For Weeks now, I have been asked about my Opinion about "Builder Villas" being Marketed and Promoted every day in media.
Many Friend, Friends of Friends, etc etc have asked me this and It leaves me Surprised as usual.....Same Padhee Likhee Type Junta....In a Hurry to make Lots of money....Opening the doors of their Tijoris to Builders and Brokers and then later crying out for being looted and behaving like Victims....Baaaah !!....

Everytime such people open a newspaper...inside they WANT to be Marketing Mumbo Jumbo...and then later these people become a small teenie tiny news articles in some random section of being "Victims" at the hands of Evil Builder :)

Anyhow coming to the point....

The BIGGEST advantage of PLOT is that you ARE the owner of Land....YOU Decide what you you want...even When you want....It Grows with your family....You make the MASTER plan and execute it at your will.

In a Builder Villa...You LOSE that Immediately.

1. In a Builder Villa....the Builder decides on the Layout plan...Not thats a Big loss

2. Most Builders donot even bother to make a Proper basement...and if in a plot you DONT make a have made a BLUNDER. Basements are the Biggest Advantage in a Plot. You can use it as office, even godown or simply use it for miscellaneous purposes like parties, get toegthers, garage, store, etc etc

3. The Builder who ARE offering basements are cleverly FOOLING they have higlighted it as PARKING space ...meaning....chances are high that Outside parking space will be less / narrow he has not earmarked the space for Open parking in his master plan. Its a clever move and many fall for it.....In most plot sectors spl. in Greater Noida....there is ample Ramp area and small green strips where you can easily park 2 cars without hassles.

4. Plot offers unmatched flexibility.....once basmement and foundation is laid....master plan with can make only GF and expand later as and when you require it.
Mostly plot owners keep the floors above as seperate to gift to their children or even rent it out. One doesnt need to make 6 bedrooms in one go.
Basement, foundation and GF will give you remarkable space for a nuclear family and can be made in small budget

5. You have QUALITY CONTROL....Gone are the days when one has to sit outside plot and overlook labours on daily basis. There are Hundreds of Very good contractors who will do everything from begining to end and complete the House within 12-18 months.
They will NOT run away with your money...NOR give you Half constructed thrid class quality villas......NOR will file siphon your money to other projects.
They are FAR safer than The best builders.

6. You decide ceiling height, usage of area, sizes and quality....and not handover all that to a Builder who has high chances of cheating you

7. FUTURE Not possible with Builder villas....In the future who knows maybe even floor registry starts in noida.....these villas will not be able to use such options.
I know a Family who had major financial issues as their Business went for a toss.....and it was their Plot which eventually saved them. They rented out 2 floors above them and even without any business..managed to run their family decently. For their daughters marriage, they sold the top floor to a relative .
Noida doesnt permit floor registry Now.....But MAY DO so in future...Plots are lifetime investment.....

Even if F.A.R is increased for plot owners.....Villas wont be able to utilise it..Plots owner can

Thats why I always suggest plot owners to get foundation done for EXTRA 1.5 floors than permitted if permission is grated in years to can expand easily.

8. HIGH MAINTENANCE.....Yes....i will once again REMIND people of this Very important factor.....its a SCAM....and all people buyng in Builder projects are sucked into it.
For shoddy maintenance and jugaad...Builder will charge you 3 Rs. psf....and you have to pay for it..whether you live in it or not.
This maintenance will be a PAIN as and when time passes..
When you will plan to retire....this will be a Huge burden....and in return you only get Third class crumbling facilties...(90% failure record in naveda in past 10 years by Builder societies)

9. Security ..... Builder societies are equally prone to thefts, that has been proved by regular thefts and security breaches in Builder societies....reason ???....Societies allow movements of Drivers, Guards and maids...who are free to roam about in society and give info to anyone they want....In plots also..maids and drivers move about in same way as in risk is more or less same.

People have been Brainwashed into thinking as if they are 24 x 7 under danger of being robbed and only builder societies can protect them. 90% OF DELHI lives in similar plot areas or dda soeities...and are still very much problem

Its PURE MARKETING skills of Builders who have once again fooled the padhee likhee Junta into this.

A house on plot can be secured Amazingly well by Electronic security for just 1-2 lakhs and AMC of a few thousand per year.

