cut corners

    Brokers are there to make money and its easy...eveb in worst times they make a lot...no effort work...part time and requires no skills...

    Specially in naveda...where authoroity is takibg care of marketing...

    Bakrey apney aap katney aatey hain

    Agar bakrey apni aqal lagayen...aur greed nahin logic se approach karen...markets will change

    Kabaad ko agar sona samajhkey khareedney waaley log agar hain...to kabaadi to aish karega

    Isliye kehta hoon....apni aqal lago

    Instead of sendibg rubbish jokes on whatsapp abd facebook...give jankaari to ur friends and family abt loading, ceilibg height, ratios, etc etc

    Thr day buyer rejects kabaad...things will improve

    Donot pin any hopes from govt or any RE bill bullshit

    Donot forget...max money involved in RE garbage is from netas (incl from bjp)...and no one will fuckk theit own investment. Period
  • Originally Posted by Makkau
    I have noticed that consultants like JLL, Liases Foras etc have of late been critical of real estate pricing, effectively asking builders to get real. The builders have taken offence. I'm lovin' it! Via Business Standard.

    Me loving it too !

    The amount of oversupply created in NOIDA and Gurgaon has effectively torpedoed the real estate sector of NCR. From now on, until people have finished occupying the already created housing, builders are not going to be able to sell in new booking.

    All the delays they have created and the amount of negativity in the sector is increasing exponentially. Currently, most projects launched in 2009 and due for delivery in mid 2013 based on BBA have delayed 1.5 years only. Already buyers are up in arms and spreading huge negativity.

    Those launched in 2011 are due for delivery in end of 2014. So only 1 month or so of delay - although looking at the building every idiot knows another 2 years delay is inevitable. So as each month passes, there will be more and more demonstrations and TV programs and court cases and newspaper articles.

    Word of mouth is deadly. Most of middle class has already booked and stuck. The few who have not are unlikely to book when all these negative publicity is continuously spread.

    In that background, which advisor or consultant will want to risk his reputation by recommending real estate? Instead, most will open a BSE or NSE terminal and spend their time recommending stocks and funds and ULIPs to earn their commission - since Sensex will be hitting new high every day - since any rise will be all time high.

    Advisors are not fools - they know commission will be equally high in ULIP. The boys and girls will get salary from mutual funds and stock brokers - and will switch loyalty from real estate dealers where there is no brokerage or commission to be earned.

    Builders name will be mud. Many will not respond, but the few who are long term players and care about running a long term business will solve problems and do right by customers.

    After a few years when 90% of the small brokers have opened beauty parlour and bread shop - the time for buying will come again.

    Spot that trend.

    For now stocks are trending up - real estate is everyone's favourite whipping boy.

    Dont swim against the tide - tide is a billion times stronger than you.
  • I watched a property programme on CNBC Hindi in Diwali. Some abhinandan as specialist. This guy was still talking of 20-25% returns in 1-2 years. God save any investor who heed to the advice of these jokers.
    The news of property consultants finally speaking truth is really good to hear. First the property research companies went against these developers and raised their concerns, then they were crowded out by posting numerous articles from these property consultants planting bullish stories. Guess what, developers don't have enough money to fund these advertisements anymore.
    Next year should start the bankruptcy of smaller builders and then those retail investors who have still not realized the shit they are in.