Note: I promised to put analysis of new projects in Noida but due to time constraints I am not able to make that analysis. As few people requested to put my views on sector 78 so I am putting my views on this sector. I have posted these comments on one another thread in reply of same question.

I will try to put analysis of existing/upcoming projects of Noida as soon as possible.


Dear All

People are discussing about Golf Course/Metro near to sector 78 however in realty today there is no proper road to reach to these projects, how funny this situation is?

Now coming back to few things about sector 78 :

1. There is kabristan on left side and samshan ghat on right side. I don't know about these days crowd but my home town, in night people used to avoid going to road where there was samshan ghat. Most important thing is that one is buying house by paying 30-35 Lakh by putting all hard earned money, it is not that you are getting something free in those sectors.

2. Now coming back to Golf Course and Metro , This is really strange that sectors road are not fully developed but people are discussing about things those are on paper only. As mentioned by few people, there is no proper road to reach to projects of Antriksh and Morphesus(might be spelling mistake). Even if there is GC which will be developed in next 3-5 years, is there anyone who is aware about height of walls around GC, what will be the design of GC ? How far projects will be from that GC etc.? What difference GC will make in that sector ? How many people go to sector 37 GC ?

3.Now coming back to question of metro? Is it going to be realty? Nobody is aware and second if metro station is coming in sector 101 then why not to have flat in sector 76/75 or in sector 77 as they are also nearby sectors.Having metro station at .5 km or around 1.5 km will not make any big difference for me.

4. Has anyone seen the map of sector 78 on master plan. This is end of noida inside sectors and there will be no residential after that. Similarly there is nothing if you are going towards GN from sector 78 so this sector will be separated from other crowd. Builders are showing roads from sector 78 to sector 100/107 but there is big village in between that and it will be tough for government to connect that road in near future.

5.Regarding commerical, I don't think there is any need to mention that it is only on papers. Even on papers, sector 118 was having big commericals but it is on papers from last 4-5 years only. Thinking that there will be commerical market like sector 18 is just day dreaming.
6.This sector location is not good, it is evident by rates of big builder like Mahagun and that's why they have launched project on very discounted rates. They are selling mahagun maple on rate of Rs 4000 but just 1.5 km away on same road they are selling flats on Rs 2550 with better specifications..Why ?? Think about this.

7.All projects on papers having golf view, commericals , metro stations looks good on paper.Specially all these things are in master plan and you never know when they will change master plan without any notificaiton.

8. Most important thing is that when one can get a better location on same price or might be Rs 50/100 higher than why should i compromise on location. New projects are coming in sector 77 and if my information is correct(not sure yet), Prateek builder/Exotica and few other builders are coming there. These builders got lands on same rate so why not they will give flats on rates near to the rates of sector 78. I have not gone to see sector 77 but on papers it is looking ok. Road of sector 75/76 is going directly to sector 77 and there is no kabristan/samshan ghat while going to sector 75/76/77 from sector 50.If I am not wrong, Sector 74 is behind sector 75 and sector 77 is other side of sector 76. Sector 77 is front of skytech project and sector roads are very wide and work is going on those roads.

I am not able to find any one solid reason to go to sector 78 projects when I can have or will have better options in future on same rates.

Even in my view, it is better to go to existing projects of sector 119/75/70 instead of sector 78.

Note:As i mentioned earlier, Mahagun rates of sector 78 with specifications/features looking very temptive and there is no doubt on this but due to location disadvantage of sector 78, One should think twice or explore other options before making any final decision.

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    Today, I received payment schedule from builder. In addition to our flat cost, We have to pay the registration fee and other charges.. From the attached (piece of letter), I understand that Registration/sub lease charges are same.

    If builder has not mentioned about lease rent charges in any document sent to me, I hope he should not ask later on. On some project's website in noida 7x, I saw that they have also mentioned lease rent in addition to flat cost. Can someone, please explain more about these hidden additional charges.

    Thanks for your expert comments in advance.
  • Dear friends I have booked my 2 bhk apt in Aditya Urban Casa, not sure if builder is good or the price I got are good. They have delivered some projects in Indrapuram & have had some issues in past (most of NCR builders have issuess). I was impressed with the location & construction progress. Constructions is going on good pace, upto 4-5 floor already completed in most of towers. I have booked 875 sqft apt - 10 floor Rs 3455463 AI (At 3851 sqft + Extra) on flexi, paying 60% now as 5 floors already completed, next 10% will pay after 6 months. Builder is committing possession after 18months, I will additional another 6 month. Metro is already built & in operation at approx 2 km distance. Can you please advise & give your comments. Is it a good deal or have I been screwed, one more victim of nasty NCR builders?? I am ready to read good bad both reviews :)