Far better than having a Unprofessional , Time pass Guard from Village of U.P hired by a Local security company to see who all enetres your flat, when and what all you shop, etc etc

10. Social Life......Numbers dont dont need 2000 familes to have a social life on weekend....just couple of good neighbourhood families can make a very good social circle and enjoy. Thats very much possible in any plot location

Children playgroups....YES on that front i agree builder socities offer more....BUT .... if your plot is very close to a Builder kids can cross the road and go to these socities and play with a region like Greater Noida.....State of the art clubs like jaypee and stellar offer lifetime membership and families have a great time everytie they meet there

In fact many well inhabited plot sectors have good playgrounds and groups of kids who are playing like rest of societies

11. Cost......120 sq.yard builder society Villa costing 90 lakhs-1 crore in Greater Noida approx
One can buy a 150 sq.yard plot in a gated society like NSG (far better location) at 60 lakhs.....invest another 30-40 lakhs for construction.....
Far better location
Far better quality
nmatced lexibilty
Much less mainteannce
Similar Gentry

12. CLP Payments.....haah...another way to fool padhee likhee junta....30-40% is extarcted within 6-7 months of launch.....and within 18 months....80% is extracted.....then work is stalled.....project which was suppsed to complete in 24 months is not ready in 4 years also. See condition of Amraplai leisure valley....and even if they give possession.....the society is not short looks very nice....but in long comes to same level......

13. Remember majority of land in Noida region is on a 9 yr payment plan....and with many builders there could be issues in long run.....By picking up a are saving yourself from all that nonsense.
Now someone will say "even authority plots have issues like extra charges to pay off farmers"....yes....but not in OLD SECTORS.....only semi developed sectors MAY have that issue...and that too can be easily challeneged in court.....or with simple pressure tactics...

14. LAZY ???.....Padhee likee junta is plain lazy and want to buy property like Mobile on flipkart....thats why they are lured and fooled easily.....Thinsg are so much simple now....banks offer loans on noida area...with leashold....there are no chnaces of can easily buy a plot and make his own home at his own are in the business who will get the work done and within time need to stand can tell them to call you for visits when imp. work is going see raw material etc etc.....many contractors whoa re handling nri clients...send weekly problem.

In Jaypee Greater Noida...I know of One Bunglaw UC where the owner has installed a camera overlooking the site and gets live feed via net at his residence in australia.....cost him peanuts..

Compare this to the People who I see on this forum are just OVERJOYED when their builder sends them a cheap newsletter with a Picture of their tower....Some owners are even shoved OUT of the site area like Uninvited people.....Standing like beggars outside builders offices taking permissions for site visits of their homes for which they have paid lakhs .....COME ON !!!

In a Nutshell......DONOT BUY A BUILDERS VILLA...specially in a region in Greater Nnoida, Noida extension....where LAND RATES are cheap and within reach......

Use common sense....dont be fooled by BULLSHIT like Golf course , 5 star resorts, blah blah blah.......BUY A HOME....RCK SOLID...ample per your needs and specs....and for Golf course, 5 star resorts...Take membership in Jayppe or stellar which offer professional facilties....which NO Society can even offer...ever

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  • Zohaib ji what is your take on greater niida west aothority plots
  • Originally Posted by anshbalodi
    Zohaib ji what is your take on greater niida west aothority plots

    Any Plot where u have freedom as an owner to make ur own house incl. basement etc is good.

    and u r not burdened with faaltu maintenance

    just wait and watch...after 5-6 yrs people will realise what a scam this is
  • Agree with Zohaib. If want to have vilaa, best would be to buy a independent plot and construct and forget monthly maintenance, corrupt rwa and pathetic construction quality. Here you can see the quality of "premium" villas :
  • Everything boils down to affordability. If people could afford it, then everyone of us would have been living in the self constructed villas.
  • the beauty is that self constructed villas are CHEAPER than Builder so called "villas"

    the buyers are plain lazy...

    as i said before they think property is like buying mobile on flipkart....but then thats NOT the way....result....we all read on papers every week :)

    possession aur quality to dont even allow buyers to enter pathetic is that
  • also....its wiser to have a 2 bedroom house with ROCK solid construction than having Kabaad 6 bedroom penthouse
    with shitty quality

    people should NOT forget that unlike a mobile....u cannot change houses every year...

    quality is what matters most in a house for end all is absolute CRAP

    a good quality house can last generations.....
  • great post zohaib..complete agree with you.
  • As already stated by Zohaib, The biggest marketing gimmick is "security" which is no where better in gated societies compare to sectors/independent houses. Leave your flat locked for few days and you cannot guarantee that locks would be in same condition in most of societies and same is true for houses. In complex of 1000 apartments, i see not less than 300 outside workers on average (maintenance staff: ~30, gaurds ~30, maids: ~150, drivers: ~50, others: ~50) which is biggest loop whole and information gateway who is outside when and for how long.
    So it all boils down on real thinking rather than herd following.
  • there have been REGULAR break ins in these so called "secure" societies all over noida, gnoida, gzb....

    biggest culprits are maids, drivers and guards

    they sit around hours around buildings and know who leaves when, who shops a lot, who gets online shopping couriers a lot, who owns which car, blah blah blah.....

    electronic security is THE BEST and can be easily installed in Plots...and in much better way than flats

    these are marketing tactics of builders who are using it to fool the so called educated junta to buy sub standard flats, villas, etc
  • Zohaib bhai, major problem with land is black component involved in it.
    Also, I don't think you can get even half of the size of land when compared with an apartment in similar location.
    I brought a RTM 3 bhk some 1400sqft in 45lakh AI one year back, bhai itane me kahi koi land mile to bata do.
  • 1. when u buy flat in component is involved also

    2. this thread is to compare so called 70-120 gazz villas on offer from kabaad builders to plot options in far better locations at same price

    my golden rule...which has never been proven wrong in nearly 2 decades......never buy a flat when u can buy a plot in same budget in same area

    if one cant afford then the question is obviously diff.
  • Originally Posted by zohaib2012
    1. when u buy flat in component is involved also

    2. this thread is to compare so called 70-120 gazz villas on offer from kabaad builders to plot options in far better locations at same price

    my golden rule...which has never been proven wrong in nearly 2 decades......never buy a flat when u can buy a plot in same budget in same area

    if one cant afford then the question is obviously diff.

    major issue with MNC guys is that they dont want to buy smaller plot (less than 200 sq yards) and higher than it doesnt come in most of the people budget.
    Having 1100 sqft (super area) flat is ok but having 100 sq yard seems them small, congested and low class :).
  • I would like to weigh in.

    People buy builder villas against plot :

    No concern of land grab
    No time investment in terms of construction
    No Day to day haggling / dealing with contractor
    The costs are clear (atleast on time of buying)

    Plot might look appealing in principal, but following factors are against them when it comes to salaried people
    Limited Loan
    Land grabbing always plays on mind
    Security is always a factor.....if people are put in surroundings where security is imposed with charges..they are OK with it, When it comes to forming RWA and hiring outcome is bad.
    Gentry is an issue.

    Buying a builder villa doesnt mean you cant change it again....maybe after 10 years...make a basement...i see this as best combination.

    However, i see little diff between flats and non expandable builder villas. In my a builder villa where only 1 floor is constructed, by builder and rest is left out. Land should be greater than 100 yards.
  • that also super area with 40% loading :)

    that "i know" ad coming up for a car sales company suits the housing sector perfectly...spl the padhee likhee junta

    they blame brokers, builders, netas, babus...everyone but themselves

    if someone is selling gobar as gudh and a person buys it...who is the fool...

    oversmart attitude is another problem...." hum mba hain...iit hain...yeh gawaar dalla aur.builder humain kya batayega"

    but at the end of the day...the 5th fail broker , builder buys a bmw, 500 gazz kothi cash down....while the 30% tax paying junta takes a 20 yr loan and waits outside builder office for possession of their "hawa" mahal

    Buyers...change ur approach, thinking and attitude and u will make wise decisions

    all the brand concious and angrezi spewing oversmart junta who dream about clubs, spas and weekend parties and pools in "brochures"....wake up...warna 5 saal baad samajh aayega

    enjoy ;)
  • Who owns the Land in case of Builder Villa. Is it the builder or the owner?